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A sub-race of Humans exclusive to the Diveverse. They were created by Weaver for DiveQuest.

Appearance and Racial Features

A male Volto.
A male Volto with transparent hair and clothing. Note the unusual bony erection.

Voltos are considered a race of Man, alongside humans, dwarves, elves and the like. They are shorter and slighter than humans but overall have a very similar body composition, save for a few points, most obviously the head. Other differences include a much more compact torso, narrow feet, pointed fingers, and generally longer limbs, most especially the arms. Volto appear to be bird-like upon first glance, but this impression is highly deceptive. Voltos have solid facial structure and long skulls; their elongated face is neither a beak nor a nose, but rather an extension of a carnivore-built head. In this way, a Volto head more accurately resembles a predator with a long but low-set mouth, like a shark. The lower jaw is shallow but runs about 3/4ths the length to the end of the face. Voltos are generally green-skinned but the tone can range from vibrant lime greens to slightly bluer hues and from deep forest shades to dull grayish, with the common norm being Kelly green. Voltos also grow scalp hair at a great speed and do not suffer balding as a result of age, so the most common hairstyles of the race reflect this natural abundance of raw material. The back of a Volto's head bears a small, claw-shaped crest supported by bone, but this is a rarely-known fact given the infrequency of bald Voltos.

Voltos in different quests


Muschio Malto, the main character, is a Volto (seen pictured). Much of the nobility of the land has been deduced to be Volto, as the king has a daughter who is also a Volto.

Knight Blades

Ridder, the Leferran, happens upon a Volto revolutionary. He also meets with Muschio at a hot spring.


MudyQuest 2 features a "Mr.M" who at first looks like a Volto, but then is shown having a reptilian tail and wings, and being able to fly. He actually looks like a hybrid between a Volto and a Nedynvor. *coughcoughmuschioxashedelcough*

Silvermoon Clan Inheritence Wars Chronicles: My Brother I Will Defeat You features a totally original character called fuschio falto. She looks very much like a Volto, however she is not! She is a molto! Which is a rip-off completely different race, and plz don't steal

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