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A race exclusive to Caelum. They were created by Ed Pastry for The End.

Appearance and Racial Features


The Mechmen (more commonly referred to as “Clockworks”) are a strange race. Their skin is a series of thin, flexible metal plates. Their muscles are hydraulics. Their organs are complex mechanisms of gears and axles. Their brains are intricate machines made of incredibly small mechanisms, allowing them to mentally function as well as that of the (arguably) more organic races. Clockworks are created, not born. It is a process that only other Clockwork can (or bother to) comprehend. The process of making a Clockwork child takes up to a year of extremely hard work. When fully made, the Clockwork will slowly grow by consuming small parts and having their bizarre metabolism integrate those parts into their body until they are at their adult size.

Clockworks do not feel sexual attraction, thus their society has no real romantic relationships, and instead they have a much higher focus on friends and family. Though Clockworks technically have no genders, nearly all of them identify themselves as either male or female. The gender schema is likely to have been adopted due to early interactions with other cultures. Clockworks mostly live in small city-states; there are no political ties between separate Clockwork cities. These are ruled by a popularly elected Mayor or Governor.

Clockwork soldiers are entirely volunteer forces. Each city-state has its own military, which is split into two branches. The Militia is comprised part time soldiers/policemen. They are given basic training and standard equipment and always stay within the city-state’s territory. The Guard is made up of full time soldiers who receive advanced training at a military college and are armed with superior equipment, who can also be sent abroad if necessary. The soldiers in the Guard often have their weaponry and armor attached directly to their bodies.

Notable Examples

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