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A race exclusive to Caelum. They were created by Ed Pastry for The End.

Appearance and Racial Features


Made from clay

The Kiln have virtually no major cities, they are entirely a guild based society. Each guild functions like a tiny nation, electing their own leaders, setting laws and regulations and managing contact with the rest of the world. Halltown is the closest thing the Kiln have to a city, and even then it is just a very poorly organized cluster of guildhalls. Most guilds fit within these four categories: research, craft, mercenary, and service. The Kiln are a very inventive people; most guilds have well-funded and highly active R&D divisions. These guilds are responsible for most of Caelum’s inventions, but in reality very few are practical at all.

Mercenaries make up the entirety of the Kiln fighting force. These particular guilds range from simple market guards to powerful paramilitary organizations. The real power of Kiln mercenaries is that they generally use the best equipment they can afford, which is almost everything on the market. The Condotierri is the most largest, most powerful and wealthiest of these organizations. They are also the most difficult to draw, which is why you probably won't see them in Simon's adventures.

Notable Examples

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