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A race of anthropomorphic cats appearing in several different settings and under different names. It's hard to tell the exact origin of some of them, but most notable use of Catfolk in non-quest media is probably in games like Quest For Glory (Katta), Elder Scrolls(Khajiit), movies like "Bagi, the Monster of Mighty Nature" by Osamu Tezuka, books like the "Chanur novels" (Hani) by C. J. Cherryh or "The Ring" by Larry Niven (Kzin), or as actual AD&D races (Tabaxi).

Appearance and Racial Features

A (gender) Catfolk.

The most standing-out characteristics of catfolk are the cat-like heads. One way or another the catfolk seem to posses a lot of feline features - whiskers, cat-like muzzle, cat ears and slitted eyes. Sometimes catfolk have hair similar to human one, but in most cases they don't. The other standing-out features seem to be sharp cat claws and patterned fur covering the whole body.

Whether they're plantigrade(walk on their soles) or digitgrade(walk on their toes) is open for discussion as both options are popular. The appearance of pawpads on hands and feet is also disputed as both options are also pretty popular, given a variety of configurations that can occur. Tails seem to be another issue of preference for the setting, often the catfolk are shown with tails, but some catfolk variants don't have a tail at all.

Their height varies from 1 meter to stunning 2 and half meters, depending on which member of the cat family the catfolk descend from. As rule of the thumb follows - the bigger the initial cat-family member is, the bigger the catperson is. Catfolk originating from domesticated cats are shown as either small or human sized. It all depends on the author's choice.

Catfolk in different quests


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Knight Blades



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Rape Quest / Forced Sexual Assault Quest / Locked in a Rape Quest

The main character Nimi may be of catfolk breed, although it's heavily disputable whether Nimi is a true catwoman or just a stylized anthropomorphic cat. It's safe to assume she is not, although lack of input from the quest author may be a problem on solving this issue.

Wrong Association

Tom featured in RubyQuest is NOT considered to be catfolk. Tom has it's origin in a character from Animal Crossing of the same name and looks. Thus he isn't a catperson by any standards.

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