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Tonberries are small-sized bipedal lizards with dolphin-like tails. They appear in a couple of quests, including Sanya Quest and Tinker Quest.


Tonberries are derived from a race of monsters from the Final Fantasy series under the same name, and much of their physical appearance is attributed to them. As described, Tonberries are rather short (an average of about 28" for female Tonberries, not much change in height for males) and are bipedal. They also have a tail that arches outward by the end, like a dolphin's.

Tonberries are cave creatures, and thus usually form their communities inside one. They do not like the sunlight, though they're not really nocturnal. Due to their size, they are usually close-knitted into groups and are very reluctant (or fearful) to include non-Tonberries in their own. They are very defensive about their territory, and would sometimes even resort to completely isolating themselves from the outside world. There have been instances of lone and wandering Tonberries outside caves, though the theory of them being "exiles" is a possibility.

Due to their natural environment, Tonberries are able to see through the darkness of caves. Nonetheless, most of them wield a lantern that they carry around as a warning sign for those who venture too far into their territory. They specialize in mining and architecture as well, utilizing whatever they have to build quarters and advanced tools.

Despite their anti-social behavior, Tonberries will not quickly resort to violent means to remove unwanted foreigners. Their short build greatly inhibits them from doing so, forcing them to rely on subtle and indirect methods like warning signs and path blocks. They are individually weak, but can find strength in numbers and overwhelm a handful of invaders themselves.

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