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Amtsvane are big green things made by Typo that show up in Fish, Hugs Quest, Dragon Romance and probably some other things.

Haphazard List of Facts

  • Four of: tongues, hearts, lungs, brain lobes, digits per hand or foot, gonads
  • Macro (35?-50 feet usually)
    • Average 46’ when fully grown
    • Reach sexual maturity before reaching full size, with full size at around age 30. They have a few growth spurts during relatively predictable ages.
      • Note that amtsvane scale used to be different, so they are not as big in much existing quest art.
  • Usually very placid
  • Doubled sets of genitalia. Two penises (which are tentacles) or two vaginal canals. Give birth to two children at once, different sexes from each side. Each set has 2 gonads.
  • Each child is raised by the same-gender parent and their life partner, along with any same-gender half-siblings
  • Carnivores
  • Low population growth rate
  • First recorded civilization in galaxy
  • Poisonous, although hasn’t come up anywhere. Four fangs can inject a neurotoxin, and glands will release the poison throughout the blood if the Amtsvane dies without precautions taken. They are immune to their own brand of poison, but it is deadly to just about any other Superculture species, with paralysis resulting from small enough quantities.
  • EVERYTHING about them is green
  • Pronounced 'ahmts-vahn-ey'

Notable Examples

This list is not comprehensive. Sorted chronologically.


Rodozi from Hugs Quest,
who has an extra headspine
because he's magic,
or something.
Saz from Fish, in his
natural state.
Saz again.LinkToBoard.gif
Kargi from Fish.LinkToBoard.gif

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