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Keeping it short, 'Demon' is any creature from Hell. The term itself is commonly misused to refer to creatures that are perceived to be of hellish or spiritual origin (or just plain evil), even if they aren't.

In any case, this article focuses on the few races and kinds of demons (or creatures known as demons) in /quest/.

Commie and Tallist (Red Demons)

Blahblah Dungeon Game blahblah. Very little is known yet. Commies mutiply by converting normal people into red demons; the intermediate state is known as 'tallist'.

Princess Quest demons

In Princess Quest, demons look like humans with different coloured eyes. The RedEyes are carnivorous and eat human flesh, be they predators or scavengers. Forest Folk (green) are herbivorous while the Winter Folk (blue) and Scorpions (yellow) are omnivorous.

Escape Demon

There was a creepy face in a fire-colored portal in the artifact storage room in Escape, which tried to convince a naive little kobold to come help it out. The portal was later closed by Mariana.

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