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Creatures created by LonelyWorld and appearing in the quests of the LonelyVerse.

Sometimes informally refereed to as stranners.

Physical appearance

Astranians appear to be small, anthropomorphic animals ranging ranging from two and a half to three and a half feet tall. They are usually covered in fur and have brown, black or grey skin. Strangely, they resemble common EarthWorld Solan animals. While they are able to cross breed between subspecies, the offspring often suffer severe congenital defects, so this practice is generally discouraged. They are physically fairly weak and rely heavily on their advanced technology. Their clothing is usually subdued earthy tones, and military uniforms are fairly prevalent due to their highly militarized society.


Flag of the Astranian Alliance

Astranians are slow to trust other races, and quick to anger. They are highly militarized, and believe their own culture to be superior to all others. Being poor diplomats, they hold their worlds by force. They are generally antagonistic toward other intelligent races, in no small part due to the heavily propagandized nature of their society. Blood sports are a fairly common entertainment, with elite Astranian soldiers facing off against multiple less well equipped opponents of other races; usually captives.


Astranians make heavy use of Raytech technology, the workings of which are completely unknown to the average soldier or citizen. They make use of beam weapons, force fields, and other highly advanced technologies. Astranian equipment will only work when in the hands of an Astranian, and not another race. Submerging raytech weapons in water seems to cause them to malfunction.

Notable Examples

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