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Artist's Rendition

One of the oldest quest authors, as Weaver's popular quest Ruby Quest brought the medium into the spotlight and influenced many subsequent quest authors.

Created the "cutebold" and "d'awwblin" style interpretations of kobolds and goblins respectively, originally created in comics and inspired by various events from Dwarf Fortress. His other creations include, but are not limited to, Player1, Boxdog, Chain Chomp Chan, and EFG. Also GM'd the campaign summarized in the World Eater thread.

Favorite Touhou: Reaver

Has been known to suffer from Dainty Leg Syndrome.

It has recently been revealed that Weaver was also Jet, the author of Rape Quest, a quest prominent in Questden's history. (and by recently, we mean 6 years ago at this point.)


Quests by Weaver

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