Hugs Quest

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Hugs Quest
by Typo and Slinko

Something something MAGICAL SER-GIRL! By Typo and Slinko in a magical example of an actually working collaboration.

Spoiler.gif This article contains spoilers! You were warned.


Main Characters


An older teenage sergal girl who has been cursed with bad luck for as long as she can remember, not realizing until now that it's a literal curse. She jumped into a magic spring to cure her bad luck, and instead got the voices of /quest/ in her head. She is easily excitable and generally happy, and seems to be rather odd for a sergal in the sense that she tends to solve her problems with hugs instead of violence. She desperately wants to learn magic, but her curse has prevented her attempts from working properly.


A young slissa child who's training to be a mage. He's far away from his home across the mountains for unknown reasons, and is good friends with Eryhkeh. Saikhan's apparently never heard of slissas, although her friend Alkatr has. Lyskir is rather childish and timid, and controls his magic by thinking happy thoughts. He wears a magician's hat over a crescent shaped symbol on his head that appears to be linked to his magic.


An adolescent salazzarine (before her second pupation) who is also training as a mage, she learned magic with Lyskir and is good friends with him. She is rather snide and arrogant, but generally friendly nonetheless. She seems to be better at magic than Lyskir, as she was able to fix Saikhan's shrinkage and detect her curses in her blood, as well as just have better general knowledge of magic. She wears a star pendant for unknown reasons. Salazzarines sometimes have significant mutations, and it appears that Eryhkeh has white-colored pupils to unknown effect.

Secondary Characters


An male enesi around Saikhan's age, he has been friends with her since they were both little. He doesn't appear to know anything about magic, but did know what slissas were despite them coming from far away. He's friendly and licks Saikhan as an endearing gesture, and though she insists they don't have feelings for each other she got quite flustered when this was brought up.

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