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Sanya Quest by Vytalibus

Sanya Quest is an on-hold quest created by vytalibus. The main character is a "Sergon" named Sanya who is on a search to find her long-lost father. Suggestions are usually passed through an amulet called "Wisdom Stone", to which Sanya is soul-bound to and is thus forced to listen to.

Quest Summary

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Sanya wakes up near the gate of a Kobold camp and sees her mother having an argument with a Kobold. She tries to patch up the situation, but only makes it worse as her mother starts chasing them off. She then goes to apologize to the Kobold, but he attempts to stab her in return. She is forced to subdue the Kobold and look around for questions on why everyone is starting to go berserk on her. She meets a strange creature and kills it, rendering her unconscious in the process.

Later on, Sanya finds herself tied in a dungeon. In front of her is a Tonberry named Gezzono, who helps her down. He tells her that she was captured by "Nocitomes" and that he is there to save her. The Kobold from before then appears, formally introducing himself as Murdelp. Gezzono states that he is with Sanya because he met her father, who had been away for a whole millennium (1000 years).

Sanya, Murdelp and Gezzono go to the Dorf Fortress, where the Tonberry is ordered by a guard to meet the Dorf King. He gives the two some gold to buy some necessities, but Murdelp goes for the Brewery where he encounters trouble. Sanya saves him, but drinks into drunkenness later on. Murdelp goes ahead and buys the items himself, but returns to see Sanya being molested by a Dorf. He kills him.

Sanya and Murdelp had to sleep outside due to Murdelp's kill. An unknown creature then communicates with her during sleep, telling her that Gezzono's in trouble. She wakes up and notices that Murdelp's gone. In the Armory, she is told by the elf store manager that the Kobold was taken custody by the Dorves in the castle and points her out to a dungeon. Sanya looks around it, finds Murdelp and "befriends" a Dorf. She, however, gets trapped in.

Murdelp and the Dorf go without Sanya and explore around for Gezzono. They meet a group of Tonberries who are Gezzono's siblings and another Dorf. Shortly, they find an unconscious Gezzono and fights a ridiculously gigantic Dorf to save him, but they lose Dezzono in the process. Gezzono wakes up after a short while and realizes the death of his brother, blaming it upon her sister Gazzene. They have an argument and Gazzene runs away, only to be captured.

Murdelp, Gezzono and the Dorves have to go up to the King's room, losing the Dorves in the process. The two see a mind-controlled Sanya along with Gazzene and the Dorf King. The King of the Nocitomes, namely King Yelims, sits by the throne, and admits that everything is his doing. After a battle, Murdelp obtains the Essence of Anger which is controlling everyone in sight.

Sanya wakes up the following day in the inn, alone. She finds a note written by Gezzono saying that she deserved a day of rest. She goes to the Armory and notices that she had to find a job. For that, she runs to the Brewery to meet a Talyxian, who is the new owner of the establishment. She works for awhile and quickly realizes that the Talyxian is the only one working in the Brewery after seeing her catering to her customers. The Talyxian apologizes for not telling Sanya the truth and offers to join her in a public bath house as a token of apology. Sanya agrees.

In the bath house, the Talyxian introduces herself as Amina, and admits that she used to be a prostitute "because it was the only way I knew how to live". Sanya offers her to join her party, and Amina thanks her.

After a week, Amina had grown into an agile and crafty fighter, even being able to outsmart Sanya in a practice duel. Gezzono tags along with them when they head on towards the Kobold Mines to look for Murdelp (Gazzene is away in a formal funeral for her dead brother). Inside, they encounter their respective nightmares: Amina is shown a replay of her twisted childhood memories, Sanya is shown the event when she last saw her father, and Gezzono is somehow convinced that he had to kill Sanya so his girlfriend Luceana would be revived. All of those are the doings of the Essence of Anger, which wishes to make them angry so he can take control of their mines. They each overcome their nightmares with the help of their party members, and Sanasha appears. They pick an egg along the way and finally defeat the Essence of Anger once and for all. Sanya faints after that fight.

Main Characters


Main Characters


A "Sergon", which is basically a half-dragon, half-Sergal hybrid. Her mother, Sanasha, is a full-blooded dragon, while her yet-to-be-named father is a full-blooded Sergal. She and her mother have been living beside a camp of Kobolds for an undetermined duration. They enjoy a mutual relationship with the kobolds as they are not posing as a threat and even helps the kobolds out in times of need.

She claims to be proficient at using spears: a weapon that she developed a keen eye for since not many in her area uses them. How efficient she really is with her spear has yet to be assessed, as well as her use of other weapons.

She also has her power spell named "Mind Crush", which can deliver a varying levels of damage to her target's mind. She does not seem to have such a control over it: on one occasion, it caused a creature's head to explode, while on another it only inflicted a minor headache upon Murdelp. It can also act as a double-sided blade, as it can recoil upon Sanya to cause some damage to herself as well.

She possesses a soul-bound amulet named "Wisdom Stone", which is the means of communication for the quest participants.

She currently suffers from her nose's infliction with the "Amazon Kiss" spell, which causes a rageful fit among those who touches it.



A Tonberry clad in purple robe and hat. He is known around the Dorfs as "The Elementalist Tonberry", but has not yet demonstrated any use of magic in front of Sanya (he, however, claimed to have restrained a Nocitome using his magic). During his rescue of Sanya, he cut off his left hand during a struggle, leaving him short of a hand. However, he does not seem to mind much about it.

His left hand eventually transforms to contain extendable tentacles. According to Murdelp, this is an infection, and must be healed quickly.

He is the one who explained the frenzy that was happening around Sanya, and also knows much about her abilities and strengths.



A Kobold living in the camp alongside Sanya, Murdelp (originally named Merdelp) is a talkative, active one. He wields a bow and occasionally dips his arrows in a concoction to add some status effects to his target (once he was able to paralyze Gezzono using this technique).

During the fight against the Bartender, a green light shone upon Murdelp's forehead. The cause of this is unknown, and whether this will do anything has yet to be figured out.


A female Tonberry. She possesses a crown that contains her Wisdom Stone. She was seen using fire magic. On some accounts, she was the one that caused the GIANT LAZOR, but this has yet to be confirmed yet.

During the infiltration of the Dorf castle, a purple light shone upon Gazzene's forehead. The cause of this is unknown, and whether this will do anything has yet to be figured out.


A female androgynous Talyxian. As a youngster, she was abandoned for some unknown reason, and was raised by humans who eventually sold her off to a traveling caravan. She was taught to become a prostitute, and had her survival wrapped around seduction and lust.

Sanya met her as the new manager in the Brewery.


A catboy. Explanations, explanations.

Minor Characters

The Dorf

A Dorf that was forced to join Sanya. He guided her and Murdelp through the rest of the search in the dungeon. He was killed by the then-controlled Gazzene in the King's Room.


A male Tonberry, and Gazzene's younger brother. He wielded a knife and supposedly was able to kill a lot of Dorfs. He was killed by the female Dorf in the kitchen.


Gazzene's bodyguard. His respectful way of addressing Gazzene could be a sign of his loyalty, though. He was supposedly the Dorf's brother. He was killed by the then-controlled Gazzene in the King's Room.


Sanya's mother. She is a full-blooded dragon who eloped with a Sergal and eventually gave birth to Sanya. Sanya claims that she is mentally-ill.


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