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LonelyWorld is the author of a bunch of quests with tiny militant space furries.

He's also got a shiny new gallery:


"LonelyVerse" Quests

  • Crash Quest — Follows Ace Pilot Oken and her crews’ fight for survival behind enemy lines after crashing on Desert World Juca-19.
  • Pinkskin Quest — Solar P.O.Ws face of against Star Gladiator Pelendina Zane and other threats in vicious Astranian blood sports.
  • Command Quest — Direct follow-up/spin-off of Crash Quest, as Solar General Halsner prepares to defend Juca-19 from the invading Astranians.
  • Colony Guard — Another adventure staring Pelendina Zane as she leads a group of marines tasked with guarding the colony ship WishingStar.
  • Vampire Twins — Sania and Loria are twin sisters, and vampires. They wake up in their coffins after a very long sleep to find themselves in a post apocalyptic world.

Other Quests

  • Gnoll's Bane — Gnoll thief and a chicken Kobold Paladin have WRPG adventures.
  • Wizard Adventure — Collection of one shots, staring incompetent magic users.
  • Dungeons & Dragons Webcomic — The remains of a webcomic of questionable quality from many moons ago, now posted in /draw/.

Quests by LonelyWorld

LonelyVerse: Crash Quest | Pinkskin Quest | Command Quest | Colony Guard | Ace Pilot Oken

Other: Gnoll's Bane | Wizard Adventure | Vampire Twins | Totally not canon Clamp Quest Interlude | SoulSworn | Dungeon of Sin | Legion Quest | Silken Vale | Saiyans | ZAKLOTH: Mask of the Changling | The Zot Nebula | King of Pentacles | ELF SURVIVAL | Chinzebeth VII

Collaborations: Fight Quest | Battle Quest | Tav Tasers Tayza's Tits | The Relic | Porn Quest | Humble Quest | Slavery Quest | Shovel Quest | SIREN: Search, Strip, Salvage

Other notable creations: Dungeons & Dragons Webcomic