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MultiQuest by Bromeliad et al.

We found a door. It was epic.

MultiQuest was an attempt to create a spontaneous, long quest authored by several people. The idea behind the quest was such:

Person A would post response 1. Person B would post response 2. Person C would post response 3. Etc. The quest's progression would then cycle through a series of approximately 7-8 authors. Nothing was considered canon until it appeared in an update; there was no offically planned setting or theme or genre, and even the narrative style swung wildly.

Unsurprisingly, the quest died somewhere within the first 25 updates.

Authors who took part in MultiQuest before it died (in order of first appearance):

Bromeliad, SZ, Driblis, GREEN, Adept, Scibotic, Gnome, RNG, and Cruxador.

For all intents and purposes considered a failed experiment.

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