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Exemplar by Brom

The sequel to Oren.

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Spell List

Deanna's starting spellsLinkToBoard.gif

Infernal Spells

Fireball: Self-explanatory and classic. Tier II: The fireball explodes on impact, pushing opponents back and doing area of effect damage.
Hellkite: Push oneself or one's enemy with a heated blast of wind. Tier II: The blast can be superheated to scalding levels, causing injury and a great amount of discomfort.
Demon Lance: A close-range melee strike. Punishing but risky. Tier II: The lance materializes for a moment as a throwable, wieldable weapon.

Divine Spells

Aegis: Shield yourself from physical attack. Tier II: Redirect the energy of the attack against the attacker, knocking them off their feet.
Crusader Bolt: Any ally struck with this bolt is filled with zeal that improves their skill. Any enemy struck gets an arrow sticking out of them. Tier II: The bolt now frees allies from mind-affecting illusions and hexes. Enemies still just get poked.
Nectar: Produces a perfumed liquid that nourishes the drinker and alleviates pain. When splashed on an enemy, it sizzles like acid. Tier II: The liquid heals physical wounds, and can be pressurized to act as a ranged attack.


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