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Rebirth Quest by Bromeliad

A quest by Bromeliad. Features the smoothest Shirm you have ever seen, nude Delters, rap battles, and more. Appears to be set sometime after The Protagonist Dies.

System Rules, by Brom

The system that governs the rules in Rebirth is lightweight, mildly freeform, and effective for a useless questfag such as myself. It is as follows: Every roll is done on a d12, with the modifier being equal to the number of ranks Hal has in whatever skill you're rolling for. The DC of each roll is set by me beforehand out of, TBH, fiat (although I have a few basic rules I tend to adhere to).

The DC can range from 3 (successfully climbing the stairs!) to up to 16 (successfully hitting on Anka!).

Let's take as an example the shot Hal just took against the delter with the radio. [1]

Normally the DC for shooting a guy I set at around 8, so that Hal hits with his handgun most of the time. Cover provides anywhere from +3 to +5 In this case said guy was very close so this was reduced to 6. However, the radio in the guy's hand was a small and difficult target, which I set at 9.

Hal rolled, in that last shot, a 4. He added 3 to that roll due to his skill of 3 with handguns, meaning that he had enough to shoot the guy. He didn't have enough, however, to shoot the radio. Instead he missed the radio and shot the guy.

Once the pirate gets shot, we roll to see the damage. Everyone has a certain number of hitpoints; Hal's is 2. When they get shot, stabbed, trampled, or whatever, I roll to see if it penetrates whatever armor they're currently wearing. Hal's cloak actually counts for light armor due to the fact that it obscures just where his legs are. If the attack connects the person loses, usually, one hitpoint. They might lose more depending on the circumstance; a bullet to the shoulder won't sting as much as an elephant falling on your head.

Most armor, Anka's excepted, are only there to give a chance to mitigate damage. The best way not to take it is to not get shot. Here are the damage tables for the guns, and the DC for the armors:

Slugthrower pistol: +1, 2 attacks
Slugthrower rifle: +1, 3 attacks
Shotgun: 0, 6 attacks at close range, 3 attacks at midrange, 1 attack at long range.
SAW (heavy weapon): +2, 4 attacks
Laser Pistol: +2
Laser Rifle: +3
Antimatter pistol: +6 (25% critical)
Overcharged laser pistol: +7
Antimatter rifle (heavy weapon): +9 (33% critical)

Slugthrower weapons have fast firing rate but worse penetration. Laser weapons are a middle ground, but are usually significantly more adaptable than antimatter guns. Antimatter guns take a turn to charge between firing, but have the most devastating armor penetration of any weapon, and a crit chance, to do 2 points of damage instead of one. Heavy weapons use their own skill, and convey a -2 penalty if you move and fire in the same turn.

Here are the DCs these guns are rolling against:

Light armor (Hal's cloak): 3
Medium armor (Talia's breastplate, most pirates): 5
Heavy armor (Anka's Power Armor): 8
Superheavy armor (The Unflagging): 13


Hal's appearances Inside the Quest.

ITQ: Hal 1, Hal 2

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