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Eivr by Bromeliad
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Ongoing image quest by Brom, centred around the adventures of young Dio as he learns about magic and girls.

It takes place in the same universe/continuum as Quest With No Name and crosses over with the series at some points.

Due to the presence of the Qal race, it is also possible that it is related to Broms’ other quests, The Protagonist Dies and Rebirth Quest, (and by that logic the Rastin-Vresch Continuity as well !?!) though this has yet to be confirmed as canon.


Jai and Dio

While Dio has been the main player character for the majority of the quest, Jai has also been available for direct control on occasion. The more recent threads have focused on Dio and a group of fellow students, all of whom are available as player characters. (Also Orpheo)

Diometricus Phrale Eregiorium

Our height lacking Hero

but you can call him Dio. A friendly, earnest, fairly nerdy (and short) illusionist, who’s lived in the Arcanopolis since hes was about eight years old, after being rescued, by an Arcanopolis agent (probably Orpheo) from the Furlesian Slave Markets. He’s a very talented illusionist, proving his capabilities in class, the arena and his very successful Alienation (with a little help from those wacky voices in his head). He’s recently become a little anxious about his powers, as he has increasingly been required to use them for lethal purpose’s, often against much weaker opponents. But he’s becoming more and more confident, and it’s probably just a matter of experience.

Jai Etra Vostra

Dat eye

Dios best friend and former girlfriend (well sort of). Confident and playful, she’s a powerful Arcanists, who loves the arena. Wake her up before midday at your own risk.

Orpheo Malefix Dervius / Orpheo Diraiphe


Dios mentor and father figure, always calm and solemn, but he’s not without a dry sense of humour. He is incredibly wise and knowledgeable, likes reading, poetry (though unimpressed by Dios attempts) and has an addiction to tiny hot dogs on sticks. He’s very proud of Dio, and sees much of himself in the young mage.

Dahlia Zu Veltkrick

Dahlia and Dio…on a bed not having sex, wat?

Cute, funny, (and short) pureblood illusionist…and daughter of the Don of one the most notorious crime syndicates in Eivr. She usually keeps pretty close to herself and only really talks with people in her common room or who she fights with.
She’s a horror movie buff, the trashier the better. Well, she’ll watch most stuff, except Sports Networks. She doesn’t get team sports, somehow. Why watch when you can do? And why bother when the arena’s so much more exciting? She’s trained for combat magic since she was seven years old, and is an avid fencer. She listens to string music, swing, and speed metal. For bouts. Oh, also for fun she’s a techie for the Acting department. She tried dance, once. Thought it would have a lot in common with swordfighting. Didn't work out. No improvisation or imagination. Just the same motions over and over. And she felt so stumpy next to all those long-legged, slim ballerinas.
She became fast friends with Dio after their arena fight, and his girlfriend after that night watching Metal Glen in the common room. Despite quickly becoming the cutest couple on campus (earning the nickname the double D’s in the process) the pair are worried their relationship is a bit to focused on the “physical”. As a result they’ve decided to go abstinent, till Dio gets back from is latest adventure, instead getting to know the inner workings of each others minds (metaphorically and literally, they’re both illusionists),to make sure they’ve got something really special going on.



Firendly, easy going Evoker and total bro. Before his Alienation he was considered a bit of a dick, but grew and matured (hell that’s half the point of the thing) and has since become Dios’ friend and gym coach, Dahlias’ Alienation Second and Jais’ boyfriend.

Euro Zer Veltkrick

He could have you killed

aka the Robber Prince of the Arcanopolis. He is behind every mercenary mage, artifact, and magic weapon that is smuggled out of the city and every contraband item that is smuggled in. He's a daring thief, a living legend, a symbol. He's a charismatic leader, ruthless gangster, and one of the most powerful and dangerous men in the city. He’s also Dahlias’ father. He’s very protective of his daughter which, is kinda worrying for anyone who dates her, as he could easily turn them into an unsolved mystery if chose to. Nether the less he has a good feeling about Dio and will let him keep seeing his daughter….provided he’s careful.


Tall, dark, and handsome pureblood mage with a talent for thaumaturgy in the arena. Was fairly introverted and quiet, but opened up a bit when he started going out with Jai (turns out he was a bit pensive about joining the Ark like his parents wanted him to). Feeling a little upset after Jai left for Dios’ Alienation, he found a sympathetic ear with Bailey…and not much later a boyfriend.


Illusionists and former dorm mate of Dio and Jai. Pretty cool guy when he’s not buried in studying….or turning your boyfriend gay (it’s all good though, everyone’s still friends).


Gryph and Thero in bird forms

Annoying Dreamfolk that ended up in Dios head after a summon went wrong. In his own words “I'm just hanging around 'cos I've got nothing better to do”, though recently he’s been spending more time with Gryp on the Dream Plane than in Dios’ head.


A Dream Plane Shifter Dio summons during his alienation for recon purposes, and to see if he could actually summon something without in going wrong. Likes books, chocolate and shape shifting. Hates binding summons, like pretty much every resident of the Dream Plane. However since Dio was such a great master, doing things like freeing her instead of keeping her till she died, like most mages would, she decided they could be friends instead of flying above him and turning into an elephant.

Random Ardo Sterro

so Random

Dios’ current roommate. Random is, to be perfectly honest, a giant nerd. He doesn't drink. He's tall and rail-thin. Every Wednesday night he goes on lengthy raids with his guild in some MMO, and every Friday he goes to a giant cross-campus LAN Party. His handle is BustanNuts.
He’s also an avid player and GM of tabletop RPGs. He designs devious labyrinths filled with insane combat encounters that everyone miraculously manages to escape with hit points in the single digits. He frequently practices with a large, blocky bass guitar "my brother got me", with more enthusiasm than actual talent. He turns the amp up so loud the room shakes and plunks out grooves that threaten to knock things over.
It's possible he'd be a target for abuse or bullying by some at the University, but he also happens to be one of the most terrifying Thaumaturges on campus. He specializes in the Abyssal "because it's badass", and due to this and clever micromanagement of his divine resources and spells he often fills any arena he's in with Hellfire. Despite being incredibly loud and messy the guy is a very talented Thaumaturge (Dio's never seen an abyssal spell of Randoms’ backfire), his full title being “War Duke of the Abyssal Irminsul”. He therefore has a surprising amount of political sway amongst the Demon residents of the Divine Plane.

Wendat Odysseus Huron

Wendat and Eulinda

At eleven years old Wendat lost his Father, Mother and his two brothers during the outbreak of the Elde / Furlaia War. After a brief stint with his Aunt and her family, he was taken in by the Arcanoplois, and later joined the Ark Fraterinty.
In combat Wendat is a total operator. He specializes in an unorthodox form of enchantment, taught to him by a high ranking Arker, which uses crossbow bolts charged with various forms of arcane energy designed to ricochet between enemies, creating deadly efficient combos. He loves the feeling of proficiency, of constantly rehearsed skill, perfectly executed. His friends consider him an idealist, but likeable and trustworthy, despite his connections to the Ark.

Eulinda Harmonia Delacquesta

Quiet and a bit shy, but very kind and conscientious, with a bit of motherly affection developing for Dio. She is Arcanist Stalwart, a select group of warrior arcane magi who specialize in tearing apart opponents at close range with powerful War Dances.


The strong silent type is a bit of understatement for this guy. This big stoic elementalist from the Elde Wastes specializes in the manipulation of earth. He and Wendat are apparently rival sports fans. While Epraim acts as a normal student in order to serve the Arcanopolis in a relatively innocuous fashion, in truth he is one of the most powerful combat elementalists ever- the single deadliest evoker alive in one-on-one combat. He doesn't particularly like killing, but in spite of that he is a walking personification of the fury of nature.


The Domains of Magic

The magic of Eivr is divided into four domains each originating from one of the four planes. Mages typically focus on one domain but with proper training and education can become Archmages who specialize in multiple domains.


Illusion Combat

Illusion is the magic of the plane of Dream. It allows for psychic manipulation and the creations of glamors and phantoms, as well as the physical manifestation of thought.

Illusionists have a unique ability that allows them to split their minds’ into two separate entities, maintaining them just long enough to cast two spells at exactly the same time. This lessens the power of both spells, but many spells when linked together can form powerful combinations and new effects. With a strong will and advanced training further mind splits are possible. Illusionists can also use this ability to go without sleep for extended periods of time, by allowing each section to sleep separately.

Known Illusion Spells

Greater Glamor: A maintained illusion of anything less than ten feet in diameter and can be created at will. Reacts realistically to attacks or damage and can even be created with tactile sensation.

Lesser Glamor: Creates a larger illusion or multiple illusions without any sound or major reactions.

Nervelock: Causes an enemy's limbs to fail to respond. Hampers spellcasting or physical assault.

Mind Jolt: a direct attack on the enemy's brain. Can cause confusion and bouts of insanity.

Summon Item: The caster pulls items and weapons infused with their own willpower and subconscious direct from their dreams and send them flying at foes.

Blind: Severs an enemy's optic connection in his mind, tricking him to into thinking he's gone completely blind. The effect can be maintained with concentration.

Entomb: Causes the subject to suddenly forget how to breathe. Unless they concentrate hard on figuring it out, they'll asphyxiate shortly.

Invisibility: Allows the caster to turn invisible.

Greater Summon Item: The mage has developed a stronger connection with their imagination. They can now summon significantly larger objects, as much as ten feet across, and summoned weapons can be more elaborate or larger, and move faster.

Sleep: locks opponents into their own dreams, forcing them into sleep. Any physical harm could easily wake them, but many illusionist powers are significantly more effective against sleeping enemies.

Summon Nightmare: The caster reaches into the murky depths of their own subconscious and bring their nightmares out into the world, in physical, malevolent form. If an opponents fears are know, their nightmares can be summoned instead.

Mind Parasite: Allows the mage to drop into a foe's mind as an observer. They can see what they're thinking, find out secrets, and learn their greatest wishes and deepest dreads. It is extremely difficult to do, however, even more so when the target is an unwilling combatant. Typically the caster must first find a way to force themselves in, perhaps with mind jolt, then deal with the targets mental defences and the fragility of their own physical body, left outside the mind. It's much easier if a subject is willing, and with it the mage can cross to dreamscape and communicate or converse with people in their sleep.


Some Arcane Spells

Enchantment is the magic of the Arcane plane. It allows for the control of pure energy and force. Enchanters can infuse normal items with arcane energy to create various magical tools or weapons
Arcane magic is perhaps the most straightforward. Pick a spell, and blast it. The thing is that they are perhaps the most potent and damaging. Arcanists can't do a whole lot in combat besides smash, but they smash real good.

More advanced forms of Arcane magic are highly dependent on the use of momentum and rhythm to build up increasingly powerful reserves of energy.

(Note: The terms Enchanter and Arcanists are interchangeable)

Known Arcane Spells

Arcane Flame: Summons an orb of fire which can be either thrown or used as a makeshift flamethrower, is more powerful but close-range.

Arcane Bolt: A projectile made of pure energy and force. It is powerful enough to blow holes in people.

Counterspell: Cancels out a spell being cast or flying through the air, with a concussive blast of force.

Arcane Shield: Can deflect all but the most powerful magical and physical attacks.

Levitate: Gives the caster the power of flight. The spell has to be maintained, which slightly weakens any other spells casts while flying.

Mage Hand: Allows manipulation of smallish objects (Swords or chairs, for example) at a distance.

Arcane Throw: A more concentrated, less versatile Mage Hand that can push objects away at high speeds.

Arcane Implosion: Crushes the target with sheer force.


Earth Magic

Evocation is the magic of the Material plane. It allows for direct manipulation of the elements, including earth, fire, water, air, etc.
Evokers are unique in that the more of a certain element they are surrounded in, the more powerful the spells for this element become. And since most elements are represented in their pantheon of abilities, this means they are usually master environmental fighters, twisting the land into a weapon.

(Note: Evokers are also referred to as elementalists)


The Scales

Thaumaturgy is the magic of the divine plane. Thaumaturges can attack the souls of their enemies or call upon the wills of spirits. Some can even invoke the aid of the deities themselves.
Thaumaturges use the dual energies of Heaven and hell to fight, exploiting the inherent and constant conflict between light and darkness to preserve body, soul, and sanity as they tinker with powers most would prefer to leave well enough alone. Thaumaturges are adaptable, finesse-based fighters with good attack and some of the best defensive spells, although with fairly major stipulations on when they can use them.

At the core of their principle is the Scales, the divider between Divine and Abyssal. As a thaumaturge casts spells from the divine or abyssal schools, they become positively (divine) or negatively (abyssal) charged.

Thaumaturges' energy comes from the conversion of power from divine to abyssal and back. A thaumaturge who has been casting a lot of divine spells will do significantly more damage if they then cast an abyssal spell, and vice-versa.

Different Thaumaturges specialize in different ratios between the divine and abyssal.

Becoming fully charged with either energy is dangerous. When this happens, there is a risk of an overload, with usually catastrophic backfire as a result.

Known Thaumaturgy Spells

Thaumaturgy Spells

Abyssal Spells

Saber: A close range attack. The mage cloaks an appendage in fire and strikes with it for medium damage. Tier II: Damage increase, and instead of an arm or a leg summons a flaming sword, granting increased reach. Tier III: The blade becomes oversized, and does much more damage.

Pyre: An area-of-effect spell with the mage at its centre. Low damage in a large area. Tier II: Damage increase. Causes the fire to remain for a time after the spell is cast, which the caster is immune to. Tier III: Damage increase, range increase. At the conclusion of the spell, the caster can choose to transition into Veil instantly.

Sacrifice: summons a short-lived, explosive demon and hurls itself at it casters enemies. Medium damage. Tier II: The caster can now launch himself with this spell, with the explosion at the end non-harmful to themselves. Tier III: Damage increase. The mage can know control the demons’ and/or their own destination mid-flight.

Veil: The mage cloaks themselves in a shroud of flame. This spell allows the caster to treat all abyssal spells as a tier higher, but they also generate double the amount of charge they normally would.

Vengeance: Defensive Abyssal spell. Deflects damage, but in a small area. Must be aimed to be effective. Tier II: The spell now violently rebounds whatever strikes it, causing damage to those who attack. Tier III: The spell rebounds anything that strikes it, setting it on fire in the process.

Divine Spells

Aegis: Defensive divine spell. Generates lots of positive charge. Deflects all damage with no chance of the enemy getting through. Tier II: Each strike against the Aegis causes a blinding, disorienting flash.

Flyte: Lifts the caster up into the air on divine winds. Tier II: Improved control, speed.

Shaft: Divine attack spell. Launches a spear of light toward the enemy. Tier II: The spear splits into two in midair, causing increased damage.

The Planes

Eivr, Plane Material

Plane Material

“The world you live in, Diometricus, is the most diverse. It is home to countless cultures and wonders you have yet to experience. Its denizens are the Vidder, a vibrant, energetic, and I daresay familiar race that has scattered across the planet.”

Vidder are hairless, square headed humanoids with large floppy ears.Their eyes are a blank white, sometimes with darker coloration on the lower eyelids. They have no apparent nose, and tiny mouths. They have good hearing and eyesight but a poor sense of smell.

Their skin is typically either grey or brown, but mixed races are also fairly common which results in large patches of brown on grey or vice versa, depending on heritage.

Vidders are by far the most in touch with their emotional sides among all the Planar races, which is reflected in their relationships. They're mostly monogamous with a strong emotional connection on both sides There are two main ethnicities/nations of Vidder, the Eldefolk and the Furlesians. Little is know about the third race/nation, the Waan / Waani. All three races apparently have different native languages. Furlaia is a wealthy nation revolving around learning, art, and a healthy slave trade. Indentured Servants make up the bulk of the work force, and while they are treated fairly and entitled to eventual citizenship, their lives belong to their masters until such time as they are deemed worthy of freedom. For many this can take a very long time.
Furlesians can be differentiated from Eldefolk by their floppier, narrower ears, heavier brows, and the high commonality of brown viddera who are Furlesians. Most brown viddera all over the world can attribute at least a small part of their heritage to Furlaia.

The nations of Elde and Furlaia are currently at war.

Eida, Plane Arcane

Plane Arcane

“A hard land, and great. The impossible is the routine, and the environment is doubtlessly one of the most hostile you will find. You must be able and strong to succeed there, but it is a land of legends and glory to those who can take it. Its denizens are the Qal, a strong, bold folk. Stalwart friends and ruthless foes.”

The Qal are in reality a massive colony of microscopic organisms attached to a hardened calcium skeleton, surrounded by a firm but malleable membrane, and governed by a hive-mind. Each individual organism in a Qal is capable of a multitude of functions in the body due to extensive genetic engineering on the part of the Qal themselves. A cell could one minute be muscle and the next vascular tissue. This allows the form of the Qal to be constantly changing (limited only by the skeleton, which enforces a vaguely humanoid shape), and also gives them a tremendous amount of fortitude, as dead cells can quickly be replaced in function by live ones.
Therefore the only way to stop Qal in combat is by blowing the limbs off, destroying the skeleton, or with a direct hit to the diamond-shaped hive-mind in the Qal’s head. These properties make them effective soldiers and labourers.

A tough and long-lived race with fierce pride and a meritocratic, militaristic form of government. Every Qal has a rank, and every Qal is raised communally. There are no individual parents, no nobility, and no inheritances. Every Qal starts out as a Trainee, with exactly the same opportunity in life as every other Qal. Interestingly for a race of the Arcane Plane, the qal have virtually no mages themselves, but almost every Qal Kingdom has its own highly trained standing army and Qal Shock Troopers are renowned for their endurance and killing power.
Qal are a ranked meritocracy, with an emphasis on social and personal order. They usually "marry" (not their word for it) in groups, ranging from around four or five to an entire commune. This mindset, coupled with their more relaxed views about sex due to their egg-laying biology and the fact that kids are brought up by the collective rather than the individuals, discourages the sort of monogamous, boyfriend/girlfriend husband/wife thing found on other planes.

The Qal of the Arcane Plane are divided into at least three tribes, the Delv, the Vedre, and the Dulan.

Endo, Plane Divine

Plane Divine

“The Hub where the spirits of all other planes meet, intermingle, and move to the next part of their unending journey. The Great Divine Gradient separates the pure from the wicked. Conflict, beauty, fear, education, and challenge mark its slope. Its denizens are the Nephilim, stern guardians of the Spirits”

The Divine Plane rests along Irminsul, the Great Tree that is home to the gradient of the Soul. It has roots that spread throughout the rest of the planes, binding the multiverse together. Upon death, your spirit travels along the roots to the Divine Plane, rising through the tree. Spirits heavy with wickedness settle lower, and those blessed with kindness rise, forming the Divine Gradient. After you die, you can choose to reincarnate in any plane you wish, or remain as one of the Watchful Dead, the Spirits who inhabit Irminsul permanently and guide the creatures of the rest of the planes. A cushy job, if you're high enough on the gradient.

The Planes

There is no real religion. Not any more. There used to be hundreds of cults and faiths and fables of the creation gods, or God in some cases, but whatever deities reside atop the tree turned away from their imperfect creations a long time ago, returning only in rare cases to mete out wrathful punishment to those with the hubris to belittle their names. It's no longer safe to speak the title of the deities. The myths and fables have faded. The gods are gone. Kushur of the Hunt, Diera of the Hearth, Romo of the Feast. Outdated legends of a time when the world was a little brighter. The Spirits remain, though, and it's them people trust in.

Divine has the Nephilim, the caretakers of the spirits that make their homes in that plane between reincarnations on the various other planes. They have a purpose in life, and they take their jobs extremely seriously, but at the same time are known for some of the most beautiful works of art and music across all the planes. They are wary of outsiders, but generally agreeable as long as you wipe your feet, don't touch anything, and refrain from bothering the Spirits. The actual form of Nephilm varies from tier to tier. The lower plain residents consist of a hierarchy of demons, while the upper plains are inhabited by the Seraphim.
The Seraphim are pale coloured humanoids, with curved heads. Their faces have large black eyes but no other discernable features. Seraphim are all about their duty toward the far-off deities and the spirits. They don't really have much in the way of relationships because of this and because there is very little sexual dimorphism between male and female. They view procreation as necessary to keep numbers up in the war with the Abyss, but they place no particular weight on it. They will keep together, however, to bring up the children they sire and ensure they become proper guardians. A sort of affection can rise from that, if not a love.

Etni, Plane Dream

The chaos of the Dream Plane isn't conducive to civilization or cities, but there are its sentient inhabitants, flitting through the sleeping minds of the rest of Eivr's creatures. The Dream Folk are an elusive race, and they lack any real culture besides those they take from the dreamers. Still, they have considerable power on their own planes and many are friendly, if hard to catch up with or speak to.
Dreamfolk are essentially the chaos of Dream, incarnate. Relationships with the closeness of the Vidder are bizarre and alien to them. They flit around wherever they take a fancy to go, and while they may fly into moments of fierce emotion, it usually doesn't last that long. They can and usually do form broad circles of friends that endure for a long time, usually in fits and bursts as they remember old friends and rush back to hang out with them, but they usually avoid connecting on any profound level, and you're not going to see any married or dating Dreamfolk. They'd never let themselves be tied down like that. The idea is abhorrent to them. This is one of the reasons that summons of unbound Dreamfolk often result in hostility.

The Arcanoplis Magi

The Arcanoplis

The Arcanoplis Magi are a large order of powerful Vidder cyclopean mages dedicated to the study and practice of magic. They are sometimes referred to as Arcanopolitans by non magical peoples. The Arcanoplis Magi are a large order of powerful Vidder cyclopean mages dedicated to the study and practice of magic. They are sometimes referred to as Arcanopolitans by non magical peoples.

They are based at the Arcanopolis, a huge University campus/ city, located near the Amaranthine Sea, somewhere on the Material Plane.


Our boy’s becoming a man

An Oculus is a small sphere of an alchemically altered mineral, used to turn a potential Vidder into a Cyclops. It is placed on the candidates forehead at a young age, form there it grows into a large single eye, and causes their existing eyes to fade.

The Oculus is a unique aspect of the Arcanopolis Magi. It does everything normal eyes would (including 3d vision; magic has a funny way of fixing things), grants improved sight and nightvision, but more importantly it can give the Gift of magic to those who don't normally have it, and for those who do it exponentially increases their strength. It's irreversible, though, so once you're marked as an Arcanopolis Cyclops, you're staying that way.

Pureblood Magi (Second generation magi, i.e. a mage whose parents are both Cyclops’s) are born with their Oculus already fully formed.

The colour of an Oculus denotes the Mages’ chosen domain of magic, Blue for Illusion; Purple for Enchantment, Green for Evocation and Orange for Thaumaturgy. The Arkers dye their eyes red.

Upon the owners’ death the Oculus returns to its marble like form.

Helmets & Masks


All Arcanopolis magi wear metal masks and/or helmets that cover their entire face.

Originally the helmets purpose was to hide their identity, since around two thousands years ago there was a great purge of the magi, and cyclopes were often killed in sight. In more modern times masks are worn more out of tradition, although removing ones mask in public is considered a social taboo.

During Alienation wooden masks are worn instead of the usual metal helmets and upon returning the mage usually chooses a new single lensed helmet that better accommodates their fully developed Oculus.

The actual designs of helmets vary widely and often personalized to the point of being unique to the owner; however grey metal with gold details and black lenses appear to be a popular choice.


The Alienation Council (not actually that tall or scary

“You have reached Adultus Oculus. In accordance with the law of our Order, you are now to be cast out until such time as you have proven yourself worthy of the Arcanopolis.”

Alienation is a rite of passage all Arcanopolis apprentices must undergo in order to become a Mage. They leave the Arcanoplis and travel the Planes only returning after accomplishing a great and noteworthy achievement. It also gives the future mage a chance to see life is like outside of the Arcanoplis.

Pureblood magi can begin their Alienation whenever they believe themselves ready, while those who are given an Oculus must wait until it is fully developed before they can register. When ready, they replace their helmet with a wooden mask, which they wear for the duration of the rite, and visit the Alienation Council to seek permission to begin.

Once the apprentice has registered with the Office of Alienation, they have a single day to prepare. They can bring as much they can carry through non-magical means, and may also choose to bring a Second, any student who has completed their own Alienation, to act as a guide and mentor. It is also tradition for close friends and family to present gifts to the apprentice.

We cant stop here this is Kithik country

The Candidate may choose which Plane they wish to travel through, but are not allowed to go to the Plane of their own magical domain. When ready they leave the Arcanopolis via a portal that teleports them to a randomly selected, pre-approved location on the Plane of their choice.

The shortest alienation was two hours long, when a student visited the divine plane the very moment an infernal assault threatened to break down a Nehilim city and successfully led its inhabitants in a defense and counterattack which saved them. The longest has lasted fifty years and counting. Normally an Alienation lasts around a year or two.

The Ark Fraternity

The Ark like Red

"Know that I speak for the Ark.
Two thousand five hundred and twenty four years ago, the Two-eyed peoples, the Eldefolk, and the Waan, and the Furlesians, turned their warring gaze from each other and onto the twin gleaming Arcanopolitan cities of Ios and Eos, centers of knowledge and culture. It was we who had tamed the power of the Oculus. Our blood was pure in those days. The two-eyes had long ago used magic and technology now long forgotten to reduce many of their own battlefields and lands into the sand and desert of the Wastes, and they sought new territory for expansion and ruin, and new enemies to battle.
The cyclopean citizens of the Arcanopoli were as strong then as we are now, but there were too many invaders, and we began to fall, one by one. Monsters, they called us, fiends. And so they pushed us from our cities, and they dwelled in our houses and despoiled our lands and systematically they began to murder us, our men and women and children.
By the end of the slaughter there remained two hundred of us. And fifty, the First Fifty, took the Oath to defend the rest, to guide them Home. We would be their saviors. Their Ark. We were the ones who defended them in their flight, and we fought and died to protect them.
By the time we had reached where the Arcanopolis now stands, away from danger, there were twenty three Arkers left. And the other magi thanked us profusely, and then, promptly, they shunned us. Because we had scarred ourselves for them, physically and mentally and spiritually, and they decided they no longer had a use for soldiers. We were outcasts in the society we had saved from extinction. And now the cyclopes once more deal with the two-eyes, and we trust them once more, as we did long ago. We are the only ones who remember the fire and the death. The only ones who know that trust and our ties to our old lives are a weakness. We must be stronger, this time. We see the storm coming, as it came before.
And for the sake of our homes we redden the Eye and remove the Ear and willingly, joyfully, accept the hate of those we are bound to save, for the Ark -must be rebuilt.”
- A description of the Arks history, in their own words.

The Ark Fraternity

The Ark Fraternity are a secretive group of Magic Supremacists, who believe them selves to be inherently superior to normal Vidder. Arkers believe that they must distance themselves from Viddera, and so during their initiation, they cut off their ears, the last vestiges of their former life. They also dye their Oculus Red, distinguishing themselves from normal Cyclops’s.
They have a very unsavoury reputation due to their racist beliefs and experiments with the darker possibilities of magic.


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