Revenant Quest

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Revenant Quest by Bromeliad

You are the Revenant Mage. You must defeat Ansirous.


Chapter 1

Words of Power Known

Seems to denote circularity; when used with Fuge it created a fireball but when used with Zephra it created a stormy blast with the caster as the focal point.
Used to do things with fire.
Used to spew things from the mouth.
Seems to relate to speech in general, not necessarily words. Used in combination with Biblus to speak.
Has to do with words, books and the like. Used in combination with Verbam to speak.
Used to move from one place to another. Blinking, basically, on its own.
Used to do things with wind or electricity or both.
Seems to denote a wide and/or constant stream.
Effectively "Shield". By itself it creates a small shield of force- useful but not particularly strong.
Seems to denote a line, straight out from the caster. Offensive spells gain focus but are thus harder to aim.
Seems to behave like Zephra. Might not include the electricity element. Possibly stronger?
Used to do things with metal. Most likely requires physical contact with metal.
Hides things. Spidrift uses it to go invisible when he teleports.
Used to do things with acid, possibly also noxious gas.
Untested. In theory, can be used to calm animals.
Most likely used to do things with water. Spidrift combined it with Fuge to make a gout of steam.
Has to do with holiness, light, and healing. Unholy and evil creatures take extra damage, but Ferrucio is mostly shielded- he merely feels a lot of pain when using this Word. Repeated use by Ferrucio over a period of time can result in greater vulnerability to holy effects. Any use at all causes a gradual personality shift of some sort, perhaps opening the caster up to suggestions from God.
Has to do with flight. By itself, acts as a ten-foot levitate.
Has to do with unholiness and darkness, possibly also harming. Could be quite pleasant for Ferrucio to use, but overuse is likely just as dangerous if not more so.

Spells known

Ferrucio has no problem casting any of these spells in combat.


Verbam Biblus

Allows Ferrucio to speak.


Orbus Fuge

Basic Fireball. Builds attunement.



Short distance blink teleport. Drains attunement.


Trasus Fuge

Burst of movement with a trail of flame. Lower attunement boosts the fire, higher attunement boosts the movement. Builds attunement, meaning repeated use makes it better for dodging but worse at making fire.

Orbus Zephyr

Violent omnidirectional burst of pure wind originating from the caster. Can be used to break one's fall. Builds attunement.


Fulga Fuge

Beam of fire. Narrower and more damaging than Orbus Fuge, but requires more accuracy. Builds attunement.


Scutum Ferrum

Turns a held metal object into a shield temporarily. Drains attunement.

Trasus Verbam

A spell used to throw your own voice. Can be used to communicate privately at a distance.


Fulga Ferrum

Violently extends a held metal object. Builds attunement.


Orbus Zephra Fuge

10-foot explosive firestorm AoE. Can knock back enemies. Builds attunement.


Orbus Sanctus

Ball of light. Explodes with a holy flash of light that only harms evil/unholy beings. The light itself can burn Ferrucio if he overuses Sanctus spells. Builds attunement.


Torrentus Fulga Sanctus Fuge

Giant fuckoff beam of light. Causes extreme pain to Ferrucio. Doesn't really give a shit how pure-hearted its target is. Builds a great deal of attunement.


Orbus Scutum

Spherical shield around the caster that moves with them. Drains attunement.


Torrentus Acridum

Wave of Acid. Useful against armor. Builds attunement.


Sanctus Scutum

Holy shield. Takes the elemental power of any spell it absorbs and charges the caster's next spell with it. No use against nonmagical attack. Drains attunement.


Volanta Sanctus

Angelic wings. Drains attunement constantly while in use.


Volanta Biblus

Converted a book into near-useless paper wings. Ferrucio admits it might not have been his brightest idea.

Spells Witnessed

Ferrucio may be able to use these spells in combat, if his attunement boosts the spell.

Fulga Zephra: A bolt of lightning.
Torrentus Zephra: A stormy gust of air with lightning in it.
Orbus Zephra: A sphere of wind gusts out, centered on the caster. Can break the caster's fall.
Torrentus Unda Fuge: A wide, superheated gout of steam, capable of melting flesh from bone.
Volanta Fuge: A flight mode propelled by fire emitted from the lower body. The caster is not harmed from the fire.
Volanta Zephra: A flight mode propelled by electrified wind. The caster is not harmed by the lightning.
Volanta Infernus: A flight mode propelled by demonic wings.



Ferrucio, The Revenant Mage

The protagonist. Was once a very powerful mage who eventually became an evil undead Revenant before losing his sanity and memory.


Spidrift, The Butcher Mage

A man the Revenant Mage kidnapped at the age of three. Named Spidrift, he himself has admitted to being thoroughly brainwashed as to love the Revenant Mage unconditionally, and also explained that due to years of brutal training and condition, he has "a healthy sadism and lack of ambition." He earned his position by killing the man who trained him. Smiles disconcertingly and doesn't really blink.


Astrea, The Advocate Mage

The Revenant mage killed her mother when Astrea was four. Astrea is seeking revenge.


Appearances by the cast Inside the Quest.

ITQ: Spidrift 1, Spidrift 2, The Revenant Mage




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