Static on the Wire

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Static on the Wire by Brom

We might have kicked the hornet's nest on this one, Sev.

-Monica on Sev-Three's idea of stealth

73-6 is here to kill everyone.

Spoiler.gif This article contains spoilers! You were warned.

Main characters



Reconstituted asset belonging to the Bureau of Domestic Defense. 6th and latest in the line of created intelligences occupying the 73 body. Presently owns an embarrassingly large fortune. Wants to leave the Bureau with his friends.

Current Shell Upgrades

+WETWORK+ Can magnetize his body to carry three more weapons in addition to his pistol and equipped weapon. Magnetic field can be localized to different body parts.

+YANK+ Supercharged magnets can climb walls and ceilings, YANK weapons out of people's hands, and stop bullets in midair. Warning: will short out communications temporarily after use.

+SILENT RUNNING+ Master-level stealth hacking

+COMBAT HAX+ Combat-oriented hacking protocols usable instantaneously, wirelessly, and without interfacing software. +SILENT RUNNING+ will not apply if Sev is not touching his hacking target.

+AIM INTERFACE+ Augmented aim with small arms

+ACTIVE CAMO+ Turns invisible if he stands still for 5 seconds, effect ends when he moves

+HEEL FACE TURN+ Holographic disguise, resembles his original face



73-6's old handler on field operations, but sometimes helps out anyway. Strangely protective of her takeout and breath mints.

Sara dalton.png

Sara Dalton

The brain of a retired US Marine field medic in a robotic chassis. Lived in the Hab-Block with her roomate, Keisha, until it was destroyed. Currently residing in a Bureau Outpost. Has become 73-6's handler.


Keisha Chalthoum

Sara's roomate and DJ at a nightclub called "Piston". Sharp-tongued and strong-willed to a fault. Currently in hiding with Dartline Alchemist.


Penelope (108-1)

Former Field Agent for Tribranch, a rival to the Bureau, but now convinced by 73-6 to work for the Bureau. Like all Tribranch agents, uses stims to enhance combat capabilities on-mission. The Bureau is trying to wean her off the stims, though she's stashed a few for emergencies.

Current Shell Upgrades

+SHINOBI+ Can deflect automatic gunfire with her sword.

+STRIDING AND SPRINGING+ Top speed of 40 miles per hour on foot and an 8 foot standing vertical jump. Now comes with a Batman-esque glide.

+SHINOBI II+ Can turn invisible when she stands still for 5 seconds (effect ends when she moves), and create a holographic clone of herself to confuse enemies. (It is not solid.)


88-1 "Dubs"

The newest reconstituted agent of Outpost Jericho, formerly the assassination target known as Lockjaw. 73-6 messed with his loyalty programming so Dubs is ultimately loyal to him, not the Bureau. Specializes in supporting other agents with his sharpshooting capabilities.

Current Shell Upgrades

+SUPPORT+ Dubs' hardware comes with sharpshooting solutions, thermal vision, and signal interceptors.

+SUPPORT II+ Dubs can see out of Sev-Three and Penelope's eyes and fire on any target they can see, as long as his weapon's penetration can reach them. He can also selectively jam communications and motion tracking in a thirty foot radius.


Dartline Alchemist

A mysterious man with a rocket launcher, a contraband visor, and expert skills in hacking. Worked for the Fantomas Vengadores and destroyed Sara and Keisha's apartment. Gave 73-6 his master hacking upgrade. Currently hiding Keisha from the Bureau and lending the Outpost Jericho team the use of his base.

Supporting characters



A retired Bureau field agent with years of experience and a Sniper Cannon on his shoulder, here to help 73-6. Is most likely the one who made 73-6 want to leave the Bureau as he slipped a strange disk into his tank when he was being revived for the 6th time.



Another reconstituted asset of the Bureau. Has very little sense of self-preservation because he basically just want to die and stay dead. He got his wish half granted when he DID die, but was brought back, only as a robotic shell of his former self.


Casely Barduk

An officer in Fantoma Vengadores overseeing the hab block where Keisha and Sara shared an apartment, and Keisha's ex-boyfriend. Currently deceased.


Mr. Chatreet

Was really looking forward to a nice cup of coffee and a quiet evening in when the Fantomas had to knock on his door.



An malignant AI once created for a video game called "Blastlands" that has gone rogue, taken rule over an entire sector of Deep Net and warped it to its liking. Has a strange obsession with 73-6 and Giant Robots.

Plot Summary

Thread 1

The story starts on a dark night with 73-6, a "reconstituted asset", infiltrating an apartment skyscraper. He's an assassin of the Bureau of Domestic Defense, a huge corporate agency dealing in private contracts, sent to neutralize agents of a rival and equally huge PMC called Fantomas Vengadores in order to send a message of intimidation.

As 73-6 proceeds through the corridors, stealthily disposing of the guards and reporting kills to his handler Monica back in HQ, he finds a liquid Shell upgrade. Ingesting it allows a choice of a new perk:

  • Wetwork: enables stealth killing with bare hands;
  • Stealth: an ability to create sounds in remote corners for distraction;
  • Tech: knowledge about hacking simple computer systems via a terminal device (the upgrades picked by voting will be marked bold, like so).

Using his newfound power, 73-6 cuts power to the whole hab block and heads further. After a short but heated battle in the kitchen 73-6 obtains another bottle of Shell upgrade, which provides the following choices:

  • Wetwork: an ability to magnetize himself, thus increasing his weapon carrying capacity;
  • Stealth: a perk which essentially works as a built-in silencer for any firearm, but with a cooldown;
  • Tech: improves 73-6's hacking ability.

73-6 finishes with the upgrade and proceeds to get shot. Having survived and dealt with the remaining guard, he attempts to leave the building, but the wound is too severe and he faints. A short time later his unconscious body is discovered by Keisha and Sara, who share the room through which 73-6 tried to escape. They decide against calling the police and Sara treats his wounds.

The agent wakes up in the morning. He and Sara have a chat: it turns out Sara knows a thing or two about the Bureau from her past military service (which got her into the gynoid body she's in). Their conversation is interrupted by a Fantomas officer searching for an assassin agent from last night. 73-6 hides in the closet, and a second before he's discovered the officer gets kicked out of the room by Keisha. The HQ pulls a file on the officer and reveals that he's Casely Barduk, a high-rank Fantomas. 73-6's mission is switched from waiting for extraction to eliminating Barduk.

He locates the room where his target is stationed. On his way he bumps into a female operative Penelope from yet another corporate private agency, TriBranch Services, also on a mission to kill Barduk. The two assassins make a wary truce and team up. 73-6 and Penelope proceed to Barduk, but she gets a bullet to the leg and has tp continue the mission immobilized.

Barduk and his goons, still oblivious to the assassins' presence, sit in the next room behind a reinforced door. A gunfight ensues, and the two agents decide to kill Casely at the same second so that it's their bosses' problem who's to claim the credit for eliminating him. 73-6 pockets another Shell upgrade, but it's the injection type and he can't install it by himself.

73-6 decides to bring Penelope back to Keisha and Sara for leg treatment. Just as Sara is about to start, Monica comes through and informs 73-6 that other factions have pulled reinforcements and specifically snipers to his location, and they're after him. The HQ is preparing extraction, but it's not going to be anytime soon.

The four people lock down their apartment, bar the doors and prepare for assault. Sara helps 73-6 install the Shell upgrade, which offers:

  • Wetwork: a short reflex boost paired with immunity to pain;
  • Stealth: a perk which essentially works as a built-in silencer for any firearm, but with a cooldown;
  • Tech: improves 73-6's hacking ability.

With his new hacking skills, 73-6 performs wicked tricks like pulling the feed from security cameras, stopping the elevator between floors and disabling Sara's vocal inhibitor (much to her elation). Then he goes off to take out as much enemies as possible before they reach their improvised bunker.

On his errand, while eavesdropping on the mooks' conversations, 73-6 discovers that the reinforcements aren't there just for revenge and competitor elimination, but also some kind of plans that 73-6 and Penelope must've stolen from Barduk's hideout. After dealing with foot soldiers, the assassin returns to Keisha and Sara's apartment. It's obvious he'll have to spend another night at their place. 73-6 joins them for dinner and he and Sara talk for a while, cosily sharing stories about their lives before they get sleepy.

An unfamiliar reconstituted asset is lying on a deck chair on a sunlit beach, wearing a panama hat and talking to a girl. Monica calls him on the comm, saying that this is the time when she really, really needs his help.

Thread 2

The night passes uneventfully, except for the arrival of 14-1, a "retired" Bureau agent, to the scene. 14-1 calls when 73-6 and Penelope are dividing their arsenal and briefs the agent. They decide that Penelope is going to handle the kill-team sweeping the building down from the upper floors and 73-6 will retrieve a briefcase from some Fantomas leader's apartment. One group hug later, the team splits, casually discusssing 73-6's infatuation with Sara and Pen's personal preferences.

Once near his target, 73-6 bypasses an automated turret by hacking its IFF remote lifted from a killed guard and gets inside the apartment. With 14-1's sniper support he qietly takes down another couple of guards, checks the bedroom and finds nothing. Luckily, more goons enter the apartment, and after a short interrogation the agent discovers the briefcase location.

The briefcase turns out to contain Fantomas signal flares along with documents. The plan is to fire them from the roof, wait for the Fantomas aircraft to arrive and steal it to get out. There's also a fat stack of cash inside too. Monica suspects there would be, but 14-1 deftly hints 73-6 not to mention money he'd inevitably have to give up to the Bureau. 73-6 follows the advice.

Then he hacks into the Fantomas comm channels from the officer's terminal and helps Penelope by deafening the kill-team near her with a wave of loud feedback noise. Finally, he cleans up and proceeds to regroup with the TriBranch agent. Penelope handled her part just fine; the two change into some of the less-bloodstained Fantomas suits and get up on the roof. A few minutes after the flare is fired an aircraft arrives. 14-1 swiftly takes out the pilot while Penelope and 73-6 get rid of the rescue team.

73-6 gets into the pilot's seat. The next moment Penelope points a gun at his head and reveals she just got new orders: the Bureau agent must not get out of there. After a tense negotiation 73-6 convinces Penelope that she has a better chance defecting to his employers and risking vengeance from TriBranch than she does trying to dodge 14-1's sniper cannon once she carries out her orders.

73-6 takes off when suddenly 14-1 locks Monica out of their comm channel to have a little private chat. He shares some advice on how to "retire" from Bureau and stay alive, then signs off. Getting out of the Bureau loop becomes something of a long-term goal for 73-6.

The same night a group of Fantomas breaks into Sara and Keisha's apartment to neutralize them, but Sara wakes up before it's too late thanks to the autoturret hacked by 73-6 and to her being a war veteran in a robot body. Just as they finish off the Fantomas goons, an unknown high-class agent hired by the Fantomas takes out half of their apartment wall with a rocket launcher. Keisha and Sara retreat deeper into the building, then Sara finds the communication software that 73-6 neglected to erase from Keisha's computer and wakes him up. 73-6 gives them an address where he can pick them up, but the girls would still need to get there by themselves. They crawl on the massive suspension cables over to the next building - a garage. Keisha hijacks a van, but as they leave the building a Fantomas guard beckons them over. Keisha successfully bluffs her way past him and the guard backs away.

73-6 is at the mentioned place, as promised. As per the Bureau procedure he blindfolds the girls and escorts them to their base of operations, outpost Jericho.

Other Appearances

73-6 appears on a poster in Rollback.

ITQ Guide

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