Council of Wizards

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Council of Wizards by Brom

As the Great Master of Magic ascends to earth after having defied death and shattered the chains of hell, his chosen disciples battle for his favor and the chance to rule the world.

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Spell Lists


Our protagonist, the somewhat inaccurately titled Wizard of Light and Radiation


Death Ray: Basic projectile beam spell. Carve 'em up like a turkey, Imogen!
Fission Blast: Imogen's fireball spell. A tiny little nuke. Which means a big ol normal explosion.
Refraction Shield: Wall of defense against magic. Doesn't do much at all against physical attack.
Uranium Lance: Summons a huge hard-light spear Imogen can use as a close-range weapon or launch. Goes right through most normal opponents like a nuclear knife through butter. Five minute cooldown.
Darkness: Make a big ball of darkness. Five minute cooldown.
Recall: Zap back to your tower instantly.
Teleport: Go anywhere you've been or scried to. 30 minute cooldown.
Diffraction Lens: Create a uranium lens to bend or widen one of Imogen's beam spells.


Identify: Figure out what a magical item will do (10 mana)
Scry: Spy on an enemy wizard and see what they're doing (30 mana)
Summon Army: Get some arcanomechanical backup. Lasts 2 turns. (200 mana)
Bigby's Crushing Tactical Nuke: 100 kilotons of weaponized discouragement (500 mana)


Imogen's Mom

  • Whole-grain banana muffins


A hired acolyte, who sealed himself in crystal for tax purposes.

  • Stoneshaping (10 mana)
  • Lightning
  • Foxtrot

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