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Questden Project listing

This is a list of Questden related projects that were set up as of late 2013. It has been left as-is pending a review of those who would know which of these projects, if any, are still alive, and if there are more projects that could be put on this page in their place.

2020 update: All of these projects are super dead and this is mostly just a historical archive.

Metal Glen : The Flock Who Could Not Work Together

Tentative title. Setting inspired by [Ruby Quest]. Gameplay inspired by SS13. Now you too can escape the Metal Glen.

Project lead:The Littlest Emo

Quest Fighting Game

Double Hope suggests a Mugen mod because it would require less work. Consensus seems to be that we want more than just that though.

Project lead: none

Super TG Wars

Tactical RPG fashioned after super robot wars,casts quest characters.

Project lead: none

Neverwinter Nights Module

Moved to NWN 2 because nwn 1 doesnt work on newer OSes. Then moved to Dragon Age because everyone hates NWN 2. MOVED TO "FUCK-I-DONT-KNOW, SOME ONE FIND ME A SANDBOX WITH ONLINE MULTIPLAYER"

Project lead: Double Hope


Text based TG goodness, still alive as of 11/2/2010.

Project lead: Raycaster

does it like to crossdress as a sofa


A second attempt at a Questden MUD.

Project lead: Weaver

Wiki Quest

Help us expand!

Quest Trivia

A trivia game based on quests, we're not sure what format we want this in

Project lead: none

Halloween Extravaganza/Holiday events

Never hurts to do things for the seasons!

Point and Click Adventure

Well we definitely have the artistic talent available.

Recently taken up by Escavel and scripted in Adventure Game Studio. This shot at the project seems to have gotten quite a bit farther than previous attempts and shows no signs of stopping. This point-and-click version of RubyQuest is rather ambitious, though, as we're promised full animation, voice acting, soundtrack, and a sprawling web of multiple paths and a myriad of possible endings. ClockworkSeal is also lending his aid.

project lead: Escavel

Mudy Quest On Tape

Mudy quest....ON TAPE!

Project lead: ? (Doublehope forgot who was working on this)

Rubyquest: The Movie

Rubyquest...THE MOVIE!

Project lead: ? (I also forgot)

Quest Fanfiction Generator

Started by Weaver, continued by TLE, link can be found here . Users can add scenarios. There's also an irc channel on rizon, #EroticQuestFanfics

Project lead:TLE

Space Station 13 Server

Well its ss13 and our own sever. byond://

Project lead:TLE

Pinup Calendar

Featuring quest characters! Thread here:

Project lead:Rosque

Strip Poker

Also featuring quest characters! Thread here:

Project lead: ?

Dong Chart

A comparison of Quest characters' dangly bits (for science). Whose is biggest? So far it looks like Sazgvao is winning, but some people vocally opposed it so now it only gets saged. Thread here:

Original concept:Theta

Project lead:Rosque

Hot Springs Group Picture

An idea that someone was supposed to draw the background for, and then presumably didn't finish.

Project lead:?

Quests by Weaver

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Collab creations with TLE: Quest Fanfiction Generator | RubyMUD

Quests by The Littlest Emo

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Other notable creations: Metal Glen : The Flock Who Could Not Work Together | Space Station 13 Server

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