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Dong Quest by TLE

This city needs someone. It yearns for someone to come for it -
to plunge deep into its bowels and stop only when it is satisfied -
when all that remains is goodness and the warm fuzzy afterglow of justice...
I think I can satisfy those needs.

Dong Quest is a short first quest penned by The Littlest Emo as an attempt to break into the quest-running game. It follows Jack Hammer (better known as Dong Man), a penis-themed superhero, on his seemingly random bouts of crime fighting. The art style attempts to mimic typical cape comic books.

Quest Summary

Dong Quest proved to be very popular during the fairly early days of Questden, mostly thanks to freedom, comic book style epic fights, and gradually hardening thickening pulsating increasing amounts of erotic content.

Dong Quest reached a conclusion, albeit a weak one. There are whisperings of a potential sequel, but nothing concrete. It may be comforting to know, however, that a good dong does not stay down for long.

Spoiler.gif This article contains spoilers! You were warned.



Dong Man, Molester of Evil (Jack Hammer)

Our muscular and often meat headed hero. Known for not thinking most plans through, natural combat prowess and never hesitating to squeeze into a tight situation. Not much, if anything, is really known about his normal life, however his hero self seems to be well established in the scene. He has several foes, his own car, the "Crotch Rocket", and a few contacts. Although he quickly angered most of them thanks to his, uhh, quick thinking. Despite being caught off guard more than once throughout the quest, he proved to be more than capable in a good one on one night stand fight.


The Proctologist

One of Dong Man's most feared and perverted foes. He doesn't hesitate to go for a cheap, underhanded, and dirty blow against his foes, as quickly shown in his fight against Dong Man. Agile, wise, and a little Sadist, he is no foe to trifle with.



Our first opponent, quickly apprehended and freed from the tyranny of The Proctologist, she became Dong Man's primary informant and assistant throughout the quest.


Ass Man

An Ass in the most literal sense possible, known for doing one of the worst wrongs you can do upon a man. Jacking he ride. Thankfully a firm spanking taught this ass a lesson.


Dick Girl

Dong Man's feminine, beautiful, and more agile counterpart and Big Bad of the quest. Shi possess a bit less the strength that Dong Man has, but with far more control over her powers and a bit more of a planning mind.



Bondage goons, likely hired by the Dick Girl. Deformed and hideous under their mask, and nearly incapable of speech.


Dr. Vas Deferens

Proprietor of a sperm bank, and apparent expert in sperm. He is quickly angered by Dong Man's unintentionally aggressive behavior. He is likely the most normal person throughout the quest.


Trojan Man

Friend and fellow crime fighter, Trojan Man is initially mentioned early on as having been missing for several weeks. He is later found in the hostile care of Dick Girl and is eventually freed. However despite this, he never has the chance to enter the fight before Dong Man reaches the climax of the battle.

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