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CheeQuest by Lagotrope

A little kobold named Cheelop flees a destroyed home village, and shortly after the protagonist is unexpectedly (and forcefully) recruited to a long-standing camp of hardy kobolds.

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Our slightly vacant protagonist. Aspires to be a ninja wizard doctor. She soon discovers her entire life is a vast network of lies and secrets, starting with the fact that she is not in fact alive at all.

Terrible Secrets: (In order of discovery)

  • She is a very complicated and advanced form of undead rather than being alive.
  • Most of her early memories are fakes made to hide her true nature.
  • Even her hat has its own terrible secrets. It is a scrying device created by a lich to track and monitor her.
  • Rather than having 'a' soul, Chee is stuffed full of souls that give her their skills and souls that give her advice (represented by /tg/).
  • These souls are bound in place by the demon known to the world as The Devourer (and to /tg/ as Tom).
  • She is an animated phylactery for not one but two powerful liches.
  • Chee can sometimes view the past of people close to her (as intermissions), and maybe change it slightly.
  • Chee is not in fact Chee (the original one at least), but is instead a copy.
  • The Lich King created Chee to absorb other beings' souls and power so the Lich King could harvest them.



Bitchy tough-girl roommate.

Terrible Secrets: She is part gnoll due to being fed an Essence of Gnoll potion to counter an infection of Gnoll Blight.

Fraga mixing a potion


Friendly prankster wizard.

Terrible Secrets: None

Kradis demonstrating MAXIMUM VALOUR


Gallant bold with a neat hat.

Terrible Secrets: Owns the hat of the original Chee as a family heirloom. (Pretty minor, really.)

Chop at his dojo


Chop is huge! And mighty!

Terrible Secrets: Something is up with his massive size and strength, though nobody knows what.


The Alchemist

An alchemist who lives in the kobold camp. Goes by 'Til'.

Terrible Secrets: She somehow knows how to create the ludicrously powerful love potion invented by Minci.



A human archer.

Terrible Secrets: None



A dragon whom Chee lived with for some time.

Terrible Secrets: None

CheeQuest Lokirm.png

Lokirm (the Southern Lich)

One of the liches who tried to usurp the Lich King and had his soul stored in Chee. He has been plotting unsuccessfully against the Lich King for quite a long time, but surrenders to Chee when she destroys the body he was planning to use to separate their souls. He is kind of of nice aside from the fact that he has almost no qualms about killing people to further his goals.

Terrible Secrets: None (not counting assorted schemes)

CheeQuest NLich.png

Northern Lich

One of the liches who tried to usurp the Lich King and had his soul stored in Chee. He is much more violent than Lokirm, and attacks basically the entire world once his rival has been killed.

Terrible Secrets: None (not counting assorted schemes)

CheeQuest Derrick.png

Derrick Duke

An undead cat-person who was granted a mind and various powers by the lich who animated him. He is rather bumbling, and has a strange obsession with eating things.

Terrible Secrets: After eating an unstable artifact, he becomes The Devourer (later known as Tom)

CheeQuest Minci.png


A succubus who specializes in illusions and alchemy. She invented an incredibly powerful love potion.

Terrible Secrets: She used Derrick in her plan to destroy Lorkim's device because it was too dangerous.

CheeQuest LichKing.png

Lich King

The Lich King is the most powerful lich known to exist, despite the efforts of several other liches.

Terrible Secrets: The Lich king (by the start of the story) is actually the original Chee, who became the Lich King as part of a quest first to kill necromancers, and then to kill the gods.

CheeQuest Fen.png


An impulsive young kobold whose love Lily was kidnapped as a slave by Lord Shup.

Terrible Secrets: None. Apart from the fact that both he and the entire world he is in might or might not be a sleeping deity's dream.

CheeQuest Lily.png


The love of Kip's life. She is a fairly ordinary kobold who is enslaved by Lord Shup.

Terrible Secrets: None.

CheeQuest Shup.png

Lord Shup

An arrogant acting noble who is smarter than he first appears. He has an odd habit of enslaving other kobolds and marrying them, and intends to do so to Lily.

Terrible Secrets:

  • Lord Shup keeps King Kravus locked in an underground prison, and is in a relationship of mutual mistrust and blackmail with the imposter king.
  • Lord Shup owns a creepily enchanted painting of Lily for unknown reasons. After Lily fled his mansion with Fen, the painting was found scratched out, though Lord Shup claims he would never harm it.
  • Before they were stolen by Fen, Lord Shup kept a sizable chunk of blackmail material in a box used for storing souls.

CheeQuest Kip.png


Both one of the oldest dragon knights and possibly the only friendly one. He is assigned to watch and guard Fen when he is an arena contestant.

Terrible Secrets: Kip is the king's brother, who was killed by the king in an arena fight, but kept from dying by the war god.

CheeQuest Momo.png


An ambitious kobold who is friendly, but not above betrayal to achieve her ends.

Terrible Secrets:

  • Momo is in the tournament to learn the (uncommon, at the time) secrets of necromancy, and wants to kill Fen to study his body and war god aura.
  • She ripped out her own eyes to win a duel against an illusionist. The eyes visible at rare points of the quest are an illusion.

CheeQuest Zizi.png


Fen's brother, an even more impulsive kobold.

Terrible Secrets: None.

CheeQuest Cheese.png


A kobold with a strange name. She is also a fence and information broker.

Terrible Secrets: She doesn't have any herself, but she does buy and sell such secrets for a living.

CheeQuest Dereego.png


A mysterious and somewhat crazy prophet, missing for years.

Terrible Secrets: He's actually the earth god.

CheeQuest GodOfChaos.png

God of Chaos

The god whose dream is the world; when he awakens, the dream ends. All the mortal souls in it are his creation.

Terrible Secrets: All the other gods had forced him into sleep because they thought he was totally irresponsible.

Other Appearances

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Appearances by the cast Inside the Quest. Essentially one big Epilogue best read after you've completed the quest and the bonus chapters.

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