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Bite Quest is an image quest completed by BiteQuest. It follows the wanderings Spikesby Biteface, a magical critter with blades for arms.

Spikesby is rumored to be an excellent dancer.


Spikesby is a Snikt, a soulless magical construct under the command of the great warlock Zorsuz Blacksoul. He has been tasked a simple courier mission, but the world is a dangerous place. The Wizards War has destroyed much of the planet, a small peninsula that borders the Sea of Oblivion is all that remains. Eleven Wizards survived the War as did their immensely powerful magic. Life is a constant struggle for the mortal survivors, the wilderness is filled with deadly magical creatures, and the mysterious actions of the Wizards often have fatal repercussions for the mortals.

But this doesn't concern Spikesby. It's his first time out on his own and he wants to do a good job for master Blacksoul, yet soon after setting out Spikesby saves someone's life—a very strange experience for a creature such as himself.


Although Spikesby is usually the player character, Heartsbane (and very briefly Glory) was controllable for a chapter during Book 2. Posters also chose the option of controlling Sky for part of book 3.



wak wak wak wak!
A Biteface Snikt created by Xix Ryxix and bound to Zorsuz Blacksoul. He is used by Blacksoul, (and later many of the other wizards) as a courier, ferrying messages and items between them. He has saved several lives on his travels, and as a result may be beginning to develop a soul.

Like most magical creatures Spikesby is not able to communicate normally with mortals, but through a system of gestures, drawings and “waks”, he is often able to create an understanding with them.



A Gour Adept that Spikesby first meets at an oasis in the Desert of Ruin, where he was working as a caravan guard. He traded his right arm to Xix Ryxix for the power to sense and manipulate creatures hearts, with his trademark move being to simply tear out an enemies heart using magic, he is also proficient with firearms. Despite being one of Xixs' adepts, Heartsbane seems to harbour a great hatred towards the wizard, as well as other evil magic users (such as Ashleigh).

He is somewhat impressed that a magical construct like Spikesby is willing to try and save lives and is capable of acting against a Wizards interests. He is further intrigued by the possibility that Spikesby may be gaining a Soul.

Heartsbanes' personality is unhinged to say the least. He often laughs psychotically during dangerous situations, and is ruthlessly efficient in combat. His talk of fate and offending the heavens however hints that there might be something deeper driving him forward.



A brightly coloured, moth-like magical creature created by Flails Breaker, to serve as one of his many sexual playthings. Spikesby freed her from Flails' castle while he was delivering Radias' message. As well as being strong enough to survive being taken by Flails, he also designed her to become intensely aroused in the presence of a Wizard. After travelling with Spikesby for a while she was ordered by Arcus Soulfire to deliver a message to Blacksoul. She now serves as Blacksouls' messenger, who has removed Flails' arousal spell from her and toned down her bright colours. She is capable of flight, which she clearly enjoys, and seems to be fond of Spikesby.



A Gour sniper Spikesby meets in a city near The Lord of Marvels territory. She somehow managed to resist Ipslaws control and has been fighting against the people and creatures he commands. After defeating Ipslaw she carried the wounded Spikesby to the Lord of Marvels tower, who strangely had a message for her too.



A Golden woman Spikesby rescues from a Nemisis in Radias' territory. She had been travelling with her domineering brother Ashleigh, but he decided it was time she went off on her own. It is unknown which Wizard she was given to and what they took in exchange for her powers, but she seems easily distracted and lacking independence. Her powers are based in Transmutation, and she has used them to heal Spikesby several times.


Glorys' cruel brother. He is a thaumaturgist, as evidenced by his energy bubble and firing of beams. Heartsbane had been tracking the Golden and tried to kill him, but Ashleigh managed to escape, but was captured by some of Ryxixs' Snikts who carried him back to their master.



A kind-hearted Ophian that Spikesby rescued from rock goblins in the Desert of Ruin. After helping save Llewin she decided to stay in Suri.

Llewin & Gwen

The two Ravians that Spikesby meets at the oasis. Their caravan was attacked was attacked by Snikts when they passed through Xixs territory. Gwen was killed, but thanks to the efforts of Spikesby, Ria and Heartsbane, Llewin survived and was left to recover in Suri.


A powerful Golden Adept. He was a powerful mentalist who used his magic to take control of an entire cities population, turning them into a fanatical horde.


A huge anti-magical worm creature, on a mission to explore the Peninsula. It is capable of surviving outside the Sea of Oblivion by consuming souls, which create a protective layer around its body shielding it from magic.


Bite Quest is set in a post-apocalypse world that has suffered a global war of magic.


The planet was once ruled by many incredibly powerful, immortal, Wizards. The Wizards are their own source of power. Magical energy flows out from them saturating the surrounding area, altering the environment and it sustains many of the creatures created by the Wizards. The actual Magical abilities of the Wizards are virtually limitless in application, but each Wizard tends choose to choose preferred aspect.

Mortal species can gain magical abilities by making a personal offering to a Wizard, be it a physical part of themselves, such as a limb, or an abstract part of their personality, such as their compassion. The Wizards may simply reward the mortal with a spell or potion, but it is far more common for the mortal to become an Adept, capable of wielding some specific form of magic. The power and complexity of the magic given by the Wizard seems to vary depending on what is offered. It is often the case that the ability granted is a double edged sword.

For unknown reasons fighting broke out between the Wizards in what became know as the Wizards War. As this conflict progressed strange otherworldly creatures, began to appear, that emitted a substance from their bodies that was the complete anti-thesis of magic. This anti-magic proved to be deadly to the Wizards, while their own magical energy was just as fatal to the creatures. The Wizards tried to fight back, but failed. The surviving Wizards banded together, and escaped to a small Peninsula, their combined powers the only thing capable of holding back the ever encroaching anti-magic Sea of Oblivion.

The surviving Wizards divided the Peninsula among them, and each lives alone, ruling over his or her small domain. Most of the Wizards are simply uninterested or unconcerned with the activities mortal races, but some have chosen to rule over them.


Several strange mortal races inhabit the Peninsula.


Main article: Ophian

Large snake people, with a vaguely humanoid upper body “standing” at around 7' tall, with two tentacle appendages for arms, and a long serpentine lower body. They have many different skin colours some also have a cobra like hood.

The Ophians were originally magical creatures created by Kshaara the Devourer, to serve her as entertainers and scholars. Being exposed to arts and culture however caused many of them to develop souls. This eventually lead to a rebellion, and the Ophians managed to defeat Kshaara freeing themselves of her command.


Main article: Ravian

Grey skinned humanoids with large black eyes. They are extremely thin, and typically stand at about 6'. They have a reputation for being racist and distrustful towards other species, and are particularly suspicious of anything related to Wizards and magic. Ravians are one of the more populous species of the Peninsula.

They bear a strong resemblance to traditional alien “greys”.


Main article: Gour

Gour stand roughly 8' tall and are similar to an armadillo or pangolin in appearance. They have mouths full of spiky teeth, three fingers per hand and two toes per a foot. Some also have plates along the back of their arms, body and head.

They have an affinity for both magic and technology, and tend to lean towards careers as traders, merchants and diplomats.


Main article: Blockhead

Small humanoids (around 3' tall) that have large rectangular heads and reddish pink skin. They are extremely stupid, even showing a lack of a self-preservation instinct, but make good labourers.

Blockheads are possibly magical creatures created by Arcus Soulfire (unconfirmed)


Main article: Golden

Pale skinned humanoids with hoofed feet. The Golden almost became extinct during the Wizards War and are now very few in number. In an attempt to prevent their race from dying out Golden parents give their children to a Wizard, allowing them to take whatever they wish in order for their child to become an Adept. The parents then permanently bind a metal mask, designed to amplify their Adept powers, to the child.

Essentially all Golden are Adepts and have a broad range of abilities in either Transmutation, Thaumaturgy, or Mentalism. Despite their specialty, they have a unique talent in being able to create and command horrific monstrosities, know as Halflings, by magically fusing two separate creatures together. They can all also bind unbound magical creatures to them.

Golden are often persecuted by the other races due to their association with the Wizards and the misuse of their powers.

The Wizards

There are eleven surviving Wizards inhabiting the Peninsula. Whether the Wizards always had such unique physical forms, or used magic to create their bodies is unknown.

Zorsus Blacksoul

Spikesbys' master. He has the form of a large robed and hooded figure with two glowing yellow eyes. Zorsus is very knowledgeable about Anti-magic, his tower is built right on the edge of the Sea of Oblivion where he studies and experiments on it, trying to find a way to push it back. He appears to be very sombre and emotionless, and is largely unconcerned with the outside world, but he does create Adepts. He usually takes something designed to cause strife in the Adepts life (such as their ability to feel love). As a result his “boons” granted to Adepts are often not what they expected. Along with the Lord of Marvels, Blacksoul helped create the truce between the surviving Wizards. While Sky was still under Flails Breakers arousal spell, she was able to sense his magic. In terms of raw magical energy she felt he was immensely powerful in comparison to either Breaker or Soulfire.

Xix Ryxix

Has Taken the form of a colossal Centipide creature with bladed legs. He lives beneath an artificially created wasteland (that exists due to his presence) known as the Desert of Ruin, which is patrolled by his Snikts that kill anyone who wanders to close. Xix has a reputation for being incredibly evil, cruel, and devious. Xix and Kshaara once had some sort of alliance (Xix also had romantic feelings towards her), and since her defeat he has sought vengeance against the Ophians of Suri. He also appears to be trying to win Lady Radias' favour.

Kshaara the Devourer

She is a large red coloured serpent creature, with clawed hands, a cobras hood, and a horned forehead. Her Ophian creations successfully rebelled against her, impaling her with spears to the top of her ruined tower. Her wounds still bleed and the Ophians of Suri collect this blood, using it for various magical purposes, such as creating protective wards. The fact that Kshaara is still bleeding after 50 years, suggests that she might actually not be dead, and that if the spears were removed (allowing the wounds to heal) she could possibly recover. While alive she was apparently on good terms with Xix Ryxix.

Lady Radia The Glorious

Appears in the form of a large glowing humanoid, draped in golden robes and wearing black lingerie. She resides in the middle of her territory (The Radiant Plains) atop a glass mountain. Mortal suitors, driven mad by dreams of her, cut themselves to pieces desperately trying to climb the mountain and prove their worth. Those who do not die during the climb are often killed by her own hand. Radia herself does not see such actions as cruel, as she believes her self to be a perfect being and compares killing mortals to being no different than a mortal killing a fly. She also does not allow anyone to cover their face while in her territory. Lady Radia has bad relations with Xix Ryxix, this is even more true with Flails Breaker. However she is possibly on better terms with the Queen of Sorrow and Childless Meg.

Flails Breaker

Has taken the form of giant, partially armoured, Minotaur, with horned skull for a head and eyes of blue flame. He is well-known for his lusty and violent tendencies and follows whatever natural impulses are strongest at the time. Flails lives in a large castle, built on the rocky crag land of a stormy coast. He is a very talented Transmuter and has created a wide variety of magical creatures mostly for himself to fight and/or rape. He does not get on with Lady Radia, but is apparently on ok terms with Zorsus Blacksoul.

Arcus Soulfire

Appears in the form of a huge pillar of fire and smoke. He is consider one of the fairer Wizards but is very intolerant of anything that causes disruption in his territory. His domain is considered on of the safer parts of the Peninsula, home to numerous cities, including the capital Pinnacle, where in he resides.

Soulfire considers Transmutation to be a lesser art, believing Thaumaturgy to be the most powerful form of magic.

The Lord of Marvels

A wise and fair Wizard whose tower is located on the fertile prairie land to the north of the Peninsula. He has the form of a tall humanoid dressed in a red suit jacket, hood and wizards hat. His magic specialization appears to be powers of Foresight.

Childless Meg

Lives in a poisonousness swamp that borders the Sea of Oblivion. She collects live children for unknown purposes and maintains some sort of alliance with Zorsus Blacksoul.

The Queen of Sorrows

Lives in a barren wasteland, towards the south of the Peninsula. She is also allied with Zorsus.

Moriga the Ice Queen

Her tower is located on the coast land of northern most point of the Peninsula. Moriga is neutral and does not interfere with her own lands.

Flare Goldlust

Lives in a mountain fastness near the southern edge of the Peninsula. He is known to be vicious and cruel.

Magical Creatures

Magical creatures are soulless constructs created by the Wizards to serve various purposes. Each species of magical creature was designed by a specific Wizard, each individual monster is also made by the same Wizard. The creatures are bound to the Wizard at “birth”, which designates the Wizard as the creatures master and also creates a link which allows the master to detect if it dies. Magical creatures can also be created unbound. This is usually done if the creating Wizard intends to give or exchange the creature to another Wizard (this is often done as an act of goodwill and is a practical way for the Wizards to diversify their minions ranks). The creatures master can also choose to release a creature from servitude, though this appears to be a rare occurrence. Once bound the creature instinctively follows its masters commands, but still has a limited amount of free will. This basically allows them to do as they will as long as they are still generally carrying out whatever they have been ordered to do. Magical creatures have no souls meaning they are completely emotionless and unable to communicate with mortal species by normal means. If a creature begins to think outside of its masters reasoning or consistently react to situations in an emotional way, it can begin to develop a soul. Wizards, Adepts and other magical creatures are able to “smell” souls. Even if a magical creature gains a soul it likely to be still bound to a Wizard, and unable to act against their masters orders.


Strong and agile, bipeds with curved blades for arms, created by Xix Ryxix. There are 3 subtypes of Snikts. The small and lithe Bitefaces, the slightly bigger and stronger Stabtails, and the as of yet unseen Chophands. All Snikts, have a sharp beak, bladed arms and spiked tail, but there are minor differences between each type. For example as, well as being taller than a Biteface, Stabtails also have a different shaped head and barbs at the tip of their blades. Snikt hides are magically toughed, making them very resilient in combat and when injured they bleed a thick black blood. They are magically sustained, meaning that they never hunger or thirst, but do occasionally require sleep. Snkits are also capable of storing items in their gullet and regurgitating them later, additionally Biteface Snikts have small spikes at the base of their blades allowing them to loosely grasp things.


Created by Radia, Nemeses are flight capable, harpy like creatures with wings, crests and tails of brightly coloured feathers. They have four red eyes and clawed hands and feet.


Dapper, skeletal,spectres created by Zorsus Blacksoul. Gentlemen are mostly made of thaumaturgical energy, making them almost impossibly to injure conventionally.


Stout, blue hued, rock men, possibly created by The Lord of Marvels (unconfirmed)

Rock Goblins

Short, brown skinned creatures with spines on the back of their heads and some sort of bony faceplate. It is unknown which Wizard created them. Although created by a Wizard, the entire species was freed, and the monsters must now hunt in order to sustain themselves.

Battle Beasts

Praying mantis like creatures created by Flails Breaker.

Moaning Ladies

Colourful, furry, humanoid females created by Flails Breaker.

Other Magical Creatures

There are also numerous, possibly unique magical creatures:

Flails Breaker has the created following creatures:

  • A large pink skinned, four eyed, centaur like creature with a lance replacing its right arm. It guards the bridge to Flails' castle.
  • Culvos, a bloated creature with four tentacles and large mouth. It disposes of the remains of any females Breaker has killed in the castle.
  • A large T-Rex esque monster with a thick, grey, carapace. Breaker created it as something to fight with.
  • Sky was also created by Flails Breaker.

Zorsos Blacksoul has a shadowy black figure serving as a doorman


Halflings are horrific abominations created by Golden transmuters. They are made by fusing two different magical creatures and/or mortal species together to create a grotesque hybrid. They are both mute and completely mindless, incapable of doing anything other than obeying the simple instructions of their creators.

Known Halflings combinations are as follows:

  • Ophian/Snikt. A large brown skinned snake with a Snikts beak, tail barb and arm blades.
  • Nemisis/Gour. Similar to a Gour in appearance but has the eyes and wings of a Nemesis.
  • A Blockhead modified to serve as a mobile chair, possibly a Blockhead/Ravian.

Other Appearances


Appearances by the cast Inside the Quest, sorted by the threads they ran concurrent to, between, and after.

Book 1: Spikesby 1, Heartsbane 1, Ria 1
Between Books 1 & 2: Spikesby 2
Between Books 2 & 3: Blacksoul 1, Radia 1, Radia 2, Radia 3, Radia 4, Radia 5, Flails Breaker 1, Flails Breaker 2, Flails Breaker 3, Flails Breaker 4
Book 4: Lord of Marvels 1, Lord of Marvels 2
After Book 4: K'shaara 1, K'shaara 2, K'shaara 3, K'shaara 4, Moriga 1, Blacksoul 2, Blacksoul 3, Sky 1, Sky 2, Blacksoul 4
Intermission 1: Soulfire 1, Soulfire 2, Soulfire 3, Blacksoul 5, Blacksoul 6, Blacksoul 7, Blacksoul 8, ??? 1, ??? 2
Between Books 5 & 6: Queen of Sorrows 1, Last Hraru 1, Spikesby 3, Blacksoul 9
Book 6: Sky 3, Moriga 2, Sky 4, Sky 5, Moriga 3
Epilogue: Spikesby 4, Spikesby 5
Beyond Epilogue: Blacksoul 1



The perspective model used
to draw Spikesby


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