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Artist's Rendition

Driblis is a cutebold from Driblis Quest, and also the author of it. Driblis was an important person on old /meep/, and probably authored over half the threads there. Driblis is also the most important person ever, anywhere.

Took part in MultiQuest.

Driblis also has a user page.

Driblis commonly runs the Radio terribly for hours with few listeners.

He also played a major role in Beardbeard's ascent to godhood in Dwarf Quest.

Now he mostly hangs out in #tgchan and acts like a moron. He also has a growing business of a perverse cam studio featuring cartoon ladies and oddly specific fetishes. Cutebold'n ain't easy.

Also also also Driblis has a drawthread here

Favorite Touhou: Youmu Konpaku

Quests by Driblis

4chan's /tg/: Driblis Quest

TGchan: Solo quests: Escape | Awaken | Glukmil Collabs: MultiQuest