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Rina Quest by Fidchell

Rina, a vixen, wakes up tied up to a tree in the middle of the woods. She frees herself only to find out shortly afterwards that beings of darkness are after her and her best friend, Glade.

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Rina Foxhart

The heroine. Rina is a sensitive, yet very enduring and nimble vixen who enjoys outdoor activities. She is the prime focus following the tragic incident in the forest near Locust Grove in which she may or may not have been the cause of.


Glade Williams

Rina's best friend. Glade is a she-wolf who has only been introduced to constant pain and misery ever since the Locust Grove incident. She is rendered helpless by dark forces and Rina does everything in her power to keep Glade out of harm's way.


Rasha Valdo

Rina's boyfriend. Rasha is a rabbit who likes to keep his coolness in check. He also enjoys collecting insects as a hobby.


Leon Foxhart

Leon is Rina's older brother who left her a while back to go to college. During their reunion, Rina discovers Leon has seemingly fallen under some startlingly bad influences and habits.


Richard Heathrow

A male raccoon that gave Rina and Glade shelter shortly after the incident.


Harry Saunders

A mental patient making a temporary stay at the Bell Shoals Hospital. He seems to have a lot of knowledge about the dark powers that hunt Rina.


Janice Carson

A nurse at the Bell Shoals Hospital who cares for Rina after the incident. She seems to constantly carry a bottle of painkillers wherever she goes.


The Darkness

Can be considered a collective since it refers to itself in a plural form. Not much is known about what exactly the Darkness is, but they carry hostile intent, and for some reason they keep blaming Rina for the incident in the Locust Grove forestlands.


The Moth/Black Cloak

This strange creature has been shown stalking Rina several times. What is it and what is its intentions?


Chapter 1

Rina wakes up hanging upside down. She is tied to a tree branch by a long fabric. Rina has no recollection of the events before this. She looks down to see a person slumped against the tree she is hanging from and calls out to him/her, but he/she does not answer. Rina acquires a backpack hanging from a nearby tree branch and gets a switchblade and a bottle of energy drink. Rina cuts herself loose, but loses her grip on the tree branch and falls to the ground. Her leg collides with sharp protrusions of a stray branch on the ground. Rina spouts vulgarities and acquires a first aid kit nearby the slumped person. She gets a bottle of disinfecting alcohol and gauze, and grabs a flashlight that is nearby her. To her disappointment the items are not enough to provide a good bandage for her gruesome wound. She checks on the slumped person, who is dead. She takes his shirt and uses it as a bandage after removing the branch from her leg. Afterwards, she picks up a survival knife and a GPS/walkie-talkie device. She also keeps the backpack for a larger inventory! She checks the corpse's pockets and finds a strange box which she does not open.

Rina whirls around to find dead bodies littered everywhere, bodies that she somehow didn't see before. A scream sounds from the distance and Rina follows it and a noticeable trail on the ground. Rina finds her friend, Glade, who looks seriously injured. Rina pulls her away from a nearby cliff to safety and discovers her arm is broken. Glade speaks nonsense, saying that voices are speaking to her, telling her that Rina is the cause of the horror. Rina is stumped by this and encounters a shadowy being who looms over Glade. He wields a hatchet and has a horribly disfigured face. Rina interrogates the creature, who reveals Rina is the "shackles" that bind "them" to her "fleshy prison." Not understanding a word of what the thing is talking about, Rina pulls out the box, which the creature seems to recognize, but states she cannot do anything with it. It ends the conversation by beckoning a hurricane. Rina holds on to the ground for dear life, but Glade is dragged over to the cliff. She calls out Rina's name but Rina is too late to save her. Glade plummets off the cliff and the wind stops.

It is evident, however, that she is still alive. Her screams echo throughout the valley below. To Rina's right, she sees police vehicles making their way across a winding road toward the area Rina woke up in. Rina then encounters a spiritual being surrounded by light, who offers Rina their aid. Rina interrogates the spirit and they claim they can suppress the dark forces. Rina accepts the spirit and it merges with her body. Rina goes down the cliff face and follows the trail Glade left behind. She comes up to a winding road and finds a lone cabin to her right, which she goes to. She knocks and a male raccoon answers. He says Glade is resting inside and lets Rina in. As Rina watches over Glade, she informs the raccoon about what happened. He claims he already called 911 and that people are coming to help. He goes to the kitchen to make Rina something to eat and drink, but receives a hatchet to the head. He comes back into the living room transformed into a similar look that the dark being from before had. He has become hostile and attacks Rina, wielding the axe. Rina tackles him and tries to kick away the hatchet, but the raccoon grabs her leg and tosses her into the wall. The spirit awakens within Rina and her vision becomes shrouded in a bright haze. The spirit aids Rina by attacking the raccoon's mind, causing a struggle with the darkness inside him. Rina takes the opportunity to grab the axe and buries it into the back of the raccoon's neck, killing him instantly. The spirit fades away and Rina is left lamenting over her action. She moves Glade to the bedroom and goes to the telephone to call the cops and warn them, but someone is already on the other line. It warns Rina that they cannot be stopped and that she should not underestimate them. It hangs up and Rina discovers the cord is cut. The house is suddenly hit by an earthquake and the hurricane picks up again. Rina dashes over to the bedroom, throwing herself on Glade and shielding her from the debris. Rina blacks out from the pain.

Chapter 2

Rina wakes up with a splitting headache in what appears to be a hospital. She presses a call nurse button with no immediate response. She tries to turn on the TV in the room, but it has no buttons on it, so she searches for a remote. While doing so, she looks out the window to see a perfectly normal town. She decides to leave the room, but when she opens the door, a nurse is on the other side carrying food who was about to come in. The nurse tells her Rina is in the Bell Shoals Hospital in the city of Locust Grove and that Glade is under intensive care. After a few more questions, Rina greedily consumes her meal. After an attempt to converse with the Spirit, Rina leaves the room once more. She finds nothing unusual in the hallway other than a spilled bottle of pills. She explores the three floors below her with glances, but there aren't any people, even at the receptionist's desk. She then notices she has a black protrusion from her neck. Feeling faint, she goes and sits down in the bathroom, where she is choked by a six-armed monstrosity.

She then wakes up in her hospital bed again. The nurse runs in the door and exclaims that she thought she was going crazy. Rina asks the nurse to check her neck, but the nurse finds nothing unusual. The nurse (who informs Rina her name is Janice) explains that she has stopped seeing people in the hospital, just like Rina. After an awkward hug, Rina decides to go explore outside, even though Janice asks her not to leave. After a few steps outside, Rina rushes back to the room out of fear from realization that the Darkness could have attacked her while she was not present. Rina finds Janice immobile. Thankfully, she is alive, but Janice explains that she is tired. The two decide to go to the administrator's office to find out where Glade is being kept. Janice tells Rina that she heard voices that spoke Rina's name with coldness. They go in the hallway together, and find a few people wandering the halls, as if everything suddenly went back to normal. Janice seems to forget that everyone had just disappeared not long ago.

They go to the first floor. Rina is then embraced in the hallway by a man she does not recognize. She does not remember who he is until he speaks his name: Rasha, at which point Rina realizes that Rasha is her boyfriend. After making Rasha put his sunglasses on indoors, she turns around to find Janice gone. Rina asks for directions to the administrator's office but finds out he is at lunch. She also finds out that Glade is being kept on the third floor.

Rina and Rasha ascend to the third floor to find a haggard looking man staring at them. Before he catches up with them, Rina gives a quick explanation of some of the events to Rasha. When the man makes it to Rina, he starts talking to her in an excited manner. Rasha tells him to step off, but Rina asks that he be given a chance to speak. He explains that Rina is a survivor for a reason, and everyone she meets becomes a part of her world. Before he can explain more he is rushed off by a nurse and Rina finds out his name is Harry. They proceed to Glade's room, where Rina has a short vision of Glade's horrifically mangled and slaughtered body. She snaps out of it and checks the room for surprises. Glade then wakes up, and everyone shares explanations. Rina asks Rasha if he has any friends that he can call for backup, but he claims he doesn't have anyone he would want to involve in this sort of thing. Rina then checks Glade's arm, which is bruised, but still functional with an ice pack and rest. Harry comes through the door and shuts it behind him, but is accosted by Rasha. Once again, Rina requests that Harry be given a chance to speak. He gives further explanation on yesterday's events and the box Rina found. Rina checks outside, which is now covered in thick black fog, and a nurse starts banging on the door asking for Harry. Harry freaks out, and suddenly a monstrous creature appears in the room, seemingly affected by the Darkness. Rina asks the Spirit for help, and this time it answers. While the creature is momentarily weakened, Rasha pins it to the ground with a blanket. While it's down, Rina and Glade kick it until Rina applies a sickle to its head and it stops moving. A police officer, a doctor, and Janice arrive. The doctor requests the police officer arrest Harry for murder, but Rina tries to defend him. The police officer recognizes Rina and wishes for her to come with him in order to explain the events at the forest. Everyone then leaves with the police officer. The last thing before the chapter ends is a cryptic moth announcement, the likes of which could also be seen in the first chapter.

Chapter 3

Rina and the gang arrive at the police station. Privately, she speaks with the chief about details concerning the incident back at the forest. She leaves and reunites with Rasha and Glade and notices Glade is acting strange and antisocial, wavering away whenever Rina attempts to start a conversation. Rina goes back into the police station and to the chief, remembering to let him know about Harry's knowledge of the Box and its connection to the Darkness. The chief mentions something about Harry's hometown - a secluded village in the forest. Rina requests she takes a look at the box the police detained. The chief gives her permission but asks she does not take anything. Rina goes to the storage and finds the box. She opens it to find a strange, decorated orb. Upon looking at it, she remembers her time back at the campgrounds at the geocaching trip. She remembers showing off the box to Glade and opening it, but cannot remember what happens afterwards. She also recalls the leader of the geocaching trip - a ram by the name of David Farrow. Rina wonders whether or not she should keep the sphere, and the Light seems to advocate it and suggests she go to the forest and find Mr. Farrow's broken down vehicle to get a clue on where he is located. Rina hesitantly puts the sphere away in a handbag and leaves the police station not before retrieving her backpack. Upon going outside, Rina sees Rasha in a panic and Glade sitting down next to the sidewalk in a fetal position. Rasha exclaims Glade had walked into the road, nearly getting herself killed. Rina embraces Glade in an attempt to comfort her.

They then decide to head over to Rina's place to piece their thoughts together and get a bit of rest. While heading there in Rasha's vehicle, Rina takes a quick nap. She wakes up to find Rasha transformed into a grotesque figure, although this quickly fades. They get out of the vehicle and into the vicinity of the Clarity Oaks condominium, where Rina's apartment is located. While they go to her place, Rina sees a male fox peeking in through her window. It is Leon, her brother who she has not seen in years. He seems somewhat drunken, and Rina is almost offended considering he was never like this before he went to college and left her. They all go up and meet with Leon. Rina questions his vow he made to her to never get involved with alcohol and Leon acts oblivious to this.

Rina brushes it off and they all go inside, Rina forcing Leon to go take a shower. Rasha makes something to eat while Rina uses the second restroom. The three then eat Rasha's meal. Rina notices Leon is taking a while in the shower. Just then, Leon calls out to Rina saying he is finished. Rina gets him some clothes from her wardrobe and finds out that he is smoking. Angrily, Rina kicks him out. She starts to suffer extreme pain inside of her left leg, where she was wounded earlier. She then crawls to the toilet and vomits black liquid. Rasha and Glade come in to see what is up. Rina realizes that she yelled at Leon and regrets it aloud to which Rasha replies that she should not worry so much about it. Rina unveils her wound under the bandage on her left leg and finds out it's covered in a sickening black, bubbly scab.

They decide they need to go to a hospital to get it checked out. Upon leaving the apartment, they encounter another being of Darkness. Rina runs off to the stairwell, thinking the others are behind her. Entering the stairwell, Rina finds another husk possessed by the Darkness, this time a deformed female. Rina jump kicks her and they both fall down the stairs, Rina not suffering any injuries. The husk, however, is knocked out. Rina stabs it in the head and Rasha comes in. He exclaims Glade is missing.

The two go out into the parking lot and find Glade being held by the male husk, a knife at her throat. The female husk is behind him. Leon comes out of nowhere and bashes the female with a bat. While the male husk turns to see what happened, Rina takes the opportunity to call the Light and attack the Darkness, freeing Glade. It is greatly weakened and Leon proceeds to beat it to the ground. Rina thanks him and helps Glade lift herself onto her feet. They all decide to go to the police station to retrieve the orb, as it is evident the world has shifted once again to the alternate reality the Darkness seems to be conjuring. On their way, they encounter a huge tree-like mass in the middle of the forest. A huge black tendril blocks their way. Rasha rears back and discovers there is now one behind them as well. They leave the vehicle and Rasha lights the tendril on fire, causing the mass to seemingly go into a rage. Glade screams that they need to get out of there, and so, they do, escaping powerful gusts of wind that attack Rasha's vehicle as they make their escape. They arrive at the police station to find it has been damaged badly.

They enter the decrepit building to find a police officer, the same one that escorted Harry to the station, badly injured. His firearm is pointed at Rina. Rina tries to tell him she is not one of them and the police officer explains the chief turned on him and shot him. Rasha points a gun at him too and Rina hotly tells them that this Mexican standoff is pointless and gets them nowhere. They listen and lower their firearms. The team go to the storage room to find out the orb is no longer in the handbag. There is also a note written by Harry saying he has the orb and that they need to meet him at the sanitarium with a man named Mr. Farrow. Rina decides to split the group in two to search the building for a first aid kit.

Rina and Glade head over to the left hallway while Rasha and Leon go to the right to the armory. Rina searches the locker room and finds a little box with a wedding ring in it. Glade wonders aloud what Rina is thinking and Rina states she wishes to get married to Rasha one day. Glade reacts horribly to this. Rina notices something is wrong and looks at Glade's direction to find Rasha's corpse against the nearby wall. Glade runs away, saying she did not do anything. Rina runs after her only to be knocked out.

She awakens in a padded room with the floor flooded with blood. Rina is in a patient gown. Rina, believing she is in a dream, pinches herself in an attempt to get out, but fails. She stands into the pool of blood and wades to a mirror. Her reflection speaks to her, trying to discourage her and drive her to suicide, but Rina resists and breaks the glass. She opens the door to her room and her double is on the other side, now speaking to her about Glade and her fragility. Rina ignores everything her double says and then transitions to a very large chamber, the creature she encountered back at the hospital coming out of a large hole on the ceiling. Rina, realizing this is her dream and that she can do what she wants, grabs the monster's face, dissolving it, but injuring herself in the process.

She wakes up at the locker room, Rasha and Leon beside her. Rasha has attained a shotgun and Leon a pistol. Rasha explains that it seems the world has gone back to normal and the police are demonstrating hostility to them and that they are surrounding the building entrance. They all escape through the nearby window and leave Locust Grove in Rasha's vehicle.

Back in Rina's town, they head over to Glade's house to see if she has gone there. While searching the house, Rina heads upstairs and into Glade's bedroom to make a shocking discovery - Glade's walls are covered in photos of good pastimes Rina and Glade shared, and then there are some photos that seem to have been taken of Rina without her knowledge. Rina then acknowledges Glade's love for her, feeling terrible that she never knew all this time, but at the same time feeling violated that Glade would take photos of her in private. Rina finds a book on Glade's bed and a flyer that showcases the geocaching trip Rina had gone to. She decides they need to head over to the community center where it all began. The team reunites and Leon is expressing anger at the entire situation and waving his gun around. Rasha snatches the gun and forces Leon to go back into Rasha's car and sleep. Rina questions Leon when he mentions voices, but Leon has no idea what they are saying. Rina warns Leon and then the trio head off to the community center.

Dusk begins to fall. Rina advises Rasha to stay with her brother and she heads out to the front doors. Every door is locked and Rina finds a note taped to one saying that the center is closed. Rina climbs a tree and leaps onto the roof, finding a box with a beacon device attached to it. She opens it and finds a cellphone. A number is written on the bottom of the box in roman numerals. Rina finds messages on the cellphone from Janice and comes to the conclusion whoever owned it must be close to her. Rina dials the number on the box and Harry answers. Rina questions him about Glade and where he got the phone, Harry responding he never touched Glade and that the phone came from a dead guy in the police station. Afterwards, Rina finds a hatchdoor locked with a rusty padlock. Rina shoots the lock and breaks it successfully.

She climbs down into the building's interior, which is completely dark, and exits the room. She enters a larger chamber and finds Glade's shirt on a chair. She hears voices and goes to where she is hearing them. She opens the door...

Chapter 4

...and find Glade with a male ram. The ram unveils a stone tablet that causes Rina to go into an intense shock. Glade stops him, but it appears that the Light has exited Rina's body. The ram suggests they finish her off but Glade remains persistent to keeping him away. Rina angrily states that the ram attacked a good spirit, and the ram retorts, saying there are no good spirits in this situation. He explains the tablet wards off all types of spirits. Glade pulls Rina outside the room to speak to her in private. Glade reveals she knows that Rina has discovered her photo collection. Rina forgives Glade and they hug. They return to the ram, who Glade calls Mr. Farrow.

Rina explains they must go to the sanitarium to meet Harry. Mr. Farrow is hesitant at first but decides to join in, seemingly strangely curious about Harry and the orb being in his possession. They depart and, during the drive, Rina inspects her leg to find her strange black wound completely gone. Rina notices weird, black leaves falling all around them and she asks for Rasha to stop the car. Just as he does so, one of the trees drops a heavy branch onto the car's engine, obliterating it. The party is forced to walk, and luckily the sanitarium isn't too far now.

Once they reach it, they see a familiar female dog outside of the entrance. The female sees the crew and hurries into the building, shutting the door behind her and locking it. Rina calls Janice on the phone she picked up from Mr. Farrow's building and Janice speaks to her as if Rina was her husband. Janice speaks cryptically, saying she "no longer needs the pills." She hangs up. The party walks around the building to find a basement entrance. Rina, together with Rasha, lift the heavy panel. Rina climbs down the ladder and the panel shuts over her. She continues into the basement and picks up an allen wrench and a mysterious note. She uses the UV flashlight to read the note, which is cryptic and doesn't explain much except that the person who wrote it is suffering from psychosis.

She travels into another room in the basement and takes a small bottle of liquid in exchange for her scalpel. Rina goes back out and uses the allen wrench on a metal box attached to the wall next to another door. She opens the panel and moves a lever, causing the door to open. As she does so, the Moth creature appears behind her, pins her, and shoves her into a strange void. In the void are three doors with pictures of Rasha, Glade, and Leon above each. With each door Rina goes into, she reveals her friends' broken and clandestine states of mind. With their personal troubles revealed, Rina comforts each of them and receives feedback from the Moth creature, who appears to have a misconception on Rina and her actions thus far.

Rina is back in reality, with one of the Darkness looming over her. Rina fends it off and exits the basement, emerging into the first floor of the sanitarium. Rina heads toward a shuffling sound and finds a room, probably reception, with Glade on the other side of a glass panel. Rina goes back and inspects a trail of pills. She goes back to Glade and the wolf is ecstatic, explaining to Rina that her infatuation has disappeared and that she can now approach Rina without feeling sexually stressed. Rina expresses gladness as well and asks if she's seen a Moth creature, to which Glade responds that she hasn't. Rina tries to find a way to open the knob-less door beside her separating Glade. She finds a note left by Harry saying he's in the top floor. Rina heads out and finds the Darkness member in the hallway, shuffling toward her.

She runs away and goes into a room with monitors. She shuts the door behind her and locks it. Rina inspects the monitors to find Janice walking down a hallway. She goes to another channel and sees Harry and Mr. Farrow fighting. Harry defeats Farrow, however, and steals the tablet. Rina exits quickly to try to get to Mr. Farrow before one of the spirits get a hold of him. She hears Farrow over the intercom, telling Rina to get the slab away from Harry. He is then cut off. Rina then gets a phone call from Harry. Harry goes on to explain who Mr. Farrow really is, the nature of Nysindra, and the Black Cloak, who Rina guesses is the creature that confronted her in the basement.

Rina suddenly remembers the chain of events at the geocaching trip and breaks down, thinking she was part of all this, but then comes to the conclusion that she was used and that her ignorance was taken advantage of by Mr. Farrow. Harry's explanations bring up the revelation that Mr. Farrow could have planned the release of the demons all along to take back the priceless orb, not knowing before of its value. Rina moves onward and heads to the administration office. It's a mess. She finds Mr. Farrow's broken glasses and keeps them. Rina heads to the security office next and finds Janice in one of the monitors, sitting against a wall. Rina acquires a key after melting a black goo spread over the keybox. She heads to Block 6, but while doing that, is confronted by Mr. Farrow, who seems to know Rina now has knowledge of the truth about him. Rina keeps her pistol pointed at him and demands answers. When she milks everything she can out of him, Rina lets her anger well up and she fires, killing Farrow with a shot in the head.

Pressing forward, Rina finds the room Janice is in. Rina thinks Janice has OD'd and tries to make her vomit, but Janice resists and tells Rina she hasn't consumed anymore pills. Rina then gives Janice the ring box. The dog responds with speechlessness, shaken up by the object. Janice then reveals a gash on her belly which is still bleeding. Rina assists Janice and they head back to Glade. Janice opens the knob-less door by pressing a button on the side of the desk. Harry suddenly appears outside the room, pointing a pistol. He is frantic, questioning why Rina is siding with Janice. Janice's angry responses to Harry shows the two seem to have a bad history together. Harry orders Rina not to follow him and that he'll stop everything himself. Before he leaves, she shoots Janice, mortally wounding her. Harry escapes.

In her final breaths, Janice calls out to an "Alex." She then passes away, Rina and Glade looking over her sadly.

Chapter 5

Rina is very upset, ignoring Glade's nervous shuffling in the silence. Rasha suddenly bursts in and pulls Rina to privacy. He goes on about how Rina is his crutch and how he cannot live without her. Rina reassures Rasha that she will help him get over his dependency after they finish this. Rasha asks what to do and Rina says they need to find her brother, to which the Moth projects his image through another Moth Announcement.

Rina gets the impression he is outside and the trio head to the front doors. Rasha blows away the lock with his shotgun only to find another thick black mass is webbed over their exit. Rina tries different things to break it away, but fails. Rina ends up using the UV flashlight, which burns through the mass effortlessly. They head outside to find Leon tied up to the wall of the building by more of the black mass. Rina is about to shine the flashlight on it, but she is shot in the arm by the missing police chief, who is now a disgusting, possessed husk. Rina collapses and writhes in pure agony. She commands Rasha to shoot him. He does so, but the buckshot hardly has any effect on the chief. Rina manages to grab the flashlight and shine it on the husk. It blinds it and it takes a step back, covering its face.

Flashlight in hand, Rina gets up and kicks the husk down. She frees Leon of the black mass and Leon immediately rushes in, pinning the husk down and letting down a barrage of punches to its skull. Suddenly a black mist arises from the husk and flies upward. It angles down and into Glade. She is being possessed by the Light. The Light attempts to put Rina at ease, but she is wary. Light offers to heal Rina's gunshot wound and does so. Just as the wound is healed, the Moth creature comes out of nowhere and tackles Glade, pushing her a distance from the group. Rasha exclaims that he has seen the Moth in his recent dream when the party was separated. Rina assures him that the Moth may be a friend.

The Moth tells Rina that it has bestowed its trust unto her and asks if she will do the same, to which Rina responds that she will. The Light is furious and exclaims that She will use Glade as an "ally" instead, to which Rina replies in confusion. The Light offers Rina another chance to let Her into her, but the Moth commands for there to be no negotiations, which Rina agrees with. Angrily, the Light lets out a burst of powerful wind, sending Rina, Rasha, and Leon flying and breaking down a wall behind them. Rina struggles to get up and sees Leon hunched over Rasha, calling out for help. Rina goes over to them to find that Rasha is knocked unconscious and that his ankle is slightly twisted.

Moth lets Rina know that time is a luxury they cannot afford and that they must make haste to catch up to Glade. It hunches over, a gesture that it wishes to offer Rina a ride. Rina complies and sorts her inventory. She asks Leon to take care of Rasha for her. Leon responds negatively to this, worrying about Rina's safety, but Rina tries to comfort him by stating that nothing will stop her from making this right. Leon mans up and looks over Rasha, eventually dragging him into the sanitarium. Rina and the Moth take off.

Rina asks the Moth questions, specifically about the Darkness and their connection with Nysindra, to which the Moth responds that they are separate entities with different goals in mind. The Darkness also appears to have suffered the same sort of amnesia Rina has after the incident and are blinded to the facts, that being they were mere offerings of the ritual. He also states Rina must destroy the Slab to open a way for the Moth to confront Nysindra. They arrive at the village. Rina moves ahead to a church-like building and heads inside after removing a wooden plank that was making the doors immovable. Once Rina enters a black web emanates from behind her. Rina prepares her flashlight but it disappears. She goes through the front doors and notices a male is watching her from a distance behind a small building. Rina pretends she didn't see him and heads back inside. She hides behind one of the pillars in the church and the male canid walks in, pointing his pistol. He ambles forward and inspects a book on the ground. From the book, Glade's locket drops out.

Pointing her pistol at him, Rina emerges from cover and orders him to freeze. The male raises his hands and reveals he is a lone police officer. Rina recognizes him as the same officer from the hospital who took Harry away. They also found him injured inside the police station. He explains to Rina that he had been following them after things got crazy in the town. He came to the sanitarium when he saw the chief and proceeded to chase after him and wound up in the village, where he had to hole up and defend himself. He eventually saw Harry making his way to the church. Rina and the canid, named Miles, decide to team up and investigate the church. Rina heads into a nearby room, acquiring a key and using an old-fashioned projector to reveal a weird symbol. She makes her way out and finds that Miles doesn't look too healthy. He lets her know he hasn't had anything to eat or drink in a while. Rina offers him the energy drink she still has stashed and he swigs the entire thing. Rina heads to the other room and finds a box full of candles and crackers. She also finds a water cooler and drinks from it hungrily. She also eats some crackers. She finds a circular stone tablet with markings on it and takes it. Rina heads back out and inspects the back wall, finding a switch. She presses it and a click sound comes from a short stand nearby Rina. Rina inspects the stand and uses the key on a keyhole on the stand, letting the plaque loose. Rina takes it off and reveals a puzzle involving two more of the circular stone tablets.

Upon solving it, the entire stand comes loose, but is very heavy. Suddenly, the husk of Farrow appears from the church entrance. It pounces at Miles and he tries to push it away. Rina dashes over and slashes at the husk with her switchblade. The husk turns and attacks Rina, swiping its sharp claws at her face and catching her across the muzzle. Miles shoots at the husk, causing it to go into a powerful rage. A whirlwind arises inside the church, sending Rina and Miles flying effortlessly. Once it calms down, the church is starting to collapse. Rina arises and starts to shout at the husk, asking if it knows what its real purpose is and if it knows of Nysindra. The husk replies with a feminine voice, saying that Rina is a part of this and has been absorbing her brothers. Rina explains she was lied to as well by Nysindra and that She was using Rina's body without her knowing that She was absorbing the spirits all along. Rina also unveils that the body the spirit has taken over is the body of the ram responsible for all of this. Rina goes on to explain Farrow's intentions and history.

A female spirit exits from the husk and tells Rina that she knows of Farrow and what he has done even before the ritual took place. She says she listened to Rina because she always seemed like a scared, confused girl who was only trying to sort things out. Rina questions what she needs to stop all of this, and the spirit reveals that she and her brothers have been separate from the cultists and trying to stay away from their practices in offering to their god, which she says could be the demoness Rina speaks of. The spirit also explains about Black Cloak, or the Moth, and that he is a wanderer of the earth who is assigned to ward off and suppress evil spirits and demons. She says that Black Cloak was their own god in a way and that they themselves created the Slab after extensive research. That's when the cultists became too powerful and assertive. The spirit does not go on from there.

Suddenly the Moth breaks in and pins the spirit down. Rina tries to stop the Moth, but the spirit shouts for Rina to go. Rina goes to help Miles push the stand away and a hole is revealed. They both jump down and into a staircase while the church breaks down over them. They descend quickly and come to a corridor. At the end of it is Glade, who is on the ground in a heap. Rina goes over to Glade but a gas knocks her out. What is revealed next is Harry speaking to Rina while they are both in a suggestive position. Harry mentions that he will be dying soon, and that he cannot just throw away Rina's body in his final moments.


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The Darkness is pleased
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Friends don't leave friends behind
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That Moth is a perv
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