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Spooky Date Quest by Smik
  1. Spooky Date Quest
  2. Nem's Promise - Spooky Date Quest Extra

Nem calls Barry in the middle of the night to inform him she's discovered he has seven days to live due to a sexual encounter with one of four supernatural spooky but sexy ladies he's slept with recently. He tells Nem about his encounters to see if she might have any leads, which allows the players to provide background and shape his character before the quest proper begins.

Part of the Crossover Nem Series. Was supposed to be a Halloween one-shot. Ran into April of the next year instead. Let this be a lesson to seasonal quest writers.

Spoiler.gif This article contains spoilers! You were warned.

The initial girls are:

  • Lillian Marcelino Galilei Lilith -- AKA "Lilly" -- a former demon, mad scientist, cam whore and inventor of the chaos sink which allows for Internet in areas that don't obey the laws of physics. Has a fondness for rambling, unnecessary surgery, scalpels bondage and various kinds of anime and video games.
  • Basement Girl "Nikki" -- an extremely introverted grue who lives in a seemingly abandoned house in the middle of nowhere. She provides technical services for spooky society and has a fondness for Coxwette derived pornography.
  • Margaretha Mabwe -- AKA "M" -- a licensed succubus brothel owner and huge nerd. Has a monstrous true form of four-breasted, two-tailed, cat-beast with a humanoid face where her vagina should be. Has a humanity fetish and wishes she could be more human.
  • Red, a Deep One and Lulu Agent. Deep Ones are basically mermaids, and Cthulhu is actually an entity who spends most of its time watching humanity like it was a soap opera. Lulu agents help manage humanity-to-spooky encounters, protecting the general spooky public from the horrors of human influence. Red is impressed by Barry's moxie in asking her for a date during her investigation of him and agrees. She tastes good with wasabi and soy sauce, and has a weapon that makes people's brains pop and occasionally causes them to detonate messily.

He also meets another spooky girl named Clay, a flesh golem who could help find a cure for him and who has a low opinion of humanity in general but does acknowledge that some people are genuinely good. He does what is effectively a web cam with Amunet, a mummy who might be able to cure him as well.

Nem promises Barry a date if he survives as well as giving Lilly a pair of her panties for scientific research. Can Barry find a cure for his curse before his own eyeballs eat his brain?

Spoiler: There's a follow-up quest called "Nem's Promise" and Barry is the protagonist again.

Nem's Promise

"Nem's Promise" has Barry and Nem on a date After Lilly gives him a clean bill of health, she helps him prepare for his first serious date with Nem by asking him a series of questions which further defines his character as well as his compatibility with Nem.

The date uses a similar mechanic of the hearts from TGChan's Blind Date Quest, but this time the date happens in a number of stages. The goal of each stage is to ensure that both Barry AND Nem have acquired a certain number of hearts so it can continue. The purpose of the hearts isn't explicitly spelled out within the quest so we'll see who does their homework by looking in the wiki.

If Nem demonstrates she meets certain compatibility requirements defined earlier in the quest, she will automatically earn hearts rather than requiring Quest to actually work together and hit the minimum 3 votes required to award a heart. This is important because if Nem can't meet Barry's heart requirement he will end up rejecting her even if Quest is still interested, although they will still remain friends.


Spoilerth tiny.png This quest has (fan) artwork that is not safe for work. See the NSFW gallery.

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