Tgchan's Blind Date Quest

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Tgchan's Blind Date Quest by Smik

What all began with a fake romance holiday has now evolved into a dating game show sim in which the potential dates could be anything from a porn trope to a murderous assassin.

Starring Nem and RNG versions of Johnny Bravo.

Part of the Crossover Nem Series.

Spoilerth tiny.png This quest contains material that is not safe for work. You were warned.


For Thread 3 and Onwards

Originally the main contestant, Nem has been promoted to hostess of the Blind Date game show where she introduces and occasionally helps Johnny on his dates.

are randomly rolled with three main attributes and one special talent. A Johnny's style is randomly decided using an artist style ripoff meme sheet, and his three main attributes are SKILL, STAMINA and LUCK. Tests are typically done against 2D6, with Vs. tests adding 2D6+relevant attribute.
A catch-all attribute for physical feats which primarily handles combat.
A combination life force/energy attribute which is used up when Johnny exerts himself or takes damage, and is recovered by things like rest & food. Stamina does not protect Johnny from fatal attacks or special effects like poison. Johnny starts with 12 + 2D6 Stamina.
A catch-all for anything beyond Johnny's control. It is used to save against misfortune or against bad rolls. Every time Luck is used, it loses a point. Johnny starts with 1D6+6 Luck.
How well Johnny handles in social situations, including the ability to read people, deception and detecting deception, sweet talking and overall smooootheness. Can be boosted by certain traits, the starting value varies based on Johnny type.
How well Johnny performs in bed. Most Johnnys start with 6+1D6 -- some types of Johnnys have a bonus, and certain traits boost this.
Every Johnny has a special ability. Discovered abilities thusfar are:
Ability Description Unlocked
Strength Double damage, feats of strength. -
Lover Temporarily incapacitates his lover with a successful sexual skill roll. -
Poison Immune Exactly what it says. After Date 2
Lady Luck Gain a 1-UP for having sex with a date, +2 Max Luck After Date 3

After Date 3, Johnny also has 5 re-rolls; this allows him to re-roll his starting abilities, a date, or can be saved for the date to re-roll skill tests or take back actions. Johnny also has access to a magic item he may now begin dates with, in the form of a pill or condom:

  • SKILL: Replenishes Skill to full and grants +1 skill for the next 15 minutes. Condoms award a +2 skill for the next lay applied to your favour and increases climax intensity.
  • STAMINA: Replenishes Stamina to full. Condoms will allow you to last longer than your partner automatically.
  • LUCK: Increases maximum luck by 1, replenishes luck to full. Condoms allow you to test your luck and if successful grants you the LOVER ability, no penalty on failure.

Results So Far

PANKANK pulled Zome's date with Nem out of the fire at the last moment, averting complete failure.

Johnny has died in Date 2 and been successful in Date 3.


Blind Date Quest has featured characters from (or expies based off of) existing quests, including:

Johnnys have been featured in the styles of:


Spoilerth tiny.png This quest has (fan) artwork that is not safe for work. See the NSFW gallery.



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