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Probably the oldest fossil on TGChan. So-old, just so-so old. When Smik was born Windows were things you looked through and they didn't suck nearly as often. Author of the completed Nem's Quest, the abandoned Pan's Quest and the completed Sami's Quest.

An angry little widower who is older and wiser than you kids.

Likes to edit Anon44's wiki page but is not at all a huge wiener and you should totally listen to everything he says.

Likes butts.

2pac is alive and lives in Toronto. Smik is old, and that is his motto. My name is NotDog. When I rap I go whole hog. Smik is old, he pours potion on a Kobold.

Will edit your Wiki page when you least expect it, if he likes you.

Misses his late wife Max every day.

Do you want to borrow the mechanics of Nem's Quest or Sami's Quest? You may:

Currently moderating a TGCHan Doodle or Die room. You can find it HERE: but you will need a DoD account and request to join the room. DoD plays well with Chrome again.


Quests by Smik

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