Metal Glen : The Flock Who Could Not Work Together

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Metal Glen
Metalglen dev.png
Screenshot of an extremely early alpha version of Metal Glen

Platform: BYOND
Genre: Suspense/Simulation


Metal Glen is a proposed BYOND game based loosely on the setting of Weaver's Ruby Quest and gameplay mechanics of Space Station 13. Players will take the role of various inhabitants within the Metal Glen, many of which have fallen prey to the rampant infectious corruption plaguing the facility. Each player will be given a set of generated goals to achieve in order to "win the round". These objectives may include slaying or saving fellow players, retrieving specific items, or simply escaping the facility alive.

The system is being programmed by The Littlest Emo. Sprite art is being done by Weaver and Captain Slowpoke. A variety of people are helping with the concept designs. If you would like to add your voice to the discussion, hop in on #metalglen on

When available, testing can be done here:


  • Randomly generated Glen map every round
  • Randomly generated characters and history every round
  • Limb system that links actions to functioning bodyparts and allows for dismemberment
  • Random objectives assigned to characters, providing unique and varied player motivations per round
  • Mutation/Corruption system linked to player objectives and character abilities/stats
  • "Paper doll" system that visually reflects characters' appearance and equipment


A list of proposed objectives for individual players. These are divided into "Main Objectives," which you get on start, and "Conditional objectives," which give you extra 'points' for completing. In addition, there are also "Corruption Objectives," which override your basic objectives if you become too monstrous.

There is a chance that, in a game with more than 6 players, one of the players will start as a Corrupted, with appropriate Corruption Objectives. There is also a chance that, in a game with more than 6 players, one of the players will be the AI, similar to the role in SS13 but with much less power.

Main Objectives

  • Flee - Escape from the Facility!
  • Prison Keeper - Don't let anyone escape from the Facility!
  • Vengeance - Destroy the Facility!
  • For The Greater Good - Don't let any infected individuals (over 50% Corruption) leave the Facility!
  • Hunter - Destroy all infected individuals!

Conditional objectives

  • Bodyguard - Protect [randomplayer]!
  • Collector - Acquire 3 [randomitem]s! Ex: Scissors, Cane, Eyepatch, Glasses, Rump Roast magazine, Note.
  • Cultist - Become an Abomination!
  • Don't Stop Me Now - Destroy all [randomobject]! Ex: Wooden doors, cabinets, tables, chairs.
  • Experiment - Submit yourself to corruption willingly, be it injecting the serum or drinking Abomination blood!
  • Greedy - Collect all 5 pieces of the Royal Diadem!
  • Grudge - Kill [randomplayer]!
  • Humanity - Don't become an Abomination!
  • Martyr - Succeed in your Main Objective, but don't survive the round!
  • Paranoid - Destroy all cameras!
  • Scientist - Retrieve a sample of the mutation!
  • Security - Prevent as many people as possible from dying! [Over 1/2 of the players see the end of the round]
  • Shy - Never take off your clothes!
  • Stop Messing With Me - Destroy the AI!
  • Survivor - No matter what happens, make sure you live to see the end of the round!

Corruption Main objectives

  • Contagion - Let an infected individual (over 50% Corruption) leave the Facility!
  • Flee - Escape from the Facility!
  • Hero - Destroy all other infected!
  • Psychopath - Kill everyone else in the Facility!
  • Tribute - Bring [randomplayer]'s head to the Mouth of Madness!
  • Yandere - Kill everyone else EXCEPT [randomplayer]!

Corruption Conditional Objectives

  • Cannibal - Consume at least [1d3+1] limbs!
  • Cling To Humanity - Lose your Abomination status!
  • Doppelganger - Replace all of your limbs with the limbs of [randomplayer]!
  • Embrace Madness - Become 100% Corrupted!
  • Grafter - Replace at least 3 of your own limbs with the limbs of other players!
  • Vampire - Drink at least [1d4] liters of blood!



A list of proposed mutation ideas.

Generic mutation Visual effects

Generic mutations have no preset visual accompaniment, and get one of the following effects:

  • Extra eye
  • Extra foot
  • Extra mouth
  • Extra tentacle
  • Glowing red eyes
  • Glowing yellow eye
  • Bony shoulder protrusions

Arm mutations

  • Short arm [-1 reach] [Specific]
  • Tentacle arm [+1 reach] [Specific]
  • Long arm [+1 reach] [Specific]
  • Extra joint [+1 reach] [Specific-can be same sprite as Long Arm]
  • Extra hand [Specific]

Strength altering mutations apply to both arms:

  • Shriveled arm [reduced strength] [Specific]
  • Buffed arm [increased strength] [Specific]
  • Super buffed arm [super strength] [Specific]

Hand mutations

  • Hidden Claw [no change in hand sprite/Examine] [Generic]
  • Talon [small claw] [Specific]
  • Massive Claw [can tear down metal doors; tears through obstacles very quickly] [Specific]
  • Poisonous Stinger [injects a random type of poison] [Specific - Talon sprite]
  • Tentacle Fingers [Specific - Talon sprite]
  • Spear Fingers [Attack at +1 reach] [Specific - Talon sprite]
  • Fused fingers [hands like an oven mitt; can't use precise tools. Might make "Precise" a tag; for things like scissors or key cards]
  • Massive hand [can carry more weight] [Specific]
  • Mouth Hand [gain bite attack with empty hand] [Generic?]

Torso mutations

  • Worm body [immune to piercing damage, and criticals if they exist] [Generic]
  • Mushy internals [slowly take damage at all times due to fucked up vitals] [Generic]
  • Toughened hide [heavily reduced bludgeoning damage; slight overall damage reduction] [Generic]
  • Chitinous Carapace [heavily reduced slashing and piercing damage; slight overall damage reduction] [Generic]
  • Acid Blood [your blood deals acid damage. Damages attacker when you are bit. You become immune to acid.] [Generic]
  • Burning blood [your blood catches fire shortly after leaving your body. Damages attacker when you are bit. You become immune to fire.] [Generic]
  • Poisonous [your flesh/blood is poisonous to those who eat/bite/drink it] [Generic]
  • Spikeskin [damages others when you grab them/they grab you; may be poisoned] [Specific]
  • _____ Immunity [grants immunity to one of: Poison, Fire, Electricity, Acid] [Generic]
  • Bulky [grows larger; general toughness and strength increase] [Specific]
  • Adrenaline pumped [faster speed, ignores speed penalties from pain/damage] [Generic]
  • Regeneration [doubles healing provided by Cure; gives slight healing even without cure. Increases appetite.] [Generic]
  • Chameleon [invisible when not moving. Takes a second to start]. [Generic]
  • Doppelganger [When gained, your sprite becomes an exact duplicate of random other player. Can be turned on/off - turns off when you die] [Generic]
  • Ravenous Appetite [Needs to eat a lot more] [Generic]
  • Mimic [Change self to look like adjacent object] [Generic]
  • Bleeds continuously [very slowly damages you] [Specific]
  • Extra hand [on stomach] [Specific]
  • Extra arm+hand [on shoulder] [Specific]
  • Cold-Blooded [Immune to Infravision] [Generic]

Eye mutations

Unlike other mutations, applies to all of your eyes.

  • Nightvision [see farther in the dark] [Generic]
  • Infrared [creatures on screen glow red, regardless of line of sight] [Generic]
  • Abomination vision [Over 50% corrupted within line of sight glow red] [Generic]
  • Don't Need Eyes To See [eye is replaced by bleeding hole; does not affect vision] [Generic]
  • Hallucinations [if possible. Might be harder to code than is worth] [Generic]
  • X-Ray Vision [see through walls] [Generic]
  • Blurred vision [Generic]

Head mutations

  • Teleport [activation required; to clicked square. Teleportation is dangerous; often causes massive pain/mutation on the other end] [Generic]
  • Telekinesis [gives extra hand with reach5 and super strength] [Generic]
  • Corrupting Aura [Those within 3 squares of you slowly gain corruption] [Generic]
  • Toxic Aura [those within 1 square of you are poisoned until they aren't within 1 square of you] [Generic]
  • Darkness [All squares within 5 tiles become pitch black] [Generic]
  • Light [you glow 1-5 squares] [Generic]
  • Jaws [gain bite attack. Gain Growling speech.] [Specific]
  • Mandibles [bite attack + extra hand slot. Gain Straining voice.] [Specific]
  • Acid spit [activated attack; range 5. Adds Acid damage to bite attack, if you have one. Gain Lisp.] [Generic]
  • Ink Spit [activated attack; range 5. Very temporary blindness, then blurred vision for a long time. Gain Lisp.] [Generic]
  • Web Spit [Can leave Web Trap in adjacent square. Anyone who runs into it can't move until they break free. Makes a lot of noise to break out.] [Generic]
  • Resin Spit [Can coat adjacent objects in Resin, disabling Get/Use/Open commands for that object until the resin is gone.] [Generic]
  • Egg Spit [Can put egg into unconscious person. If you die, they explode into gore and you are reborn] [Generic]
  • Hallucinations [Generic]
  • Eyestalks [Can plant eyestalks into squares. Can switch vision between self and eyestalks. Takes about a minute to 'recharge' after planting one.] [Generic]
  • Noisespawn [Can plant a growth that makes noise occasionally] [Generic]
  • Ventriloquism [Can speak from any square on screen] [Generic]
  • Astral Projection [Can send out a 'ghost' that can speak, but not use/get/interact. If attacked, vanishes.] [Generic]
  • Dim Lights [Lights within 10 squares of you are half as bright; within 3 squares of you they only light up 1 square.] [Generic]
  • Veil Mutation [Hide mutations for short time, or until you take a hostile action] [Generic]

Leg mutations

Unlike other mutations, applies to both of your legs.

  • Longer legs [increased speed] [Specific]
  • Shorter legs [decreased speed] [Specific]
  • Extra joint [increased speed] [Specific]
  • Shriveled legs [decreased speed] [Specific]
  • Buffed legs [increased speed] [Specific]
  • Super buffed legs [super speed; regular SS13 style] [Specific - buffed legs sprite]

Foot mutations

  • Sword Foot [can attack; can't wear boots] [Specific]
  • Iron Foot [crush obstacles; extra damage from electrified floor] [Specific]
  • Hardened Foot [can walk over fire or other painful squares] [Generic]
  • Club foot [decreased speed; can't wear boots] [Specific]
  • Monkey Foot [can carry stuff or grab people; can't wear boots] [Specific]
  • Talons [can attack; can't wear boots] [Specific]
  • Mole Claws [allow burrowing; can't wear boots] [Specific]

Poison types

The type of poison a mutation uses is set when the mutation is gained. All poisons are temporary.

  • Obscured vision
  • Continual damage to poisoned area
  • Slowed
  • Gradual corruption increase for a short time period
  • Hallucinations
  • Mute
  • Temporary unconsciousness

Audio Mutation

Mutants get one of these automatically at 50% Corruption. They gain some ability they can use with the Scream command, which makes a noise that covers a massive area [20 tiles?]. In addition, they gain a speech impediment.

  • You hear a loud, guttural roar; Growl impediment.
  • A bestial roar echoes through the corridors; Growl impediment.
  • A chilling howl can be heard; Growl impediment. ["Hello, I'm Daisy!" becomes "Grrrrragh! Braaaagh!"]
  • A dying wail gurgles through the facility; Gibbering impediment.
  • A maniacal laughter echoes wildly; Gibbering impediment.
  • A gibbering laugh titters wildly; Gibbering impediment. ["Hello, I'm Daisy!" becomes "HjeLLko,E I'Wem DAHjizSyt!"]
  • A VOICE LAUGHS FOR HELP!; Madness impediment.
  • A maddening cackle rings in your ears; Madness impediment.
  • A horrendous, mechanical laughter can be heard; Madness voice impediment. ["Hello, I'm Daisy!" becomes "Fish, Nugget Trains!"]
  • You hear the sound of a thousand weak voices, struggling to be heard; Strained voice impediment.
  • A rattling cough winds through the corridors; Strained impediment. ["Hello, I'm Daisy!" becomes "Hel-kfffffffk-lo, -hhhhhhha- I'm Da-kffffffffffk-sy! -haaaaaaaa-"]
  • A VOICE SCREAMS FOR HELP!; Echoing voice impediment.
  • A death wail echoes through the facility; Echoing voice impediment.
  • A haunting song echoes through the facility; Echoing voice impediment. ["Hello, I'm Daisy!" becomes "Hhhheeeeeellllllllloooo, Iiiiii'mmmmmm Daaaaaaaaissssssssyyyyyyyyyy"]
  • You break out into a cold sweat; Mute voice impediment.
  • A chill runs down your spine; Mute voice impediment.
  • You suddenly shiver, covered with goosebumps; Mute voice impediment.
  • A terrible presence chills your bones; Mute voice impediment. ["Hello, I'm Daisy!" becomes "..."]

Visual Mutation

Mutants get one of these automatically at 75% mutation. They gain some ability they can use with the Horrorshow command, which causes something weird/terrible to happen within a few squares of them.

  • You flail wildly, spreading blood across the room.
  • You crack the adjacent wall and floor tiles.
  • You cut off a few spare fingers and leave them on the ground [Can be done once per hand you have].
  • A few spare teeth drop from your mouths, bloodying the floor.
  • CJOPAZE CALLS! You leave the symbol of the Barbed Wheel on the ground, and blood everywhere adjacent.
  • You vomit a random fluid all over your tile.
  • You grow wildly, covering everywhere within 5 squares in random growths.
  • You leave a growth on the ground with a pair of glowing red eyes.
  • You leave a growth on the ground with a single large glowing yellow eye.

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