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This template inlines posts from fanart threads nicely with links to the post (click the LinkToBoard.gif icon).

A post ID number is the only required input.

Optional Parameters

Specify the board on which to find the post, e.g. |board=quest. The default is questdis.
Put a caption below the image. Captions can contain limited markup, but shouldn't be too long.
Attribute the image's artist. Will be linked automatically.
Specifies mouseover text for the thumbnail.


Description Code Output
Short and simple.
Just the provide the post ID number.
Credit the artist, if you know who they are.
It's okay to leave it blank if you don't know and the artist didn't leave their name.
By LimeBreakerLinkToBoard.gif
Captions can be informative or silly.
You can put links inside of captions.
{{fanart|120758|caption=[[Polo Quest|Polo]] in a pile}}
Polo in a pileLinkToBoard.gif
Long captions may extend past the edge of the thumbnail, which doesn't look great.
{{fanart|122701|caption=Here's some Moon Elf from Audit}}
Here's some Moon Elf from AuditLinkToBoard.gif
You can make long captions look better by using <br> to manually break up lines. The show preview button helps a lot with this.
{{fanart|122701|caption=Here's some<br>Moon Elf<br>from Audit}}
Here's some
Moon Elf
from Audit
You can also hide text that will appear when people move their cursor over the thumbnail. (May not work in all browsers, or on mobile).
If you want to link an image that's not on the /questdis/ board, you need to specify the board name.

Creating a Gallery

The fanart template's most common use is creating galleries in quest articles.

  • The gallery will usually be the last heading in a quest article, above the authorbox (if any) and category tags.
    • Authorboxes are optional- they aren't generally created until a quest author has at least 2 or 3 quests.
  • Divide the gallery between official art, drawn by the quest author, and fanart, drawn by others.
    • If a quest has no official art or no fanart, you can omit that heading.
    • If a quest has no official art and no fanart, you can omit the gallery all together!
  • Try to avoid including official art from the quest threads in the gallery. The gallery is meant to collect art from other locations a reader might miss. Draw threads, Fanart Threads, Holiday threads, etc.
  • Use by to credit fanart creators whenever possible.
  • It's not necessary to use by for official art unless the quest has more than one author. The quest author is already credited in the infobox.
  • Art in galleries is usually arranged chronologically.
  • If an image contains characters from multiple quests, use a caption to link the other quest articles.
    • Or if characters are dressed up as each other, etc.
  • If a quest has art that is not safe for work, use Template:NSFWsubpage to create a separate nsfw gallery.
    • If all the art is safe for work, you can omit this template.
  • A NSFW Gallery should use Template:NSFWreturn to link back to the quest page and include Category:NSFW Galleries.

Quest Article Gallery



 {{Quest author's name}}


NSFW Gallery




 {{Quest author's name}}

 [[Category:NSFW Galleries]]

See also

  • Template:questart A renamed version of the fanart template. Maybe someone once intended to differentiate these templates, but currently using one or the other is just a formatting convention.
  • Template:Flash The fanart template, but for flash.
  • Template:Fanfile The fanart template, but for mp4s.
  • Template:Fanaudio The fanart template, but for audio files.
  • Template:Fakeart The fanart template, but it lets you pick a different thumbnail for fakeouts.
  • Template:Comic Provides a text link to an image posted on the board, instead of providing a thumbnail.

Maintenance notes

  • It depends on the set of redirects that let you look up kusaba resources by post number:
    • …kusaba/thumb-for/board/post…kusaba/board/thumb/thumbnail-filename
    • …kusaba/image-for/board/post…kusaba/board/src/fullsize-image-filename
    • …kusaba/thread-for/board/post…kusaba/board/res/thread.html#post
    • And because MediaWiki is kind of dumb, a hack that lets it ignore a .png extension on these and let the browser sort out the details with Content-Type.
  • It makes assumptions about the maximum size of thumbnail images, namely that they'll never exceed 250px width.
  • It doesn't play nice with gallery tags (<gallery></gallery>) because Mediawiki syntax doesn't allow for external images in them.