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This template is basically a duplicate of the fanart template but with minor chances so it uses the generic thumbnail instead of the thumb-for link, this is because some non-image posts such as mp4s use that. I've done it this way because I am lazy and don't want to risk breaking everything by editing template:fanart to have a if else statement in there. The documentation has also been shamelessly copied and edited.

This template inlines posts from fanart threads nicely with links to the post. (If you want to inline some other art from the board, use questart, which is otherwise exactly the same.) In short, just pass the post number:


Which gives:


In practice you probably want to put a whole bunch of these under a = Fanart = heading toward the bottom of the quest's page.

Advanced usage

Specify the board on which to find the post, e.g. |board=quest. The default is questdis.
Put a caption below the image. Captions can contain limited markup, but shouldn't be too long.
Attribute the image's artist. Will be linked automatically.


= Fanart =
{{fanfile|857|caption=Why [[Lohrke]]s are known for their hips.|by=Lucid}}
{{fanfile|515|caption=Deme encounters [[Deep|Ven]]}}


Why Lohrkes are known for their hips.
By Lucid
Deme encounters VenLinkToBoard.gif

Maintenance notes

  • It depends on the set of redirects that let you look up kusaba resources by post number:
    • …kusaba/thumb-for/board/post…kusaba/board/thumb/thumbnail-filename
    • …kusaba/image-for/board/post…kusaba/board/src/fullsize-image-filename
    • …kusaba/thread-for/board/post…kusaba/board/res/thread.html#post
    • And because MediaWiki is kind of dumb, a hack that lets it ignore a .png extension on these and let the browser sort out the details with Content-Type.
  • It makes assumptions about the maximum size of thumbnail images, namely that they'll never exceed 250px width.
  • It doesn't play nice with galleries because Mediawiki syntax doesn't allow for external images in them.