Pony Adventures

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Pony Adventures
by Various Authors
  1. Star Glitter
  2. Strawberry Fluff
  3. Cloud Dancer
  4. Heart Fixer

Adventures of a bunch of different ponies by various authors that all ran on the same day.

Kind of like Goblin Choking Day or Pokeday, except with ponies (and without chocking).

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By BeakieLinkToBoard.gif

Star Glitter

Something something pony wants to go to the mooooon.

Quests by Beakie

TGchan: HatchQuest | Silvermoon Clan Inheritence Wars Chronicles: My Brother I Will Defeat You

One-Shots: Frisbee Quest | Progenitor

Collaborations: Humble Quest

Strawberry Fluff


Quests by ClockworkSeal

TGchan: Deep | Chasing Stars | Plessy Quest | Silhouette | Boon | Pokémon Quest Gaiden | Pony Adventures: Strawberry Fluff | IN WHICH A CHARACTER IS UNEXPECTEDLY THRUST INTO A FANTASTICAL ADVENTURE | Giggi Quest | Moon | Huckebein | Into the Depths | God Bless The Ring | A Rainbow in the Dark | Unraveled | Whisper's Ascent | The Lost Way | Blue | Last Call | Hic Svnt Leones

Collaborations: Porn Quest

By GnollLinkToBoard.gif

Cloud Dancer

Likes flying.

Quests by Gnoll

TGchan: Moonleaf Quest | Gobbo Quest (2(.5)) | Slime Quest | Fortune's Call | You are in a Cave | Descent | Pony Adventures: Cloud Dancer | It happens... | Chosen of the Creator | Synapse | Crawling in the Darkness | Rusted Sky | Incident Report | Gobbo Quest: Prison Break Bonanza | Labyrinth Wanderer | Yrr'a's Everyday Life | Sportsball Fight | Goblin Thing | Saiyans: Time Paradox Waiting to Happen Gaiden | Urban Expiration | Eyona War Chronicles (Reboot) | Twilight Star Saga | Inhabiting Malevolence | Prisoner of Fate

Collaborations: NORTHERN SERGAL! | Porn Quest

By LucidLinkToBoard.gif

Heart Fixer

Solves Pony Problems.

Quests by Lucid

Series: Journey Quest | Riarda Legends | The Island of Onigashima

One-shots: Shed a Tear | Pony Adventures: Heart Fixer | Ship Wrecked | Southlander | Pilot Episode | Here There Be Dragons


Appearances by the ponies Inside the Quest.

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By Test PatternLinkToBoard.gif
Heart Fixer and BanglesLinkToBoard.gif