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Questden is not safe for work

Self explanatory. Neither the main site nor the wiki currently strive to be SFW. While most NSFW pages will have a warning at the top of the page, we can't promise all pages are marked and you may be exposed to potentially objectionable material.
Browse at your own risk!

The spoiler thumbnail that appears on the board.

When possible, nsfw material will be moved one click away from quest articles, usually accessible by a banner like the one below:

Spoilerth tiny.png This quest has (fan) artwork that is not safe for work. See the NSFW gallery.

This gives readers a choice or warning before viewing content they may find objectionable.

It's not always possible to separate things out, particularly in certain cases where the quest itself is nsfw.

Author Exceptions

Certain quest authors have requested that adult (fan)art of their quest(s) not be documented on their quest('s/s') wiki page(s). These requests are honored.

The following Quest Authors have asked for their quest pages not to include nsfw galleries:

If you would like your name added or removed from this list, please edit this page, or contact a member of the wiki staff.

See also

If you're interested in avoiding (or seeking out) NSFW content, the following are the categories you should avoid (or peruse).