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[26-08 02:07:19] <BUTTZ> "Amen, how much does their rough housing cost to repair?"
[26-08 02:08:06] <ABeardedBob> [Amen]"One point per day."
[26-08 02:14:36] <BUTTZ> "A point of what, Amen?"
[26-08 02:14:54] <Grail> Point, I'm getting temporally confused again
[26-08 02:15:28] <BUTTZ> Magic, I assume, given that we use the point system for tracking our own magic expenditures
[26-08 02:22:50] <ABeardedBob> Hadn't Armas asked Amen to do a point system? Or is this RPing Lyubov not knowing that system is in place?
[26-08 02:23:22] <Ironybot> Armas did ask Amen to do a point system, but it was based on the strength of new bindings Armas applied to him.
[26-08 02:23:33] <Ironybot> And Amen subsequently ignored it, basically.
[26-08 02:26:32] <ABeardedBob> [Amen]"One would reference a point as a quarter of a barrel of blood, this one supposes."
[26-08 02:29:08] <BUTTZ> "Are you spending blood or something else to power that?"
[26-08 02:29:48] <ABeardedBob> [Amen]"This one is not certain it understands the Witch Saint: What else could be used to power it but blood?"
[26-08 02:30:31] <BUTTZ> "I don't know what sort of power sources you have access to, which is why I am asking if it is blood or something else."
[26-08 02:31:12] <ABeardedBob> [Amen]"Blood is the only thing this one is still allowed."
[26-08 02:32:51] <BUTTZ> "Can you estimate how much reinforcing the most used avenues that Sake and Ohotnik rough house in to a degree where they could stand up to their play with only touch-up repair work would cost?"
[26-08 02:39:24] <ABeardedBob> [Amen]"This one is fairly certain it follows such an approach as-is: The two are quite capable of destruction, even with environmental hardening."
[26-08 02:39:42] <ABeardedBob> Watching Ohotnik slam into a wall like an artillery shell,... Lyubov can believe that.
[26-08 02:40:05] <ABeardedBob> The dog bounces off and PUPPY POWER's it's way into a charge at the bristling weasel
[26-08 02:40:41] <BUTTZ> "What sort of blood do you use?"
[26-08 02:41:24] <ABeardedBob> [Amen]"Per the master's orders, I use the weakest, least valued blood over a year in age within the mansion's possession for any given task."
[26-08 02:42:47] <BUTTZ> "So, animal blood or what?"
[26-08 02:44:13] <ABeardedBob> [Amen]"Animal blood is a common ingredient, yes."
[26-08 02:44:55] <BUTTZ> "Do you care about the fibrin content of the blood?"
[26-08 02:46:21] <ABeardedBob> [Amen]"This one's concern is the magical content, not the physical properties."
[26-08 02:47:30] <BUTTZ> "...So, using the numbers I got for Bagga's problem, each day those two rough-house costs a couple of grand."
[26-08 02:48:55] <BUTTZ> "Oh well. Sake and Matvey can split the costs I guess."
[26-08 02:49:49] <BUTTZ> "Amen, have you known other witch saints?"
[26-08 02:53:30] <ABeardedBob> Amen... smiles at you
[26-08 02:53:34] <ABeardedBob> [Amen]"They are delicious."
[26-08 02:55:05] <BUTTZ> Lyubov grits her teeth, and finally says, "Answer the question properly."
[26-08 02:56:31] <ABeardedBob> [Amen]"This one has met three, two Wizards, one Witch."
[26-08 02:57:31] <BUTTZ> "Which gods did they represent?"
[26-08 02:57:46] <ABeardedBob> [Amen]"Dead gods, by current definition."
[26-08 02:58:30] <BUTTZ> "How long ago was the most recent encounter?"
[26-08 02:58:44] <ABeardedBob> [Amen]"Four thousand, six hundred eighty two years ago."
[26-08 03:03:31] <BUTTZ> She puzzles over it for a moment. "Where did the encounter happen?"
[26-08 03:12:35] <ABeardedBob> [Amen]"At this location"