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Swords of Virtue by Durandal
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Swords of Virtue is a quest by Durandal. In this setting, there exist swords that were used by angels during a great war in the past. These swords are all named after virtues, but turn out to be fueled by these virtues, and work by draining the trait from the user. Not a problem for angels, but when mortals get their hands on them, the power may come at a price.

Our hero, Kevin (now known prettymuch exclusively as Unity), begins the quest by discovering the Sword of Unity. The drain of his 'unity' results in a split and highly distractible mind, directly represented by the posters' suggestions in the thread.

Other sword-wielders we have encountered includes Comfort, who seems to be in heavy pain and is starting to lose some of her humanity, as well as Loyalty, who contrary to the normal pattern, is instead obnoxiously loyal; it's speculated that the sword of loyalty may have been turned into a perversion of the virtue at the hands of demons rather than actually draining loyalty. One way or another, Loyalty's, well, loyalty is on the level of a science-fiction robot.

Also, it has some really class animations.

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