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Skin Crawler by Sports Drink with Electrolytes

A sorcerer summons a mighty daemon to kill all other contenders for the throne. Unfortunately, he gets significantly less than he bargained for.

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Major Characters



Our protagonist, a Lesser Bondage Daemon with latex skin. Not to be confused with Skedif'ek'lekomek, a Greater Carnage Daemon.

As any daemon can, she can assume the guise of a humanoid and send her essence back to Hell to consult with other daemons. As a Bondage Daemon, she can read people's thoughts, conjure abyssal bindings to immobilize people, and control people's bodies, but not their minds. She can only focus these abilities on one person at a time.


The Warlock

The Fury that summoned our protagonist by mistake. Is not good at pronouncing truenames. Skaadik'l must complete the task he has set out, to "end the injustice of his father giving the political power in his country to his younger siblings," or she will be demoted back to a lowly whelp. She is unable to harm the warlock directly.

The Heirs

Unwitting obstacles to your
master's ambitions.
First in line to the throne. More interested in parties than politics.
Next in line to the throne. Originally forfeited her claim to become a knight, but was injured in battle.
Third in line, and an adopted Gargoyle. The runt of the litter.
The warlock's uncle, and fourth in line. Taught him everything he knows about sorcery.



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