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Rowan was a lurker on 4chan who came to tgchan due to his interests in Quests. So far he has created two quests Darkness Quest and MiniLichQuest as well as Children of Creed though he has stated that he has put this quest on hold until further notice. He also authored Ghoul Quest and Krabby Quest.

He is a commonly found on the irc during the weekends. He often complains about the inactivity in his quests, though in most cases he has come to terms with the facts. He is very excitable, and sometimes even annoying, but he has proven himself to be a very welcome guest in the Questden community.

Quests by Rowan

TGchan: Darkness Quest | MiniLichQuest | Children of Creed | Halloween Quest | Witching Hour | Helios Quest | Ghoul Quest | Light Quest | Zombie Quest | Krabby Quest | Peace of Mind | Bored Quest | Alim Quest | Bold Beginnings | Space Pirate Quest

Collaborations: Test