Mu's Journey

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Mu's Journey by Nahkh

Something something warrior monk disciple kid. By Nahkh.

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Combat Mechanics

During combat, I will post a map of the scene. You may then draw your planned actions for the round on the map.

Mu may take one regular step per round or two running steps (mark in black). In addition, he may use the Demon Flash Step for three additional steps (mark in blue). You may use one or more of the DFS-steps as kicks as part of a combo. You may perform one other attack per turn (punch, kick, joint-lock, throw, etc). Mark attacks in red.

Being proficient with a weapon gives an advantage over a fighter who is not. Being specialized to use a weapon gives you an extra attack.

Extra points for detailed descriptions, extra points for INSPIRATIONAL ONE-LINERS


Chi Focus - Increase power of a single attack

Uncanny Dodge - Automatically avoid the first attack in a round

Medicine - Knowledge of herbs, shrooms and common medical practices

Demon Flash Step - Thundering Cloud variant - Allows for Mu to take three steps with blinding speed. May be combo'd with chi kicks.

Literate - Can read

Unarmed combat proficiency

Pudao proficiency


50 Silver Coins

2 days of Travel Rations

1 Waterskin

1 Masterwork Pudao (Raven's Claw)

1 Leather Satchel

1 Weathered Map

1 Straw Hat (made with +10% love)

1 Monk's Robes (dirty)

1 Certificate of Graduation (Wind Temple Associate)

1 Set of Prayer Beads

1 Devil Toad (dirty)

Currently has no equipment while in jail.




Ling Pu

The Devil Toad

Xiao Quan

Lady Min

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