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Mordre's Abilities

Keep in mind that none of the stat blocks have been kept up to date, and therefore are not a true representation of all the characters' abilities.


--Adaptable Analytical Psyche: As a result of having grown up under rather dismal conditions, with poverty, famine, death, plague, and all manner of traumatizing events all bombarding him. Yet instead of retreating from the harshness of reality, or being warped by it, Arkus became obsessed with understanding the world around him. As he matured, this tendency likewise evolved, leading to Arkus being able to restore himself to a rational state of mind much more quickly than would normally be possible by all but the most grizzled veterans, all of whom would have far worse mental scars than Arkus.

--World Mage: Arkus has successfully learned at least one spell that taps world magic, and how to reliably correctly cast it. He now qualifies as an entry level mage by the Mortal Coil's standards.

--Well-Traveled: Arkus has traveled widely throughout the warring lands south of Castiliathen, and knows the area well. Whenever Arkus is asked a question concerning anything within the demesne of that knowledge, he will have current information as of his last visit to any major city, given at least three days to check known places to pick up gossip and news.

System Runes: Through the combination of Blood and the World magic generated by his blood, Arkus is able to produce free-floating runes, allowing him to accomplish any magical effect, provided he knows the proper rune chains, without any knowledge of the magic field that the runes replicate.

Ugrokk the Tall

--Blood Of The Long-Bones: Ugrokk's blood is thick with the blood of the Cromagg, an ancient rival of the Premen. This makes Ugrokk far taller than his contemporaries, and gives him a reach advantage when using any of his limbs.

--Adaptive Joints: Born more flexible than most, Ugrokk's joints allow a wider range of motion, allowing for more unconventional movements. Further, this flexibility means Ugrokk is exceedingly difficult to grapple, and is adept at escaping holds.

--Mobile: Ugrokk is faster and lighter on his feet than most of his size range could claim.

--The Axeman: Ugrokk is most familiar and competent with axes, which he combines with his reach and irregular movements for deceptive, whipping hacks and chops, preferring to distract and hinder foes with rapid attacks before finding a chance to land a deeply biting strike.

--The Open Hand: Ugrokk's unarmed combat style is oriented around redirection of force, rather than blunt trauma, to rely on the leverage his height provides. Ugrokk can flip, throw, or cause to stumble almost any foe he can get his hands on. As far as direct strikes go, he prefers to chop and stab with a stiffened hand, rather than with a closed fist.

--Metal Stealth: Thanks to the function of his enchanted armor, Ugrokk can become invisible when wearing his armor, at the cost of constantly lowering the tempurature of his armor while the ability is sustained. When deactivated, the armor releases all the light and heat it has been negating, and commensurately heats the armor. Currently, Ugrokk can maintain invisibility for an hour before the cold induces (and the heat that follows deactivation) becomes a health risk. The light, upon release, can be used to blind any near him, but will not impact Ugrokk’s vision.

--Gavrock’s Holdout: With one of the Chained Twins of Gavrock, complete with a morphic shell coupled to it’s chain, Ugrokk possesses a concealable, repeat use piece of artillery, capable of turning him into a mobile artillery platform.

The Whispering Grasp: A Gialgorran-made artificial arm, this limb has and grants the following to Ugrokk: enhances strength to sufficient levels to be lethal against even experts of Combat Magic, arm always treated as armored and attracts any electric discharge to its form and store the energy for later use without harming the wearer, automated repair functions, five feet of mono-wire stored in the tip of each finger spring loaded for use as garrotes, pressure spikes mounted on sides of the wrist, 4 modular external hard-points for later installations, a collapsible heat axe with fractal saw-teeth and self-sharpening metal formatting and electrifies when held, a palm-mounted electrolaser, a redline function (double engine output by tripling wear rates. Redline function electrifies entire arm, including mono-wire), and The Thundering Heart (an electrical and pressure engine powering the arm that can allow the circulation of the blood to continue and the mind to keep firing even after fatal damage to the heart; allows Ugrokk to fake his death).

Oggroth The Mountain

--Heir To Parran Thropus Clan: Oggroth The Mountain's ancestry were long members of the Parran Thropus Clan, broken and scattered shortly after Oggroth's birth by Goran and the Gorkin Clan. The blood he carries comes from the Parran Thropus's Clan's distinct lineage, separate from most Premen, and makes him larger, hardier, and more primal. Oggroth's size, strength and durability all are greatly amplified by this Trait.

--Known No Pain: Oggroth The Mountain is titled such for his phenomenal ability to ignore pain. He is able to ignore his flesh being sliced or flayed, not flinch when he is set aflame, and laugh at an attempt to beat him to death. Oggroth will continue to act with full control of his body until it literally starts to fall apart.

--The Way Of The Doban: Oggroth's signature weapon when he does not just use his bare hands, a massive sphere of iron some four feet in diameter, is a fighting style he claims to have picked up from an old, leathery-skinned Premen with shockingly white hair, who nonetheless was able to resoundingly trounce a younger, more arrogant Oggroth who was incredulous at the old one's claims. Now, Oggroth can apply devastating force to opponents up to thirty feet away, either by hurling the sphere at them, swinging it about in a circle with a shortened chain before extending it, or outright bringing it down with both hands upon an opponent like a hammer from the sky. While the speed his fighting style holds isn't much, it's destructive force and potential range are both exceptional.

--The Clenched Fist: Oggroth fights by balling his fists and using his overwhelming strength and weight to literally beat his foes to a pulp, preferring to stand and trade blows with a foe rather than try to fight evasively. Oggroth fights to dish out as potent of a blow as he can, every time he strikes.

--Implacable Charge: While armored and riding his mount, Hairy Steaks, Oggroth can only be brought to a halt by bedrock or magical means against his will: Barred doors and gates, no matter how sturdy, will fall before him. Likewise, Oggroth’s mount is sufficiently large and durable that it can trample infantry and conventional cavalry alike.

--Doban Style Expanded: With the ownership of a new hammer, enchanted and chained to his massive wrecking ball, Oggroth can effectively function as the firing mechanism for a repeat cannon bombardment, but must be on foot and properly braced to do so. The kinetic force placed in his wrecking ball when struck by the hammer rather than thrown is sufficient to smash through walls and crumple metal.

--Durability Expanded: With heavy plate to go along with his already hardy hide and durable form, Oggroth can withstand gunfire, non-magical cannon-fire and conventional weapons directed his way with little to no harm.

Derkin the Machete

--Dead-Steady Hands: Derkin has very nimble and precise control of his hands and digits, and is deft at sleight of hand, pickpocketing, and knife throwing as a result.

--Subtle Sabers: Derkin is competent at using machetes as throwing knives, and beyond this, is practiced at secreting such blades about his personage in great number. Part of why he prefers plate, mail and scale coats is to have extra space to hang machetes on the extra material, though his current salvaged mail coat has seen better days.

--Back Alley Whispers: Derkin is a practiced thief, rogue, pickpocket and bandit, and can glean knowledge from local criminal populations very easily. Further, he knows of several fences and black market locations throughout the war-torn collection of nations and empires south of Castiliathen.

--Belligerent Bullrush: Derkin does not like to leave questions unanswered, and when assigned to a task, will continue to attempt to succeed even in face of normally daunting circumstances or frustrating lack of results, with the exception of anything that offers significant chances of personal death. He does like being alive, after all.

Jojo the Stand

--Souldreamer: Jojo practices an obscure subdivision of magic called Souldreaming, which allows him to use his own soul to power magic within his own dreams, and possess significant power while in tranced states. This power comes at a price, as all those 'blessed' with this ability have bodies crippled from birth, and any considerable use of power requires a deep enough trance that Jojo is left defenseless. Limited in application outside of actual dreamscapes (Jojo is more adept at his craft when asleep).

--Truth to dreams: Jojo is capable of negating recent injuries or changes on any being capable of dreaming, but most go in to a trance to do so. He essentially converts the memories of the injury into memories of a dream, using his Souldreaming to tie the actual wounds to the now falsely imagined dream, forcing the body to revert to it's earlier, undamaged status. This process takes time and energy, and is ill-suited to the midst of battle.

--The Dream Path: Jojo, while asleep and dreaming, can 'ride' the dreams of anyone he has met to their location, and will awaken at their location. This process is near instantaneous, but Jojo is left prone after the jaunt while his soul and body reconnect.

--Nightmare of the Soul: Jojo, while asleep and in contact with the dreams of someone he has met, can use his own soul to trigger potentially fatal dreams, applying the reverse of his Truth to Dreams ability and making the dangers in the dream tangible to the victim, while spurring it on towards nightmares and personal fears of the individual. A draining task, and a warded mind could proved dangerous to assault.

--The Path Of Suffering: Jojo was cast out of his own village at a young age for his frailties, before his powers manifested. He survived on his own determination, resolve and wits, and has a deep abiding respect for those who walk alone, and any showing the determination to do what they must to live and thrive. Pity is anathema to him, as all he has gained has been through effort and pain, earned rather than received as a gift.


--War-born mind: Jezebel specializes in implements of war as her preferred medium for creating new inventions, leaving more peace-oriented, utilitarian devices to be crafted by others.

--Tongue of the Viper: Jezebel refuses to curtail her behavior to be courteous to someone unless she genuinely believes the individual is deserving of it (People on this list currently: Gavrock, Gialgorra). Likewise, she does not take well to orders, but this also means that she is highly resistant to interrogation (even if it means it results in her torture and eventual death).

--Thundering Water specialist: Jezebel’s specialization towards implements in war has coalesced into an affinity for inventions involving electricity and/or water, and she will be more capable at crafting devices oriented around this focus.

--Poor origins: Jezebel came from a family with little in the way of funds, and clawed her way up to becoming an inventor. As such, she is highly independent, but evidences a soft spot for the poor, especially children.

Dame Valiria

--Blue Knight’s Favored child: Valiria grew up wanting for nothing, her father (and eventually her little brother) all too happy to provide anything she wanted. She has grown averse to this treatment, but is not fully cognizant of how pervasively her own views on the world have been impacted by her pampered upbringing. She has difficulty relating to those who lacked similar resources growing up, but excels at navigating higher social circles.

--Wild Child: Valiria desires to prove herself capable of managing her own life, and eschews any further aid from her family. As this is a relatively recent decision, it is unclear how this will play out.

--Chained Sword: Valiria’s weapon has enchantments in it allowing anything she strikes with her sword to slowly become wreathed in chains with each blow, which she can anchor to anything she desires. This allows her to perform excellently in a support role, or to capture foes.

--Pampered life: Dame Valiria, while well-versed in tactics, leadership, and swordplay, has had little opportunity to push her limits, and currently reacts adversely to being forced to struggle.

Lord Donwick Dregas

--Money Magnate: Having grown up in a noble family with depleted funds thanks to poor choices by predecessors, Donwick demonstrates a keen eye towards business dealings, and can hold his own against most merchants.

--Seeking Silicanthos: Donwick has a great affinity for his destroyed family golem, Silicanthos, and would have unending gratitude should it be restored to him.

--Veteran Golem Operator: Donwick has decades of experience commanding golems and acting as a golem operator in multiple battles, and is quite adept at assessing golem’s capabilities, both those he uses and those he observes.

--Non-leader: As part of a minor and impoverished noble house, Dregas has almost no experience leading beyond advising, and does not do well when forced into a leadership position for anything requiring quick, decisive choices.


--The voices, THE VOICES: As a functioning schizophrenic, Ulzrick hears voices that he does not perceive as originating from himself, but he maintains enough clarity of mind to not have the difficulty sorting external stimuli that frequently accompanies his condition. However, a byporduct is that he can, when under player control, directly hear the posts of players, and likewise perceives them as he does other ‘voices’. However, unlike voices he generates himself, posters CAN induce sensory overload with excessive divergent comments and suggestions.

--Souldreaming Apprentice: Ulzrick is learning Souldreaming from Jojo, and currently can jump into the dreams of those willing to let him in that he knows with some regularity, and can unmake wounds by making them figments of his imagination and drawing them out of reality. Thus far he has had no success at ‘riding’ dreams to move his body, and has not yet been shown how to do other acts with Souldreaming until he gains more competency in the two fields he has yet had success with.

--Will Magnet: As someone with an inherent disposition to Will magic, Ulzrick has begun to learn some rudimentary Magnetomancy from Mordre, and can move the pins in locks, turn doorknobs, or levitate a few pounds of metal with sufficient anchors. Anything more taxing than this drains him too quickly to currently be viable.

--Flexible in Body and Mind: As a result of his years wrestling and dealing with the voices he perceives, Ulzrick is both mentally and physically flexible, able to contort his body and dislocate joints with ease, and can adapt to changing situations more swiftly tha would normally be possible. A byproduct of his mental flexibility is difficulty maintaining long-term focus.

--To Find a True Home: Ulzrick has never felt at home anywhere since his brother Ozrick left some years ago to seek his fortune, and longs to find a place where he is accepted unconditionally, as all prior times he has admitted to hearing voices he has been ostracized by those he spoke to. Before Trepany, he lived in two separate villages to the East, and was forced to flee from the suspicious glares thrown his way.

Dream Recollection: A technique inherited from First, Dream Recollection hinges on creating false memories of past events, then using Dream to first tether to the memories to himself and then to Reality to redact reality so that the false memories are true. Produces Paradox, which increases with the farther removed from the time the memories were ostensibly formed, scope of the redaction, logical paradoxes, and interference with the behavior of entities with free will.

Crash Course: A simple straight, double-edged, purple-tinged, and dully non-reflective Morphic shortsword, forged from Blood Steel and iridium; a hand and a half wide, three fingers thick at the spine, and half a hand longer than Ulzrick's forearm, its weight light but feels and hits like a sledgehammer--effects of the Purple Iridium's magical gravitational field and Ulzrick's Magnetomancy.


--Edge Attuned: Vespinto has prodigal talents at employing any edged weapon he can heft, and at worst is considered competent, at best masterful, with any bladed weapon (or improvised bladed weapon) he employs. He eschews the use of non-bladed weapons, largely due to the fact his affinity for bladed weapons is innate, and when using any non-bladed weapon, he has to manually think of how to employ it, drastically reducing his combat effectiveness. This ability has, under Derkin’s tutelage, grown to include comprehension of the weighting and balance of bladed weapons for the purposes of employing them as throwing weapons.

--Bloody Dedication: While Vespinto is able to keep a calm head at most times, any time he is rendered wounded when in combat and using a bladed weapon, he will feel it a personal challenge to his ability to fight, and become embroiled in whatever contest resulted in him being wounded. Without someone else present to moderate this behavior, he will continue to fight until either he or the one that wounded him is dead. This trait will not activate if he is not armed with a bladed weapon.

--Piercing gaze: Vespinto has tremendously capable short-range vision, and can register nearly anything that is conventionally visible (even if in his peripherals) so long as it is within ten feet of his personage. Beyond this range his vision functions as normal.

--Lust for prestige: Vespinto seeks to become a noble through military exploits, so that he can start his own noble house through the strength of his own accomplishments, and will pursue any path that he feels could better lead him to this goal.


--Iron Lungs: Ellorika can bellow orders with the best of them, and can maintain a measured respiration rate up until the point of collapse from exhaustion, thanks to overdeveloped lungs. This has a byporduct of giving her peak natural stamina at all times she is conscious, and allows her to hold her breath for prolonged periods, up to ten minutes if not exerting herself, and a full minute if engaging in exertion.

--Lead From the Front: Ellorika is more than passing headstrong and brave, and when in command of any force, prefers to lead from the front, both to lead by example, and to stay as up to date as possible about changing conditions on the battlefield.

--Frank Interactions: Ellorika is brusque and to the point, even when blunt words can land her in hot water.

--A Worthy Companion: Ellorika, nearly thirty years old, has rejected all previously suggested matches in Trepany, refusing to couple with anyone she deems a lesser to herself: With her considerable physical abilities, penchant to lead and excessively direct interaction methods, this excluded everyone willing to court her. She seeks someone she could genuinely call her better as the only type of person worthy of being her match.

Dulu The Golemslayer, Golemslain and Golemforged

--Premen Blooded: Dulu is half Premen, his father having been captured by a roving Premen raiding party, and claimed by one as a prize. After Dulu was born, he grew to hate his puny father, so weak and subservient, and strived to emulate his warrior mother. He eventually become regarded as the roaming band of plunderers' communal son, finding a replacement father in all the male warriors of the group. Eventually though, his mother fell in battle against another Premen war-party, one vastly their superior in size, and as the rest of his makeshift family was butchered he fled, down south into the human lands. Since then he made a name for himself as a capable mercenary, with a natural strength that no full-blooded human can match.

--Premen Priorities: As a half-Premen raised amongst a Premen warband, Dulu respects strength, those who eschew deceit, and forthright combat. Further, it is anathema to Dulu to break his word, and he can become enraged if someone breaks their word when it concerns him.

--Heroic Awareness: Dulu has focused most of his pursuit of magic into improving his perceptions, deducing that as a Golemslayer, avoiding an attack requires perceiving it. He has since pushed his talents in the realm of augmented perception into the pre-cognitive realm, achieving a form of 'danger-sense' that gives him limited forewarning about attacks before he even becomes conscious of having percieved the threat. This allows him to be highly evasive and exceptionally difficult to hit unless he is attack with sufficient speed or numbers that awareness cannot help him. Since his death and subsequent housing in a Small Tomb forged of Morphic Steel, he is able to take greater advantage of his pre-cognitive ability to detect threats to his person, and has expanded it to include reading future openings in a foe’s guard, allowing for both supernatural evasion and supernatural accuracy with blows, managing to slip into openings in one’s defenses the moment they appear. As his new form is much more flexible and durable alike, an exorbitant amount of powerful attacks would need to be directed his way at radical speeds to successfully deny him the ability to evade, and melee combat is advisable only for the most masterful of groups of fighters experienced at working in tandem to cover each others openings.

--Extensive Golem Experience: Dulu has been hunting golems of all sorts for a decade, and has destroyed or rendered inoperable more than four hundred golems of all sorts. As such, he is much less likely to lose his focus, become hesitant or be surprised by the capabilities of any relatively normal clay, wood or stone golem and his new existence as a Sapient Small Tomb has expanded that to include Small tombs as well. Soul Graves are too rare for him to be overly familiar with them, and Life golems too varied for any universal rules, but his other experience bleeds through, making him dangerous even against golems he has not seen before but between his personal experiences and Weinsho’s observations, The Soul Grave Mordre is largely understood by him, and would have considerable difficulty surprising Dulu with any ability ever before used in the warring states (which includes Duras and the Azelhaedran State).

--Magically Armed: Dulu is able to absorb any magic short of Soul magic upon contact with his form (or his cleavers/staff, should they be gripped) and using the power absorbed to fuel the proliferation of Morphic Steel in his form, fueling the creation of up to six new arms beyond his default pair: Any energy absorbed beyond the amount required to form and sustain a full eight total arms is converted into thermal energy, and will slowly render his form more and more flexible, with the side effects of making his able to melt most or ignite conventional materials on contact, as well as making him much more visible due to the heat released. This ability does have limits worked into it, such that a sufficiently massive amount of non-Soul magic could, after forming the additional limbs, eventually heat his form past the melting point for Morphic Steel, but the amounts required to do this would likely take hundreds of mages directing a concerted effort to do so.

--Weinsho’s Cold Right Hand: As Mordre has grown in importance in the eyes of Weinsho, Dulu’s employer and the one who housed his soul in this new from, Dulu has risen in importance to Weinsho, now effectively his lieutenant. However, Dulu’s preference for face-to-face confrontations, preferably on even ground, does not mesh with Weinsho’s preference to stack the odds in his favor: Dulu tires of serving Weinsho, but is unsure how he could ever escape such service, as Weinsho promised him that he could unmake Dulu as easily as he forged his new form.

--Directed Grudge: As the only golem Dulu has failed to destroy after accepting a contract, as well as the one to slay him, Dulu holds both hatred and respect for Mordre, and strongly desires a chance to once more face the Soul Grave squarely in single combat: Under Weinsho’s service, this is unlikely to occur.

Sir Keddic Harksburton The 4th the Golden Lion

--Heir to the 'Way of Harksburton': Keddic is the fourth inheritor of the form of combat magic passed down from the founder of the Harksburton line, a magic that is a closely guarded family secret in terms of how it is achieved, fusing Will and Blood magic fuel sources to create a combat magic that has several Arcane traits. To date, no one outside the Harksburton line has learned the Way. Each heir to the style is expected to contribute some meaningful improvement to the style before they can continue the family line.

--Wanderlust Addict: Keddic is obsessed with exploring and adventure, and goes out of his way to see strange and exotic sights. Has spent several years in the Land of Dragons, far to the south, and gained a basic understanding of their own form of combat magic, one that focuses around the concepts of manipulating mass and the perceived connections between all things.

--Student of The Lined One: During his travels in the Land of Dragons, Keddic met a native combat magic practitioner who was willing to teach him the fundamentals of Mass Connection, the general name for the form of combat magic they practice. Keddic adapted several theories into the Way of Harksburton, but his training was incomplete: His instructor was a wanted man, and Keddic was forced to flee the Land of Dragons after being labeled an accomplice. He assures everyone it must be some misunderstanding.

--Fight-Addict With Gentlemanly Tendencies: Keddic is obsessed with the struggle of battle, and actively seeks out areas of conflict in the hopes of finding good opponents to further hone the Way of Harksburton against, as well as finding simple joy in the course of a hotly contested fight. Outside of conflict, he carries himself with the confidence of one born to wealth and respect, and endeavors to stay a cordial individual.

--Harksburton Vendetta: The Harksburton line has an oath of revenge that they are honor bound to pursue if given the chance, against a humanoid Life Golem by the name of Aurockoth, who not only has slain three scions of the Harksburton line, but more importantly has also stolen glory and accolades that rightfully belonged to the Harksburton line. The Life Golem's location is unknown, and descriptions vague, but the family nonetheless holds hope of one day paying back their grudge.

Haemosphere: A mix of Mass Connection and the Way of the Harkburtons, a 60ft wide, humming network of blood--the Ordered channels, the veins, forming complicated structures to allow oxygen to re-invigorate the blood through osmosis--in the shape of a sphere, existing in the Void centered around his hearts, created to facilitate usage of the Winding Pathways; it can spread along Leylines if Keddic taps into Leyline World magic. As the White Blood comprising the Haemosphere provides sensory data, Keddic's Threat sense is augmented in the area the sphere covers, relieving strain on the eyes and ensuring perfect balance. The strain of supporting extra dimensional blood grows exponentially in proportion to stored blood mass; red and white Blood Parasite lions, acting as guardians and soldiers of the Haemosphere, alleviate some of the strain and extends the Haemosphere's possible coverage when manifested. With a Lion-Restricted Magic Battery bound to his beard, acting as a trigger to ensure the success of the lion storage, Keddic can summon lions that act as self-sustaining, extradimensional hosts for Blood Lions; currently, only six of these lions with grey-red hides covered in pulsing, shifting blood, with eyes and fangs constantly emerging and receding, appearing more destroyer than guardian, can be summoned.

Masharksben Progenitor: By extending his body into the Void, in the form of the Haemosphere, Keddic became Masharksben, Mortal and Blood combined; by migrating his soul into the Haemosphere, Keddic started on the path to becoming Immortal. Hopefully, in time, all Harksburtons will be Masharksben, as Keddic teaches them how to utilize White Blood, form the Haemosphere, and migrate their souls to the Haemosphere.

Oxlion: The armor grants Keddic immunity, through the 48 Pillars of Founding--silver, gold, and platinum pillars topped by rune-shaped gems--to the following magic sources: Word, True Word, World, Will, Blood, Chaos, Order, Dream, Belief, Time; all magics are weakened on contact. The Wind God's Fangs, twin Phonomancy-based pressure-vector thrusters stored in the back, allow unrestricted flight, which causes high levels of destruction in the nearby area as a byproduct. The Omnidimensional Liger System, the Proud Lion, allows the weapon to affect any target the wielder can conceptualize as a target, provided enough personal magic energy to power the system--with sufficient magic, anything can be cut.

Keddic's Capabilities

Keddic is a blood-specialist, focused on utilizing blood, using it to fuel his magics. He is a master of the Way of the Harksburton Combat Magic style and of White Blood.

Keddic currently has the following characteristics derived from White Blood mastery:
>-Minor Passive Regeneration.
>-Automatic Reactive Defenses (Blood-Tasted Foes, further improves when bone marrow has been sampled, or some other source of foe's stem cells.)
>-Blood Magic now substantially Arcane Defense Piercing.
>-Complete immunity to mundane diseases and toxins, high resistances to magical variants.
>-Passively build Order in blood as time passes, which is expended when using Winding Way for anything other than individual punches to amplify use.
>-Passive Threat detection with all senses.
>-Active Sensory boosting that amplifies threat sensing when used. Requires adrenaline for mind to process properly.
>-Passively hardened circulatory system.
>-Passively boosted nervous system, better sensory data, faster innate reaction.
>-Manual control of Adrenaline release in body.
>-Twin augmented livers with paired gallbladder for accelerated blood detoxifying and filtering, as well as imbuing Red Blood with White blood imprints.
>-External blood can be automatically reactive to Known threats, when guided by White Blood.
>-Moderate ability to acclimatize to threats that do not outright kill.
>-Blood cell replication limit boosted from 52 to 128, improving hardiness of blood at increased risk of cancer.
>-Brain heavily insulated from adulteration and shock by outside forces.
>-Can actively attack other bodies with their own immune system by using samples of claimed blood to replicate it for cellular subterfuge.
>-Gain other methods of Blood magic from the blood of foes.
>-Two hearts, one specializing in Red Blood, and the other in White Blood.
>-Reactive platelet armor.
>-Vastly improved magical resistance and innate magical hardiness from White Blood coating on every sinew, vein, nerve and organ.

He also has one of Chained Twins of Gavrock, complete with a morphic shell coupled to it’s chain, a concealable, repeat use piece of artillery.

Way of Harksburton

The fighting style Keddic uses predominantly uses Combat Blood Magic to strengthen the blood of the practitioner, hardening it, to add defense to the practitioner, and to allow manipulation of blood for a variety of devastating attacks, along with some other utility purposes.


-Coating the Proud Lion in blood, while focusing on the Proud Lion. The user then attacks with the Proud Lion, causing the one attacked to explode as he is torn apart by spikes and tendrils of blood.


-Using a lance of blood to wield the Proud Lion, or any other weapon.


-Using a net of bloody lances to anchor himself, Keddic swings his sword in a arc. Very powerful.


-Wielding the Proud Lion in SCION’S REACH While turning the lashing blood into an extension of the blade.


-SCION’S REACH, but blunted.


-SANGUINE MAELSTROM With two blades. *ahem*


-Used in combination with a weapon. Keddic throws a sword at his opponent while having a tendril of blood underneath the ground beneath his opponent; once the sword strikes at his opponent, Keddic has the tendril fly from the ground, slashing as it goes, to grab the sword and reverse its flight to pierce the opponent.


-Using Mass Connection, the user switches positions with the target, while leaving the target in a kill position – e.g. a blade where the target would appear.


-After having the Proud Lion sink into his opponent's flesh, Keddic unleashes a destructive shockwave through the Proud Lion.


-Using the iron in the blood, the user develops bloody wings strong enough to support their weight and can take flight. This move needs vastly more blood than one human body has. Thus, Keddic needs external sources of blood, whether on his blood toga or some other place.


-Must be used after SANGUINE WINGS, the user sheds their wings, rendering them incapable of flight, while showering the land under them with many bloody lances.


-Create a ring, 10 feet in radius, around Keddic and his target with the blood from the Toga. Keddic keeps a small tendril connected to the ring. From the ring, if the enemy approaches the ring of blood, spear him from it.


-Keddic coats his form with blood, and then forms the blood spikes surrounding him. The technique turns any direct unarmed attack on Keddic into a unhappy and sudden end for the attacker.


-There are three steps to this move. First, Keddic throws a punch with one Winding Way energy core, turning his blood gauntlets into writhing shards and spikes (this was used to occupy Senth while Keddic set up for the next step). Second, Keddic enters close combat, making contact with the body of his opponent with his fist and transmits another Winding Way shockwave directly into the body. Third and last, Keddic replaces some of the flesh of his opponent with blood with the Winding Way, using contact as a replacement for the Proud Lion.


-A Way of Harksburton adapted version of a Drazken Clan spell, True Blow, which imparts upon the target the characteristic of continuous strikes even after the original strike has stopped. Prolific Pugilism only works on the Way of the Harksburton practitioner, though all the other effects stay the same. This technique works by turning blood into Chaos made manifest, and then turning the chaotic blood storm to strikes, breaching the barrier between possibilities to bring a myriad of strikes into simultaneous existence. Without a focus like the crystals True Blow creates, the limb used to deliver the strike is rendered effectively nonfunctional from the pain of the strike. Keddic described it as like his veins were trying to shake their way free of his body.


-Keddic launches a lance from his wrists, with White Blood condensed at the tip, to take advantage of White Blood's Anti-magic properties.


-Keddic builds a charge of the Winding Way in his fist, with S.K.P backed striking and a spherical glove of White-Blood-heavy vital fluids to add to his fist's mass. When he slams his fist into his target, the triggered Winding Way pulse explodes the sphere of blood, into a bed of spikes and tendrils so prolific, so manifold, that it merely looks like chaotically swirling mist, a rabid dance.


-Basically the PROUD ROAR, except using his fists instead of the Proud Lion.


-Making as many contact points on the body of his opponent as he can, Keddic triggers a Winding Way pulse all around to replace some of his blood with the flesh, blood, and bone of his opponents, critically damaging his opponent's body, allowing Keddic the opportunity to taste the blood of his foes, and supplying fresh blood to refill his toga and cloak.


-A variant of S.K.P. Onslaught used as a Way of the Harksburton technique, Keddic strikes many times with great speed and force, to crush the opponent, driving their body ever forward without giving them a chance to retaliate or reprieve, and finishing off with a two handed blow.


-Feeding even more blood to the Proud Lion, Keddic creates an extension to the blade, a sanguine edge dozens of feet longer than the weapon itself. Keddic builds a Winding Way charge within the blade, swings the blade, and at the impact with the target, triggers the pulse. The explosion results in a shifting bed of stabbing and twisting shards of blood, capable of shattering a teahouse-sized stone until it was nothing more than gravel and pebbles.


-After rising high, with SANGUINE WINGS or some other method, Keddic descends with a spike half the size of his body beneath his feet, forged of Jeeba's twisted blood. The spike is used to drill its way through, and create an opening into, the flesh of Keddic's enemies.


-Keddic forms six wings of blood, gathers all the blood in his toga and the Lion's Hide into the Proud Lion, and sinks a solid line of BLOODY PINIONS into his enemy's flesh as the blood-boosted Proud Lion follows the opening made by the bloody lances, absorbing them, growing larger and heavier and more potent, until it divides the titular collosus in twain.

Sanguine Kinetic Pugilism

This offense-focused sub-style of the Way of Harksburton centers around coating Keddic's limbs in blood, shielding Keddic's limbs and attacking his opponent, be it with spikes, lances, or something else. Keddic is still developing this sub-style, striving to turn it into becoming suitably powerful on its own, and becoming absolutely devastating when use in conjunction with the Way of the Harksburton.

[Keddic has sadly not named this move]

-Coating his arms with blood, Keddic unleashes a shock-wave through the blood. The shock-wave turns the blood into a undulating expanding sphere of spikes, tearing through unarmored opponents.


-A variation on the above move, Keddic strikes many, many times (in the move's introduction in-quest, Keddic struck at least 136 times). The many shock-waves can destroy an opponent utterly, though the move heavily strains the body.


-Keddic focuses on the blood in his legs, sending the muscles of his legs twitching, jerking, spasming as blood surges around them, internal tides sloshing about. This move grants Keddic great speed, as his legs thunder into calamitous leaps and bounds.


-Focusing two Winding Way energy cores in his fists, Keddic punches, sending two lances of an ever-lengthening sea of swords and spears as blood pours from his gauntlets.

Magnum Bang The Human Dynamo, Annihilator Of Armies, Smasher Of Sieges, Cracker Of Castles

--KNOW NO FEAR: No matter what situation or circumstances Bang is placed in, he will never be made to hesitate due to facing a more potent foe, or be subject to fear-based illusory or otherwise magical attacks. This also has the byproduct of making him reckless to the point of insanity when faced with excessively more potent foes, as nothing will make him feel cautious.

--BLOOD THAT BURNS FURIOUSLY: Bang will, in general, flourish when pushed, as his personality is conducive to maintaining focus (and thus control of magic) even as situations grow more hectic/he becomes more enthused with a fight. This has the side effect of making it increasingly difficult to convince him to withdraw from a fight as it progresses.

--Rapidfire Combat Magic: Bang, rather than working to put more any more power into any given ability, has specialized into placing energy as quickly and precisely as possible. This is what allows him to rapidly heal from wounds, by constantly repairing them even as they happen to minimize how much energy it takes to sustain himself, or otherwise undo damages to his body, as well as to constantly employ muscle recruitment (boosted moderately beyond human limits) without his body breaking: He repairs it as it breaks faster than it can degrade.

--Body Runes: Magnum Bang’s body is covered in tattoos and ritualistic scarring, as well as carved into his bones (all of them, from teeth to femurs to his skull) with one single function: Enhancing the rate at which he regenerates magical stamina. Without this, he could measure the time he could fight at his normal pace in the seconds, rather than in minutes.

--MAGNUM SCARF: Bang bears only one magic item: A scarf that he can store potential magic in, under certain restrictions: He cannot store general magical energy, only magic already designated towards a specific focus (I.E. magic devoted to repairing broken bones, or re-knitting split flesh, etc.) The scarf, coupled with his body running, pushes his operating time at full throttle (assuming the scarf is fully charged) into the range of twenty minutes. To fully charge the scarf take approximately one day.

Red Eye of the Dynamo: A Mask, granting all the usual abilities, among them soul sensing, magic regulation, and the Cerebral Zenith: a technique that temporarily grants the Mask control of Bang's body and vastly enhanced variants of Bang's abilities.

Forever Rising Scarf: A Dream-forged magic storage item restricted to Bang, which stores power from the seven self-worn Masks paired with flayed faces sewn into the scarf (producing a reality glitch which draws out their power without wielders), the scarf's kinetic energy absorption and conversion to stored magic ability, and whatever magic Bang directs its way--typically all magic energy he produces.

Bang's Capabilities

Bang has had an epiphany on the usage of Possibility Cells, allowing him to modify his body. This allows him to use the moves below that mention Possibility Cells, mimicry of the abilities of existing animals that Bang has met, and more; he is limited on the 'growth of new limbs' front, though, because excessive Possibility Cell abuse leads to nigh-uncontrollable tumors that turns his body into a ball of tumors until he reasserts control. Though limit still exists, it has been raised with the use of magically inert White Blood to attack tumors as they arise.

Through the usage of Possibility Cells, Bang currently has the following modifications upon his body:
>-Muscle density, double weight, 150% Base strength.
>-Electrocyte muscle mass, current generation, output: +267% from biological parallel-plate capacitor secondary nervous system, +72% from electric ray trait.
>-BANG BLADE cancer injection, doubles consumed processing power.
>-Electroreception, can detect proximal electrical signals, also pinpoint strength and location, sensitivity: 67% increase from electric ray trait.
>-Omnispectral vision, Compound vision, Mantis Shrimp eye adaptation.
>-auxiliary skeletal brain network, double processing power.
>-nervous response time of body, nerve connections to muscles improved via ringworm trait.
>-28 exoelectrogenic organs specialized in producing water/steam and electricity, electrical output +212%, magic costs doubled when organs are active.
>-Organs producing hydrogen peroxide in massive quantities connected to exoelectrogenic organs and bone vents.
>-Silver-lined porous bone vents in back, chest, elbows, knees, feet and palms, connected to hydrogen peroxide production organs, for flight.
>-Magic-generating organs replacing appedix and around kidneys and heart--innate magic mass +39%.
>-DNA computational assistance.
>-26 layers of carbon microtubes reinforcement to internal and external skeletal structure.
>-Internal generation of metals for chemical and warfare use.

Unlike Keddic, who has a codified set of moves, Bang merely shouts out what he is doing. Still, this would allow people to remember what he can do. Also, since in the duration of editing this, I encountered this phrase too many times: Bang's moves tears his opponent into many itty-bitty pieces. If there are pieces left...


-Bang descends from the sky at a high velocity and strikes the target on the ground. Strong enough to crack the earth.


-A punch. A very, very fast, decapitating punch.


-Two punches. Using two fists, instead of one.


-Clapping his hands faster than the speed of sound. Unleashes a large, destructive sound wave surrounding Bang.


-After launching himself from the air (yes, that means Bang kicked off of air) while holding out two outstretched fists, Bang barrels through his opponent.


-Take a horse. A dead horse. Preferably the mount of the guy Bang is killing. Beat the horse with the opponent.


-Running through two close lines of opponents with his fist outstretched, Bang runs them through. And they hang off his arm like a kebab.


-Bang launches up into the sky, gathering power, and wraps his scarf around until it resembles a gigantic drill; then, he plunges down to the ground, the point of the drill on his opponent. Makes big craters! Depletes Bang of magic, though.


-Like MAGNUM KEBAB, but with large groups of opponents, instead of two lines. The path of destruction is a line, though...


-Bang swings many parts of his body against his opponent(s), overwhelming them with too many limbs flying at them too quick.


-Bang, through manipulation of Possiblity Cells, stretches out either his torso or one of his arms or legs to ten feet, and adorns the extended limb with vibrating bone jutting from every available surface on the limb. With that modified limb, Bang rips through his opponents.


-Merely a simple uppercut for Bang, boosted to ridiculous amounts with a steady surface to brace himself with and his Curtiomancy.


-A lesser version of BIG BANG GENESIS.


-After using Possibility Cells to turn his arms and legs into ten foot long saws, Bang swings them around, turning his immediate surroundings into a storm of blood and gore of his enemies.


-Functionally, this move is a MAGNUM CLOTHESLINE, but with the extended reach provided by Possibility Cells, Bang can reach ever larger groups of opponents to rip through.


-Bang, through the introduction of his Possibility Cells into his enemies' bodies, turns his enemies into deformed pain-wracked balls of tumors.


-Kin to BIG BANG CRAZY SAW, but Bang winds his limbs into a ring around him as he himself spins.


-Really just the MAGNUM DOUBLE-PUNCH, just electrified.


-Bang expands his bones and fuses his legs and joints from the mid-thigh down to become a giant bone spike. Typically used in conjunction with elongated arms lashing out to grab the opponent and pull Bang toward his enemy.


-Basically the BANG BLADE, but electrified. There tends to be pits in the teeth, full with cancerous Possibility Cells for Bang to inject into his opponents.


-Commonly used in conjunction with the DYNAMO BANG-BLADE. Bang prepares thousands, millions of sacs fill of cancerous Possibility Cells, and once contact with the enemy is made, triggers them all in a cascading rush, activating the Possibility Cells and letting them loose, wild, free Chaos flows as growth uninhibited begins everywhere Bang can touch on his opponent's body.


-Functionally, a DYNAMO BANG-BLADE used with both arms, moving in a pincer formation.


-After transforming his legs into bonesaws, Bang rips and slices while imparting blasting waves of internally generated electrical current and injecting wild Possibility, Chaotic cancer into his opponent.


-Bang whirls his legs into a haphazard cyclone of limbs, to strike at his opponent while Bang is down for a moment.


-Bang warps his limbs into BANG BLADES, filling them thoroughly with Possibility Cells ready to be fired. He then shuts his limbs around his opponent, and fires all the nematocysts stored within the bone; the chaos inherent to the Possibility Cells grant the projectiles velocity somewhere around four times the speed of sound and expands the size of the projectiles. The recoil is massive, able to adjust Bang's position significantly.


-As like BIG BANG GENESIS, Bang drains all his stored magic to power this technique. This move tends to follow after Bang has formed his Crab Armor; bone spears, numbering in the thousands, are formed all about Bang's chest, arms, and legs, coils of throbbing muscle wound about a spine thoroughly coated in vibrating bone spurs. An area attack, using the numerous bone spears to slay large numbers of opponents.


-A three tier attack: first is gouging out his foe's eyes with his fingers, second is unleashing all of current in Bang's body into his foe, and third is nematocyst cannons made from his fingernails firing into the head of his foe.


-An attack utilizing Bang's ability to lay claim to the unowned surroundings and his preventive healing. Bang lays claim to the earth about his feet, stacking preventive healing until the block of earth is like steel; the hardness of the block allows it to survive the sudden leap skyward, which creates a vacuum to suck in/unbalance opponents. Lastly, Bang slaps the slab of earth at a foe at speeds great enough to utterly obliterate the poor unfortunate and rupture the eardrums of those around the landing point.


-Bang throws himself into an attack, attempting to catch the attack with his Blood toga, while flinging his arms, shifted into Bang Blades, forward and around his foe, looking to slice through his foe.


-After stretching out his arms as far as he can, Bang brings his palms together rapidly, releasing a torrent of Chaos that breaks reality around his body, forming an armor of bone covering his entire body save for his head. When in this form, in exchange for dedicating the energy produced by the runes on his bones to providing matter for the mitochondria to turn into energy, all magic costs are reduced by 25%; the extra energy production also heats up his body, his internal body temperature up by 38%.


-Again an armor, but instead of mere bone, Bang warps his body into a mass of ropey muscles plated with bone and teeth and hooks and tendrils, a grotesque figure but highly dangerous as it grants Bang a terrifyingly lethal body for which to utilize his already insanely lethal abilities.


-Like most of Bang's names, this move is just what it says.


-A modified version of the BIG BANG KICK, this move has Bang push off of a mid-air barrier for better acceleration to gain maximum velocity before impact.


-Bang activates his flight organs, granting him full flight, with cancer cannons providing auxiliary thrusts.