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Dovahkitty by Cthulhlu

A skyrim draw-quest, mostly vanilla but mods may turn up if they fit in with the theme well enough.

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Gwen Stark

Main character and titular Dovahkitty. We first saw her as a young kitten listening to her mothers stories, we guided her through her childhood in a orphanage, through her teens as a shop clerk in a wizards store and finally her young adulthood as a Sister in a dibellan church.

She now finds herself mixed up in the bizarre events surrounding the return of the dragons, having traveled to Skyrim to visit the shrine of dibella in in markath and witnessing the attack on helgen by a vast black dragon.

Stats and Perks

Health: Stamina: Magicka:

Speech (65) Alure, Haggling, Bribe, Merchant, Persuade.

Archery (45) Overdraw, Steady hand, Eagle eye, Critical shot.

Lockpick (35) Novice, Apprentice locks.

Destruction Novice.

Illusion (30) Novice, Dual cast, Animage.

Light armor (15) Agile defender

Lockpick (35) Novice, Apprentice locks, Quick Hands

Non-canon perks (may change)

Dibella's embrace.

The arms of The Lady hold you close, sheltering you from sickness and the cold.

Vampire's bite.

Your close encounter with the creatures has given you a edge at spotting them, where as before they looked normal you now see the bestial taint in their faces.

The Thief.

Born under this star sign, you find yourself more comfortable learning skills that fall on the other side of legal.

Hey i know you!

Your old friends and ex-lovers have a odd habit of turning up in the strangest places..

Magic Touch.

The winds of magicka flow through you more easily now, unlocking hidden potential. Your magicka regenerates far faster and youll find learning new spells far easier from now on. You'll also find yourself drawn more supernatural events and items.

Minor Characters


Redguard male with boundless enthusiasm and surprisingly high pain tolerance. Joined the legion after leaving the orphanage.


Orc male, puberty has been kind to him in so much as he now looks like he can bench press a mountain... Joined the legion with Hileem.


Argonian male with a mischievous spirit, was apprenticed to a wizard in the countryside.


Female khajiit. Possibly the grumpiest and least joyful person on the face of nirn. Left to become a priestess of dibella in skiyrim, something that can only be attributed to a error in the laws of physics.


Orc male. Apprentice and shop keeper for a wizard in the imperial city.

The Wizard

Unnamed owner of said store and master of Golgothmog. You don't think you ever heard him talk...


Gwen has made one appearance Inside the Quest. [1]




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