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Hunter Webb

Race: Anthro Beastkin (Subtype: Spider)
Background: Guard
The Current Player Character!


The number in "[]"s indicates the next rank you unlock something at!

Power: 4 [7]
Reflex: 4 [7]
Skill: 2 [4]
Wild: 4 [6]
N/A: 0/8
N/A: 0/8
Funds: 0
Armor Bonus: 2 (+1 from Iron skin, +1 from Guards Garb)
Melee Bonus: 3 (+2 from Combat experience, +1 from wielding a weapon)
Wounds: None


Survival - You know how to survive, hunt, forage, and track in the forest.
Sapient Combat - You know how to fight, and more importantly, kill, sapients.
Monster Combat - You know how to fight against monsters.


You can produce a thick and ropy silk that can be used to entrap foes.
You can secrete silk at surprising speeds, capable of using it to grapple and ensnare targets, even mid combat.
Your body is treated as having [+1 ARMOR] at base
Your footsteps no longer produce sound, even while running! And especially when on your own webs.
You gain Knowledge Survival, and can blend into the forest and track creatures. 
This scales with your WILD stat, and the higher it becomes, the more you become [ONE WITH THE FOREST] and the harsher penalties you suffer the longer you are out of the forest.
At rank 4 this grants you knowledge on how to create a demesne, which can be used to negate the penalties associated with this ability.
Form a seed from your essence to create a domain of your own, it's properties are unknown until you make one or ask someone who knows.
Target heals at 4x their natural rate, wounds visibly close and stitch together.
Excrete a sweet-smelling nectar from your mouth, can be vomited into a container, the ground, or held in your mouth. This nectar baits unsuspecting prey towards it's location, but is less effective against foes actively resisting it's temptation. Awareness of the nectar makes it easier to ignore.
This spell is mid-manifestation

Inventory - Small Bag

Flower of Embrace - Currently [HEALTHY][HELD BY KEY]

A teal colored flower with extendable vines kept in a durable pot. Manipulating the plant allows you to grapple targets and pull them or yourself towards them. When used to wrap yourself with another party member, reduces stress and fatigue. Can die if not taken care of.

Pocket Estate - Currently [1/3 EXPLORED][UNFURNISHED]

A fist sized orb that contains a small Pocket Estate inside. When deployed it becomes invisible to the naked eye. You know the 30 second incantation to teleport creatures and objects in and out of it at will while its deployed.

Dances of Unfortunate Travel - PROFICIENCY RANK 2 [XP 0/5 TO NEXT RANK]

Next rank increases controllable factors by 1
A book of ritualistic dances that provide complete unreliable transportation! Practice and use of the magazine can improve the number of factors you control. The 5 factors it considers are as follows:
- Direction
- Distance
- Travel Method
- Number of Targets
- Specific targets

Bell of Souls - Currently [2/3]

Passively copies the souls of creatures you kill within a certain range. You can ring the bell to summon one copy as friendly support, they cannot speak or otherwise communicate. They can follow orders to the same level of prowess as their prior life's capabilities. Can only hold 3 copies at a time. Copies are automatically dismissed at midnight or if you leave a certain range.
[SLOT 1] - DEER SOUL - you have the soul of a large buck!
[SLOT 2] - LIGHTNING COBRA - The soul of a dog-sized Cobra charged with electricity!

Arcane Golem - Stuck in Crystal

[Description unavailable]

Guards Garb - [EQUIPPED]

Provides +1 [ARMOR BONUS]

Blunt Sword - [EQUIPPED]

Provides +1 [COMBAT BONUS]

Potion of Sex Change - [3 CHARGES]

Allows the consumer to swap sexes permanently if 2 charges are drunk at once. You can also drink 1 charge to swap sexes for the day!

Potion of Gaseous Form - [3 CHARGES]

Allows the consumer to shift between a gaseous and physical form at will for an hour per charge consumed!

Potion of Raise Dead - [1 CHARGE]

Can bring a corpse found within 3 days of death back to life as they were. Creates mindless undead if used on an older corpse. Has unknown effects if consumed by the living.

Small silk doll

A small doll you had commissioned of your dead husband, made from your own silk.

Sleeping Bag

A bag that can comfortably fit 2 kin inside, keeping them comfortable throughout the night. Can be unzipped to function as a large blanket, made from your silk.

Mineralogy Book

A book on the composition of crystals, minerals, and geodes, a few pages have some scrawled notes.

Inventory - Party Storage (spread between party members)

Rations - x3

1 Ration can feed 1 kin for the day

Decimated Tent

It's destroyed but the tarp could be useful, it's possible to fix it with time

Climbing Gear

Good for climbing up cliff-faces

Various small bits of the [CRYSTAL SPIRE]

Ultrahard yet light thumb sized purple crystal pieces.

Various hides and misc stuff

Things Nuki and Key have been collecting


Updates over time, you can track your progress, anything with the [OLD] tag is no longer relevant.


[OLD] Has no apparent feelings on you one way or the other
[OLD]Is curious about your knowledge of the current factions
[OLD]Is curious what secrets you and your artifacts are hiding
[OLD]Likes that you know when to be brutal
[OLD]Is definitely not pouting since you didnt let her animate corpses
[OLD]Is probably looking for an excuse to beat you up in a fun way <3
[OLD]Guesses you are being reasonable but is butthurt about it
Really loves just letting lose
Loves the taste of blood
[OLD]Pities you a bit
[OLD]Won't admit that she appreciated your flirting tips
[OLD]Is sadge that she (likely) can't get a bunch of mimic blood
Is definitely thirsty
[OLD]Looks like she's pent up but coping
[OLD]There's something she's not saying
[OLD]Will probably [BUG] you to bring Kris along
Is relieved to have gotten things off of her chest
Is glued to Kris


[OLD]Is curious about your budding bond to the [WILD]
[OLD]Is mildly impressed by your strength
[OLD]Is quite interested in your pocket mansion
Is proud that you defended the [WILD]
Thinks your leg is a comfortable spot to sleep at
[OLD]Loves that you let her take care of the [FoE]
Wags her little croc-tail when she's near you
[OLD]Wants to know more about you
[OLD]Wants to help you heal
[OLD]Is VERY nervous you won't like your present
Is just SO relieved that her idea panned out
Is nervously twitchy near you in a cute kind of way
Gives you some rather passionate looks
You feel like she wants something
Does Key like you?!?!?
She's feeling the tug more than you are to go [WEST]
Looks visibly better now that you're heading [WEST]


[OLD] Is currently wary of you
[OLD] Is mildly excited to explore the world
[OLD]Is INCREDIBLY excited to explore the world
[OLD]Wants more Honey
[OLD]Doesn't like how passionate you were about killing
[OLD]Appreciates your inventive approach even if it had disgusting results
[OLD]Is embarrassed that you saw how bad she was at dancing
Feels appreciated
[OLD]Hopes no one notices her step away to a hug-house...
[OLD]Gives you a look that screams complete understanding
Likes feeling like she has something to contribute
REALLY likes the turn of events
Flustered from that Wasp's flirting
Is SO excited for the honey
You feel like she wants something
Does Nuki like you?!??!
She's buzzing with excitement
Or wait... did she smuggle a bee into her bag?
She definitely smuggled a bee into her bag.

Faction Allegiances


You've never been to these parts, but have seen a wandering mage before


You've had their food before and it's so good


The Woodkin see you as a member of their own and will likely come to your aid so long as you are willing to do the same for them.
You have a Mantis friend named 'Kris' in this faction
Your Mom 'Mamita' is in this faction


You've caught a few nomads in your webs and sent them on their way
You have a Rival Merchant named 'Charissa' in this faction


You've never met a member of theirs


A few paladins and clerics have entered your web after attempting to torch a chunk of forest for some reason. They did not live, and they do not know that you were responsible for killing them.
You killed bandits led by someone following the [HOPE] diety
There is a bandit leader of the [HOPE] faith that you hold a grudge against