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Colors by Drgons

Something something chameleons.


Colorful creatures stuck in a not so colorful place. Cloacas abound. There are Geckos, and warring gods. You know, standard tgchan fare.

Oa-il made the chameleons. They are her bright little babies, who all wear their hearts on their sleeves. They're very fickle and short sighted, and their society regularly cycled through veracious trends. Oa-il doesn't care WHAT they do, as long as it makes them happy. That's her philosophy for her people, be happy. Oa-il loves the spectrum and all the colors, so she showers her people with every hue she can. When they go through some trauma, or loose their connection with her, their color drains. Oa-il, in turn, grows weaker the less of her people are 'connected' to her. Oa-il and Vogost, God of the Geckos, are in a constant push and shove with each other. They're like a natural balance that's never truly balanced. Constantly shifting. Vogost, who created his people to be reserved, cunning, and long-thinking, has gotten a leg up in recent years. Vogost has bolstered his people to kill/enslave/torture as many chameleons as they can to take her down a few notches. Her mistake when making her people is their breezy natures. She could have THOUSANDS of chameleons, who were all fighting for her cause despite not wanting to be involved, or one who was so passionate about defending his god and creator he could change their very planet.

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Spoilerth tiny.png This quest has (fan) artwork that is not safe for work. See the NSFW gallery.


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