Alfred in the Graveyard

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Alfred in the Graveyard by LightsaberGuy

Alfred in the Graveyard is a fan quest by LightsaberGuy based on Alfred's Playhouse web animation series. Like his other trial quests, AitG is based on stock images and screencaps from the animation series.

The Quest deals with a lost and forsaken pitbull, named Alfred Alfer, who travels a barren landscape in search of food, water, shelter, and love. His hardships are made worse by the ever-present torment by his alter ego Dictator Pickles.


Alfred, filthy and exhausted, walks an empty landscape in search of rest. After many days of cruel loneliness within the scrublands and mistreatment from bystanders, he crests a hill and is met with three options: a mysterious farm to the north, a dark wood to the east, and a groupof scrappy sheds to the south.

Alfred surmises the possibility of old food in the sheds and heads towards them. He pokes around in the first shed on the block and finds mostly only trash, bugs, and rats. However, he does uncover under a pile of garbage a tattered copy of Peewee's Playhouse: Volume 1. Just then, Pickles comes ringing in his mind's ear taunting him, urging him to come back to the Playhouse, because he never belonged anywhere else.

Reminding himself why he left in the first place, Alfred does his best to phase Pickles out of his weary mind and proceeds to hunt down the scummy rats and creepy crawlies. After nourishing himself on vermin and drain water, he attempts to readress his troubled mind and situation. To be continued...

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