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Log and tracked items/statistics for CATALYST


Name: Catherine Alexander
Age: 25
Catalyst Energy: 11/11 (energy resets daily)
Hope Energy: 1?/2 (1 gained every 8 hours)
Currency 0 BUX
Bank 5 BUX
Achievement Points 105/250
Goal Save what you can because it’s the right thing to do
Drive Your Companions

Name: Willamina Hadlee III
Age: 24
Ice & Storm Energy: 10/10 (1 energy is recharged every 5 minutes)
Currency ??? BUX
Bank 993,893.69 BUX
Achievement Points ???

Name: Mint
Age: 39
Energy: ???
Currency 50 BUX
Bank 0 BUX
Achievement Points ???



- Can spend energy to AWAKEN a target
- Can spend Energy to increase a power’s level by 1 to a maximum of 10
- Upgrading a power may be used on yourself on powers OTHER than arcane catalyst
- Targets can only be awakened once
- Power can be used at range of up to 1m
- Artifacts you’ve touched within 24 hours that are used to awaken others count as you having awakened them

- Grants the contracted the ability to see and understand other spirits
- Grants the passive HOPE buff, providing MINOR boosts to general activities the contracted BELIEVES or HOPES they can accomplish.
- You have HOPE ENERGY equal to your level
- The contracted may boost a single action of a target by a MODERATE amount
- Once per day the contracted can channel the energy of HOPE boost a single action by a MODERATE amount.
- The spirit can MANIFEST for 20 minutes a day, becoming CORPOREAL, able to be understood, seen, and felt by others


ICE [1] (UPGRADE [2])
- The user has some resistance towards the cold.
- The user can freeze liquids including ambient moisture in the air and manipulate it to a minor extent.

- The user has some resistance to wind.
- The user can generate winds of varying intensities and shapes from their body

-The user can fabricate or alter existing devices beyond normal means. Specialty [SUBSTITUTION]
-This allows the user to jury-rig their devices using similar, lower quality, resources at hand at the cost of having the devices be more likely to break down. This can be offset by reducing the effectiveness of the device.

- The user can passively assimilate with things including their surroundings, higher levels allow for deeper levels of assimilation.

Innate Skill: BEAST SHAPE
This creature can morph their body into bestial forms related to their race and back at will.

Available Upgrades

- Energy Total +1 = 10pts
- Can awaken targets 1 more time = 900pts
- Can awaken a target for 24 hours instead at 1/2 the cost = 90 pts
- Force a power mutation at 1/2 the total cost of the power = 70 pts
- Revoke an Awakened’s power that you gave them, you will be refunded half the total investment, this can go past your cap = 110 pts
- Check History of target’s power use = 50 pts
- Gain “CATALYZER’S RIGHTS” Letting you designate 5 targets that gain a 20% increase in growth rate = 50 pts

  • Increases targets you can give CATALYZER’S RIGHTS to by 1 (0/5) = 10 pts
  • Increases the growth rate by 10% = 20 pts

Gain “ARCANE RIGHTS” Letting you designate 5 targets that gain a 20% increase in comprehension rate = 50 pts

  • Increases targets you can give ARCANE RIGHTS to by 1 (0/5) = 10 pts
  • Increases the comprehension rate by 10% = 20 pts

- Can Catalyze non artifact Items by spending 15 energy, quality increases based on materials used = 100 pts
- Targets you awakened cannot directly attack you = 85 pts


- practice using power
|_ Find out limitations
- Find out if OVERMIND is a hero or villain
- Investigate the estate fire
- investigate Isabella
- Make/get incubator for egg
- Pay for COMM bill (5 BUX each person due every Sunday)
- check with Nikki on buying the Paper Mill around or after MONDAY or TUESDAY
- Pick up Willamina's new heat resistant M-Phone MK19 COMM from Lyst-y-Mart
- Get from mint the Incubator, Slushee machine, stamina/healing liquors, supply list



- Wallet (contains bank card, pistol license, ID, family photo, picture of Callan and Max)
- COMM (Phone Numbers: Willamina, Isabella, Cannie, Miss Iraphena (Can call for Three favors and two(?) Questions), Toni, Clinic (Trey, Gruk), Kazu, Andrea, Aeglos, Mint, Gena, Liminal) (Pictures: the community center club board, lewd photo of Andrea, blurry Toni, Toni's butt, Toni's beans, few pix of Gena'a ass, one pic of Andrea's pussy)
- A Cat Notes and pens
- A water bottle - Full
- A Recharging Mana Pistol
- Sweets X2
- Condom (three used out of ???)
- Libarby Keycard
- Lightning god technique handbook
- Lucky Egg
- Clinic business card
- Awakenings and their impact on Metahumans libarby book
- Duct Tape
- Lighters X3
- Shitty Multitool
- Stamina Liquor
- Andrea's Panties (Soaked)
- pack of smokes {one used out of ???)
- Duffel bag of carrying
- Backpack
- Hop-kick boots
- Phantom Dagger
- Dragun's mouth
- Tension suit
- Saba's journal
- Water cups
- Keycard to Winnebago


- Camera
- Stasis Sphere
- Phoenix Pinion
- Lock Box
- Water Bracelet
- Token of Second Awakening
- Inter-spatial Ring
- The Rogue’s inner monologue
- Locket (Mom and Dad, Nicky's family)
- Cat's Pants

- Magic Dart Body Cultivation Manual
- Hyper-Stable Crystal
- Ground Penetrating Radar (borrowed from Rupert)


- Demon Eye Amulet
- Phoenix Ring
- Ring of the reversal
- Boyshorts
- Pants

- Phoenix Pinion
- Water Bracelet

- Jumpsuit


- Clothes (turtlenecks, slacks, boyshorts, socks, hoodies, shoes)
- Soap
- Toothbrush/paste
- Comb
- Pack of sponges
- Terrarium (contains 3 roaches, one sponge, one saucer,)


- First Mutation +10
- Spend 50 AP +10
- Slave Owner +5
- Awaken 3 different species of creatures
- Granted 2 Powers to a creature
- Consolidated Upgrade
- Scanned 15 Metahumans
- Unicorn Hunting
- Duplicate Power detected
- Scanned a SPIRIT
- Formed a contract with a spirit
- Enlightenment I

Hint: Awaken 10 different creatures. (4/10)