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Define a JSPoker character group. Completely useless outside of that. Arguments:

A name for this grouping to display on the wiki.
A description for display; you probably want to list the cast here.
A URL fragment for the characters to pass to JSPoker, e.g. #character=http://example.com/ruby.js#character=http://example.com/tom.js. (Yes, I know, but MediaWiki has no array type and I'm not doing a character1, character2, character3… dance.)
Base URL of the deck (optional). Remember the trailing slash if it's a directory. See the JSPoker documentation for what it expects to find there.
One of the values to indicate how (un)safe for work it is from the JSPokerCharacter template

It is expected, if not strictly required, the the characters have individual entries in the character list which have their other details.