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The arcs titled Rust center on a desert known as Serath. Two major factions exist in Serath: The Serath civilization, who own the water, food, and all that, and the Tribals, who are a bunch of scattered groups of nomads trying their hardest to survive.


Jericho is the first character introduced, and was made by the Player. Dirt poor, moreso than the average Tribesman, he was down on his luck, as seemed to be the story of his life. Eventually, he gets captured, and killed, despite his large, beautiful markings.
Mari was a lizard who, oddly enough, had a crush on Jericho. Too bad as soon as she admitted as much, Jericho's misfortune with girlfriends strikes and she dies.
Horus is an elderly human man, who's body isn't in the best of shape, but is otherwise healthy and well. As the only member of the group who can read, he's tasked with reading any prophecies, warnings, and other generic signs and messages that the party encounters. It's later revealed that he's a part of a confederation involving various tribes, probably as the head of whichever one he comes from.
Adil is pretty easily scared, although he doesn't show it. When his friends enter dangerous situations, he's quick to join in, but if given the right to lead the group, he'd probably run the hell away from any and every danger. Killed by the same group of Serathians that kill Jericho.
KHAAAAARN! Wait, wrong person, this one's got an R. As a male mantis, Kharn doesn't take a very major role in the group, simply carrying medical supplies to heal any injuries. Unlike Jericho and Adil, he doesn't get killed. Maybe the Serathians are mantisephiles?
A male mantis, and a Serathian. Wait, how did a male mantis get to be a sol--Oh, he's probably just a servant to that undead chick. ...Wait a minute, does this mean he bones a skeleton?!
(Wait, I thought I read on the threads that Uri was a skeleton... why isn't she suffixed RUSTED?)
Tera is some blind chick with white eyes... Though from the view of The Many, she looks incredulously walleyed due to her eyelashes looking like her pupils. She's a priestess of Serath, as well as a Holy Necromancer. Yeah, that's apparently a thing.
Some dude who's a Necromancing Priest alongside Tera. Very serious, but also not at all serious. Seriously.
Jericho RUSTEDLinkToBoard.gif
After jericho died, he was brought to relife by Tera. Yeah, Relife, because Tera's a Holy Necromancer, remember? Plus, he's retained his memories and stuff. He still has sensitive horns, which is odd, because Reliving are supposed to lose that sensetivity.
Adil RUSTEDLinkToBoard.gif
After Adil died, he was brought back to relife by an unknown Necromancer. Unfortunately, he died a coward's life.