Necro's Story Time

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Necro's Story Time by Pudding


The Necromancer

The necromancer from Necroquest, his face got better, so did his magical powers; he is much older now, tough.


Those eyes! Those F##KING EYES! A Cute girl, cursed into a mattress abomination.

Skeleton Jelly Mermaid maid/Princess

A skeleton jelly mermaid named Skeleton Jelly, later on renamed as Princess.



A fornituremancer. We all hate him!

Quests by Pudding

Series: Necroquest | DON'T GET KILLED BY A LEVEL 1 SKELETON quest | Kobble Saga | IMPeril | Faceplanted Quest

Completed: Ruin | Necro's Story Time | Christmas Dungeon

Collaborations: The Relic | Red Sands Again | Spoopy Mansion Quest | The Dungeon of Eternal Torment | Deep, Dark and Marvelous