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Some characters ported from Strip Poker, together at last
See also: Strip Poker

JSPoker is a JavaScript poker implementation by LionsPhil that supports games between multiple, interacting characters loaded from the web.


To play against these, press Setup and pick them from the "tgchan" list in-game.

Character Author SFW?
Polo Lagotrope (port by LionsPhil) nudity
Rokoa Lagotrope (port by LionsPhil) nudity
Pilon Lagotrope (port by LionsPhil) nudity
Jena LionsPhil safe


JSPoker can automatically batch-load characters and custom decks, allowing groups that are expected to play together to be loaded as one:

Group Description SFW?
AsteroidQuest A port of Lagotrope's AsteroidQuest poker game with Polo, Rokoa, and Pilon. nudity