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This is a page for tracking information about Armas Laine, the main character of Guns for Hire.

Character Profile

Armas Laine
Heritage: Finnish, Maori
Languages: English, Te Reo, Finnish, Russian, Turkish, Italian, Spanish, German, Japanese
Occupation: Mercenary
Affiliations: Triads, Mafia, Wyld Goblins, "Ogrimir", Whaitiri, Ito's Dojo, the Valkonen family, the Zosimus vampire clan, Tesla (through Lyubov), the Yakuza.
Appearance: Six feet, four inches tall. Conan chin, olive skin (Fitzpatrick type IV), blue eyes, brownish red hair (more dark rust than red). He's very muscular and fit looking.
Capabilities: Pissing off his enemies, making his allies question his judgment and common sense, constantly irritating everyone with tricky wordplay. Armas possesses two magical bloodlines: a Summer-aligned bloodline from his Maori ancestors and a Winter-aligned bloodline built by Ogrimir. He originally had a recessed Winter bloodline from his Finnish ancestors designed to affect the circulatory system in some way, but which was blanked by an entity Armas has no memory of, and ultimately lost in a near-death experience. The winter bloodline was subsequently rebuilt by Ogrimir, and then primed to be in its current state based on his advice. Armas is a Godling, and thus can receive prayers. The Darkening component of his winter bloodline makes it possible for him to adopt guises that make his soul look like whatever he wishes, through spiritual signature mimicry. The Romanov based component of the winter bloodline makes Armas capable of returning from death. The Laib Olmai based component of the winter bloodline allows Armas to sculpt souls, his own and others. The summer bloodline allows Armas to recover from grievous wounds and gain magic energy from flesh.
D.O.B.: April 1st, 1984
History: Born in San Diego, California to a Maori-American mother and Finnish father, Armas had a less than ideal childhood. Money was tight, and Armas chafed under his parents' attempts to impose discipline. Armas' father encouraged him to learn Finnish, as did family friend Arkvad. His mother insisted that if Armas was going to learn Finnish, he also had to learn Te Reo, which resulted in a trilingual upbringing. He was a poor student, excelling in learning how to be a cheater rather than a good student. Upon graduation from high school, Armas disappeared for a month, and then enlisted in the Marines. He graduated from boot camp at Camp Pendelton shortly after the attacks on the World Trade Center towers in 2001. He spent the next decade in both the Marines and Army Rangers, before mustering out and traveling to Istanbul.
Armas does not make genuine friends easily, though he can force himself to get along with almost anyone.
Equipment: Armas favors flashy clothing. Early in his mercenary career he often used layered ballistic armor, using both low-profile armored clothing and military-grade supplemental armor. While he still uses armor on occasion, he is far more likely to pick his clothes for mobility and appearance than protection. He has been known to use arrow charms tuned to protect against bullets. He sometimes wears a hold-out rig containing a Taurus Raging Judge revolver (five-shot, 3" cylinder, 3" barrel). He often uses a customized magic AA-12 shotgun, and is rarely without his magic rifle Keihäs (equipped with an elf's short sword as a bayonet). Additionally he often carries an ancestral spirit weapon, a greenstone mere pounamu knife from his Maori grandfather.

  • Finnish Mosin Nagant M28/30, Keihäs: Bolt action, 7.62x53mm/7.62x54R, 5 shot internal magazine. 730 mm (29 inch) barrel. Overall length: 1,287 mm (50.7 inches). Weight: 4 kg. Notes: The rifle is known for inevitably forcing its owners into close-quarters fights, until they have beaten someone down, and drenched the rifle's stock in blood to further stain the wood. But so long as it is so sated, the gun is unerringly accurate-more so than the already formidable rifle should be. Armas has continued to feed the rifle, and now the vampiric qualities of the weapon have improved to the point where it can devour a body whole through a wound, and can eat melon-sized chunks of an enemy remotely (the flesh around wounding shots simply vanishes and is eaten). The gun currently houses the soul of Silja, a blind mundane woman whose death was intimately tied to the wood the gun's stock was made from. Provides a +15 Magic Item Bonus to shots.
  • Allenaethos' Blade: A fine elven sword, fused to Keihäs, functioning as bayonet. The former owner's blood is in Keihäs' stock, granting a synergy between the weapons.
  • Mere pounamu: A greenstone knife, empowered as a spiritual weapon; it heats in the presence of spiritual entities and cuts such creatures with exceeding ease despite its bluntness. Empowered further by Whaitiri to be able to cut anything with time, and to feed her what it cuts. Currently broken and under repair and upgrade by H&H.
  • Auto Assault-12 (AA-12) Taste of Ruin: Automatic, 12 gauge, 8-round box or 20-round drum, 457 mm (18 inch) barrel. Overall length: 991 mm (39 inches). Weight: 5.2 kg (less magazine). Notes: Looted from the corpse of ex-IRA terrorist O'Conner, upgraded by the Wyld Goblins into a magic weapon designed to negate all but the most intense regeneration abilities of foes. Covered in the fangs and bones of unknown magic creatures, and very distinctive-looking. Provides a +5 Magic Item Bonus.
  • Mateba Model 6 Unica Autorevolvers (the Matebas): Semiautomatic, .454 Casull, 6 round cylinder. 152 mm (6 inch) barrel. Overall length: 275 mm (10.83 inches). Weight: 1.35 kg. Notes: Originally part of a set of four identical weapons looted from the twins Lachlan and Tyson, all designed specifically to be able to become empowered as magic weapons. Two of the four were sold to an anonymous buyer through Holland&Holland. The other two Armas kept. The weapons became magically empowered in the middle of a fight with the Doonongaes and have been imbued to possess a magical quickdraw function. They have also since proven to be more accurate and devastating than they would otherwise be and reworked to handle magical ammunition by Johan Strauss. Due to the way they were empowered and reworked the weapons read as demonic to those with the proper magical senses. One gun mounts a thermal scope, the other an IR scope. Provides a +5 Magic Item Bonus.
  • SVT-40 custom, AVT-40 Sniper: Notes: " SVT 40 sniper variant that was reworked into a functioning AVT-40, complete with one twenty-round clip. A prior owner has also re-machined a great many parts-recently, within the last decade as I understand it... the first-shot accuracy issues, the barrel shifting, the scope's poor mounting-all of it has been maximally resolved... all bullets will be compelled to attempt to follow the first shot, and can shift a few degrees in trajectory per hundred feet or so." Note: Provides a +10 Magic Item Bonus, but can only single fire as the magic empties the magazine on application.
  • M-16 (lower) GatMalite (upper) rotary light machine gun: Automatic, 5.56x45mm NATO, belt fed from munitions drum. Notes: This is a bullet-hose, plain and simple. When using depleted uranium rounds it can defeat most types of body armor. It mounts an under-slung FN40GL enhanced grenade launcher and side-mounted MAUL shotgun.
  • Tokarev TT-30 Pistol: Single action, 7.62x25mm (can also fire 7.63x25), 8 round magazine (closed bolt), 116mm (4.6 inch) barrel. Overall length: 194mm (7.6 inches). Weight: 910g. Notes: Owned by Russian Commissar in charge of a penal battalion during WWII, who used the pistol exclusively for field executions. The gun's upper receiver is engraved with 'Ни шагу назад!' (Not One Step Back!), and the muzzle itself is stained dark red. Bullets fired by this gun are compelled to seek out throats.
  • Buntline Special Revolver, 'Iron Trick': Single action, .45 Long Colt cartridge, six-shot, 16" (406mm) barrel. Note: Provides a +10 Magic Weapon/Artifact Bonus to shots.
  • Taurus Raging Judge 'The Lonesome Judge': Double-action revolver, .45 Colt/.410 bore (454 Casull), five-shot, 3" cylinder, 3" barrel. Note: One of a pair of pistols Armas began the quest with, the other was destroyed by a Draconic fireball. Is currently entirely mundane in form and function.

Notes: Keeps his word, unless the word was given under duress. Not entirely amoral, but can become impossibly caught up in the moment.



  • [WINTER ENERGY: 160]

Winter Bloodline Abilities

  • >[ Winter Bloodline Innately understood mechanics, each classified as a tenant of his Winter Bloodline's core function: ]
>1:--The Amorphous Soul-Armas' own soul can look however he wants it to look-and can be changed more easily than chakras re-assigned. At the drop of a hat, or even mid battle, Armas could attempt to change how others perceive his own soul. Even further-but more dangerously-it is almost exactly as easy to sculpt his own soul. It is a wonder if his innate curiosity will guide him to ever-more experiments without proper prior research-but if he can survive learning about his soul's traits, piling up experience at still dangerous internal soul-sculpting, Armas could spiritually become anyone... everyone.
>2:--The Reincarnate Prelate-Armas soul, so amorphously defined, can avoid being claimed by death should Armas' body fail. Each in-game week, Armas will regenerate ten 'lives' worth of energy, reflected as tenths of his winter energy pool. Armas' soul is not in danger of harm, no matter what happens to his body, unless the attack on Armas can directly harm souls or he no longer has enough energy left to reincarnate.
>3:--The Lordly Imposition-Armas can exert his will on nearby souls he can perceive, attempting remote soul manipulation. While disposed towards this ability, Armas' strength in it is not near so great as his own soul sculpting prowess. What's interesting is that no transmission medium is used-no 'weaving it into vibrations' or any such thing: The will of the user is simply tested against the resistiveness of the target. This applies to both external soul sculpting and soul binding.
>4:--The Chakratic Bloodline-Because Armas' chakras are tied up with an entire bloodline-specifically, one that is itself comprised of three separate bloodlines, he has many times the energy of his contemporary chakra users-in general, once Armas becomes legitimately skilled with chakras, only similarly bloodline-linked Chakra users, Dragons, or upper tier courtly beings that possess an inclination for chakra manipulation would have a reasonable chance of overpowering him.
>5:--The Godling-The Divine energy of the final piece of his Winter Bloodline seems to resonate with the Divine material of his Summer Line, and that of his very soul. Armas has now been reclassified from 'Practitioner' to 'Godling'. Note this does not provide any intrinsic power to Armas-it's largely a reflection of his realized immortality. Nevertheless, being a Godling makes Divine Artifacts easier to manipulate, and Divine entities, in general, easier to interact with.

>-Armas is now able to expend marginal amounts of energy to attempt to impose his will on freshly dead souls. The more innately magical the target was in life, the higher the cost, and the lower the chance of success. (For instance, Binding the Reaper's soul[completely mundane] cost us 2 Winter Energy)
>-Armas has innate magic item detection abilities thanks to the Einher portion of Gleb's heart. So far he has proven to be best at detecting and interpreting magic weapons.
>-Armas can use Lordly Imposition as a work-around to use his amorphous soul to make 'soul-guises'. They do not seem to demand energy but instead concentration. The bigger the difference to Armas' actual soul, the harder it is to keep it on. Likewise, the more 'alien' the soul-guise concept is to Armas, the harder it is to make it. Armas can practice a given soul guise so that it demands less and less concentration to use, like learning a accent. Once Armas has begun making the soul-guise via Lordly Imposition, it then switch to internal manipulation. However, Armas can still not see his soul, so cannot tell by himself if he is relaxing his soul-guise.

Summer Bloodline Abilities

>-Armas must eat the flesh of humans (even completely mundane) or of magical beasts to satisfy his Cannibal Hunger. The longer Armas neglects his special dietary needs, the more consuming this hunger will become.
>-As long as Armas has magical energy available, his gut serves as a gate to Whaitiri, quite literally feeding her.
>-Armas can perform extensive regeneration over the course of minutes at but a shadow of drain on his Summer line, so long as he supplies himself with sufficient amounts of the required meat.
>-Instantly fatal injuries (such as a headshot) will not allow his Summer Line ability to be activated (though such a wound would activate the winter line's Romanov function).
>-Armas can absorb flesh through his hands by overwhelming an opponent's innate defenses and claiming her flesh for himself.
>-Armas's absorption of part of Whaitiri's spirit classifies him as 'friend' to many creatures in the Summer Court.
>-Armas's Cannibal Taint, if known, makes other cannibals more friendly.
>-As dabbler in neural fleshcrafting Armas can induce Positive Neural Plasticity on a small scale to evoke a sense of mental energy and the impetus to actually spend time in thought (a technique he dubs Brain Coffee).
>-As a dabbler in epithelial fleshcrafting Armas has learned how to manually: begin flooding his system with adrenaline, with all that this entails, choose what particular toxins are filtered when by his liver, and how to metabolize more quickly, ply his kidneys and parathyroid towards gaining heightened internal filtering ability, ply his bone marrow to slowly thin or thicken his blood with red blood cells

Hybrid Bloodline Abilities

>-Armas can instinctively perform a heretofore unknown type of instant regeneration by pooling both of his bloodlines to survive nigh-instantly fatal wounds. The amount of energy this sort of regeneration costs depends on the damage to his body, but it is far less efficient than his summer line's fleshcrafting (though much faster). Armas has examined how this hybrid technique works and has learned it uses a controlled release of discrete packets of energy being allowed to react and then be caught by a temporary chakra gate between two spell matrices of opposed courts.


Background Traits


>-Armas did not draw attention, good or bad, in either of his training programs. As such, he is slower to be identified as ex-military by any given legal system. This trait provides no combat bonus.

Combat Traits


>-If armed with something balanced like a knife or spear and facing a foe that relies predominately on sight or hearing to detect and target foes, Armas may use his Wyld goblin training to perform super-human acts of evasion. This ability's effectiveness is proportionate to the light levels of the area in which he is fighting. The more shadowed and gloomy, the more effective Armas will be at avoiding the enemy.
>-Lunging thrust techniques, with bayonet or knife, are now Armas's specialty in armed combat. Due to his combination of brute force Maori training and the clean forms of jukenjitsu and the mundane school of Jää Koura Kas Pin, Armas's thrusting strikes approach the level of 'master' (Level 3 attack, human peak).
>-Slashing, slicing and all other methods of attack with knives or spears are still as before (Level 2, expert)
>-When fully submerged in shadow, Armas can use his symbiotic shadow to help augment his movement speed-and can immediately change his momentum at whatever rate he can withstand without blacking out-or putting undue strain on his shadow (Level 2 to Level 4 combat mobility) (Note: comparable speed gain and rapid momentum change can be performed by using Shoddy Step and Hummer's Momentum, and result in a very similar effect to Shadowbro's aid.)
>-Armas now thinks of SOTG as having a HIGH and a LOW stance. The high stance is primarily slashing techniques well suited for Keihäs, a personally constructed hodge-podge of LINE and New Zealander Maori weapon fighting, built on plying strength and stamina to overwhelm an opponent. The low stance is based almost entirely on Jää Koura Kas Pin, and focuses on tenacious mobility to perform foot and leg strikes as well as upward thrusts to the torso. (Note: Jukenjitsu CAN become a middle stance, but would either need a great deal more learning and use, or to have more, similar/complementary style's fundamentals absorbed into it to make another Armas Special Style.)
>-Armas can now choose the 'Ego-less' fighting style the Goblins practice. It has bonuses to distorting many forms of magical perception, particularly spiritual ones. To mundane senses there is no discernible difficulty in reading an Ego-less fighter. Armas's Ego-less mode of combat is in general less precise, slower, more forceful, and more creative in attack transition than Armas's default form of fighting.


>-This Level Three Combat trait lets Armas automatically move towards for blind spots in melee combat-it does not in any way make him more lethal, or more durable. It merely makes it harder to concretely target or strike him. (Note: This trait is built on the Wyld goblin footwork fundamentals, but not innately magical.)


>-Armas can perform at peak capacity during the initial few seconds of an ambush and will not hesitate or stall during this time period unless forced to do so.]
>-Armas may not know much about spiritual matters-but he's torn his soul down and watched it grow anew, he's split it in twain and pulled it from the mouths of gods-all the while vigilant. As a result of his surpassed tribulations, he has gained a bonus.
>-Armas can, once per spiritual interaction with an entity, attempt to forcibly pull his soul away from any perceived energy.
>-Armas' is in general more resistant, able to fend off things like possession more capably.


>-Armas is particularly resistant to being debilitated by shock, and if entering it in an identified 'danger' situation, he can ride the adrenaline to stay functional longer than normal-at the cost of a lessened grasp of his own physical condition, and increased difficulty identifying details or in any way shifting his thoughts once they've started down a specific route. This is automatic and requires no input from players-but will NOT be put into effect when injuries include serious head trauma.


>-Armas holds a long-handled mace, a spear and a staff, all in one, a vicious, brutal weapon with a method of use to suite.
>-As a result Armas approaches fighting with similar weapons from a somewhat unique viewpoint that allows for a good deal of positive adaptation.


>-Hot Hands greatly reduces Armas' chances to drop or fumble any objects he's manipulating with his hands, and increases his ability to unflinchingly handle material hot enough to scald or burn flesh as necessary.
>-This Trait's shooting benefit is in minimizing and adding a safety net to the time in between shots, and when switching weapons on the fly.
>-Armas now gains a bonus when shooting at enemies within one hundred feet of himself. This bonus is not restricted to shotguns.
>-Armas only receives the bonus if shooting at a fleeing enemy, or otherwise attacks from the back.
>-Rekindled Rifleman was rolled into this trait.


>-Armas has started the journey of unraveling the mysteries of chakra, and while his current knowledge base is quite sparse, he aims to correct that.
>-Armas now handles Chakra with more precision.
>-Armas is now more capable at dealing with unexpected events where Chakra is concerned!
>-Armas can now get a rough sense of how much effort a given person is putting into a Chakra orientation if he has sufficient time to observe them (minimum five seconds)

Combat/Mental Traits


>-This trait doesn't exist and was a hallucination on the part of Armas' concussion-addled mind.

Mental Traits


>-Armas can reason and make intuitive leaps objectively even on subjects where he would normally be subject to heavy bias.
>-Armas has grained greater deductive and intuitive insight into situations he finds himself in!
>-This Mental Trait lets Armas include the positive aspects of his Negative traits in his rationalization of how to handle situations. It also reduces the risk of Paranoia level up so long as postulations contain a sufficient amount of accuracy to them.
>-So long as he hasn't had a long string of mistaken intuitive leaps, Armas can auto-detect faulty reasoning if the issue involves a previous mistake. Example: Armas will automatically detect when a theorized approach would make him directly conjoin Summer and Winter energy to his own detriment, without having to initiate the plan.
>-If Armas has a long string of mistaken theories that trigger this ability, he temporarily loses the ability to automatically filter until he can 'get his head on right' again with at least three out of five theories being accurate.
>-Armas is now 'protected' from poorly planned experiments or assumptions so long as they deal with topics he at least partly understands, so long as the protection isn't abused. If abused until it stops working, demonstrate rational thought in lieu of the Trait to reactivated it.

Social/Mental Traits


>-This trait predisposes Armas to forming roundabout, cunning and subtly harmful plans with which to lay low enemies with greater resources at their command.
>-Armas is more inclined to play forces against each other to reduce the number of threats he personally will have to face.
>-Armas feels comfortable misrepresenting the truth, and is a master deceiver, able to fool most individuals with well-thought out deceptions. (Note: leaving the deception to the author gambles on how effective he thinks Armas should be at the moment.)
>-Where possible, in any situation where Armas is considerably outnumbered he will in the planning stage seek whichever plans involve him directly engaging the least number of opponents and in general gravitate towards plans that are personally less risky.
>-When actively in a given combat situation, Armas is prone to using overwhelming force as fast as possible in an effort to overwhelm and crush opponents before they can become notable threats.
>-Thanks to years in the military in multiple branches, Armas is predisposed to plans that involve flash bangs, explosives, or debilitating gas to shape the battlefield before attempting personal entry.
>-Armas' familiarity with this facet of himself has made it second nature to use in any situation-unless specifically told not to, Armas will reflexively attempt to manipulate situations to his benefit with wordplay as he identifies appropriate situations.
>-Armas' feeling on what is an 'appropriate' situation is based on the rough averaging of how he's been played to date-which may differ from your own individual idea of what he should and should not try to manipulate. So keep an eye on this.
>-This trait can now effect magical beings that are oriented around social manipulation-there is no guarantee of success, however.


>-Prerequisites: Ambush Expert.
>-DD allows Armas to continue negotiating unimpeded, be he at a conference table, on a phone call, or at gunpoint. So long as he is not chemically compromised, environmental stresses have a lessened impact on his ability to converse or interact socially with others.
>-So long as Armas has even one second, he can instantly recollect himself from anything save a direct mental attack.
>-Armas is now more skilled at plying the lingo practiced by the magical community.
>-Improves existing discussion in dangerous circumstances ability.

Haggle Traits


>-For Armas, the golden rule of trade is that there is no such thing as a final sale, deal or anything-a bargain isn't done until the exchange has taken place-and by that same token, a rejected offer can simply be pursued again. This improves Armas' baseline haggling ability, and lowers the prices at many shops-but his pushy attitude will give negative modifiers with certain vendors.
>-WETN Now allows Armas to auto-reject initial offers in trade with individuals known to haggle.
>-Armas is now able to attempt haggling against more resistive targets


>-While some mortals eye Fae dealings askance, and steer clear of the supernatural pacts and sometimes lethal wordplay, Armas has charged forward, continuing to make contracts and transactions as he has with any others he's met. Between his forthright approach and his (thus-far) blemish free record of keeping his word, most Supernatural entities will view pacts with him more along the lines as they would those with other fae than Mortals. Supernatural stock placed in Armas' word of honor has increased.

Negative Traits


>-A solid two months of consciously trying to not be paranoid has paid off. At the moment, Armas ignores most of the effects of this trait.
>-Armas now has a harder time determining which theories offered to him by posters are accurate or worth acting on, and is now more inclined to go after the doom-oriented theories than he was previously.
>-Armas is now more prone to letting his paranoia guide his musings on any given subject, as applicable.
>-Armas can no longer recognize paranoia within his own thoughts, and needs an external source to correct him.
>-This trait likewise influences Shadowbro, hewn from the same soul.
>-There will be absolutely no direct in-quest warning when Armas begins operating under a paranoia-driven false assumption-you as posters have to catch him or suffer the consequences.
>-In addition to the prior effects, Armas is now more susceptible to mental attacks that are built around playing off a person's doubts or suspicions than he was before.
>-Armas has a harder time trusting simpler plans that fit Occam's Razor than before, even if they are superior to more convoluted or obscure options.
>-Armas is now more able to commune with both Fear Spirits and Prophetic spirits-but only those of an innately chaotic nature.
>-Armas's thoughts and plans are now harder to read or predict, magically or mundanely, thanks to his frequent revisions based on potential issues real and imagined.


>-Armas will attempt to keep anything he is allowed to use on even a temporary basis unless given a good reason not to. This can have potential negative repercussions if Armas (I.E. The Posters) doesn't take note of when he should make sure to return everything he is loaned that can be pocketed.


>-Armas now requires a double application of SUST to ignore a suggestion that plies his greediness, and in general values traits built around long-term sustainable greed over those that do not.
>-Sister trait to Reflexive Retention. When either skill hits Level three, the two will conjoin and turn Armas into a compulsive thief as a byproduct of his goblinic training. This can be to his advantage, in picking a foe's pocket mid-battle, but can also create social issue.
>-Armas is now considered sufficiently Greedy he could actively call upon Mammon with the aid of any Demonologist, or any other greed-oriented magical being. The effectiveness of this call varies based on circumstance.

Secret Traits



Special Traits


>-Armas can now recognize situations that would be highly disadvantageous to attempt to haggle in-this ability is far from perfect, and needs considerable work-but at least he's beginning to grasp there are in fact people he should not dick about with.

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