Arthocob Date Quest

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Arthocob Date Quest by Sarcopholacooda

Something something two bugs in a rug.

Arthocobic Terminology

What is an Arthocob?

Arthocobs are a cluster of insect-like creatures from Ralligoraugh. At a time, there were billions of these locusts until the turn of sapience where hive minds were less common. Populations were reduced in mass extinctions and crusades—and the greenery recovered from the ceasing of dire swarms. Thus, it has birthed the true Arthocobs, whose intelligence may be on par with other sapiens of the galaxy. Arthocobs are highly religious, and all temples fall under the same roster of Gods preaching tales of the planet's conceptualization and will under Bhothogoshol, Relik, Ndepthteph, and many more. The language is unique, often described as serenading whispers and clicks. Although they are capable of speaking 'common', they stress their throats to sound intelligible. What an Arthocob may speak fluently in gentle hums and undertones may sound garbled and coarse when communicating in, say, English.


Domestic mollusk-like creature as big as cattle.
The home planet of the Arthocobs.
A general greeting or goodbye. Or an 'amen'.
Expletive. (Or a whore, I guess. -Sarcoph).
‘The Universe’.
Voxxus Neb 
Basically their bible. Fun for recitals.
Arthocob currency.

Gods & Mythology

Bhothogoshol / The Great Flying Rod 
An Arthocob God who granted life from its husk within the realm of the Voxxus.
Rac-Naquagha / The Amber City 
City of golden amber where immortals and true dreamers can visit and live in eternal euphoria.
The universe rests on the body of a cosmic centipede with billions of antennae constantly watching the realm of Voxxus. In the Mythos, the stars represent its watchful eyes. Relik birthed Ndepthteph and Bhothogoshol and balance was maintained.
Spirits often made from the husks of treacherous and murderous men. Primitive creatures who are never satiated with their hunger like the original ancestors of Arthocobs.
Ndepthteph / The Death Worm 
He who relieves pain which is life, so the lost followers of Bhothogoshol say. All living creatures in the universe cannot escape the divine succumbing which is Ndepthteph. And his Maw is the gateway of Zhuogg.

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